EP Legacy Gameplay 3.5

Over at Eugi’s one evening, I noticed that Lola was at least two days pregnant! Whoops.

I hoped Daniel would live long enough to meet his child.

He did, and when his son Elliot was born, I had Daniel move in with Lola.

Caden grew up into a toddler.

At the birthday party, Emmanuel caught up with his ex-girlfriend Lisa, who had apparently forgiven him enough to laugh at his jokes again.

He also met her new husband, Emilio (download my version here). They seem like they’re very happy together.

Nora had been performing songs on her guitar a lot, and had racked up over 100 performances. When I sent her over to the subway to play for tips for a whole day, she came back with 327,158 simoleons!  I don’t think I’ve ever had a sim earn so much from a day’s work.

Emmanuel invited Selena to The Grind.

He tried a Hemoglobin Shooter, a drink especially for vampires.

I spotted my game’s craziest mixologist outfit yet.

Emmanuel asked Selena to be his girlfriend and she said yes. They’d gone upstairs to try to get some privacy, but weren’t able to escape their fans completely.

I finally finished decorating the venue the family had bought as a birthday present for Emmanuel. I called it The Secret Garden and zoned it as an exclusive lounge. Nora took Matilda Smart out for a drink there.

Emmanuel tended one of the bars, although Selena sat with him taking up most of his attention.

Vanessa and Harry came over to check out her brother’s new enterprise. They both had rolled wishes to marry one another, and The Secret Garden’s balcony seemed as nice a spot as any for a proposal.

The next evening, Emmanuel invited Selena over to the house. So that they could have the place to themselves, Muriel, Vanessa, and Harry went out to watch Nora and her band jam at the Banzai Lounge.

Emmanuel used his vampire powers to read Selena’s mind and find out her favourite meal, then cooked it for her.

Now that they’re lovers, he can drink from her neck instead of her wrist.


10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 3.5

  1. The Secret Garden looks lovely – such a great idea for the decor, and something very different from the other venues.
    It’s so nice to see Daniel move on from Caroline, and have a family with Lola. Even if it wasn’t planned, it’s a really nice turn of events!
    And more happy news for Lisa – good to see that she and Emmanuel can be friends again, and she’s found someone who wanted to settle down with her. I love a happy resolution like that – too often in my game exes end up Enemies, it’s so nice when they can resolve their differences and be friends.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!

      Yes, I was very pleased to see Daniel fall in love again, and this time with a kinder sim!

      I hope that Emmanuel and Lisa will be able to stay friends. Maybe any children they have will even grow up together. I agree that it can be difficult to salvage friendships out of broken romances in The Sims, so I’m glad they are finally on speaking terms again. The relationship meter only dropped a tiny bit from the breakup itself, but after that I just couldn’t get her to respond positively to any socials for quite a while.


  2. its so great that they are friends again. Always wished there was different kinds of break ups in the sims, not all of them need to be on bad terms. Great views for the proposal and lol Emmanuel looks a little too excited about the plasma. 😛 Curious question have you ever had one of your vamps try the plasma fruit cobbler that comes with the bakers oven? Mine didn’t seem to get anything from it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d like that too, I think especially for cases where the breakup has occurred because one sim has aged up and the other hasn’t. (That wasn’t the case for Emmanuel and Lisa, but it is something I encounter a fair bit in my game.)

      I don’t think I’ve ever tried the plasma fruit cobbler. I will check it out next time I’m in game and let you know though!


    • Definitely! Finding one or two sims to bite a day can be difficult, particularly if the other household members are out and the vampire is shy around new people like Emmanuel.

      Is it the same for you then? No moodlets? It’s weird that they don’t even get the great meal one they would from other perfect quality food.


  3. It’s good Daniel was around to see Elliot born. Nora’s subway tips are impressive indeed. It’s good Lisa found someone who was at the right place in life as her to settle down with. I hope she and Emmanuel go back to being friends. I suppose finding out Selena’s favorite meal to cook it for her was the less morally icky use of mind reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I’m pleased she found someone! Story progression put her with him I think and it was a nice coincidence that it was a sim I’d already made over. She and Emmanuel just didn’t grow up to have anything in common.
      Ah, yes the mind reading is pretty creeping, you’re right! I care for those ‘romance’ drinks either, though I sometimes have couples drink them together.

      Liked by 1 person

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