EP Legacy Gameplay 3.6

Selena moved in, and asked Emmanuel to turn her into a vampire.

The family bought up The Prosper Room and converted it into a wedding venue for Vanessa and Harry.

Emmanuel and Nora provided the entertainment.

Caden aged up into a child. Emmanuel cooked his nephew’s favourite dish as a birthday treat.

Ra’ed taught him an Egyptian song.

Nora’s band played a gig at Eugi’s. I still haven’t had any luck passing the auditions for the higher end venues, even though all of the girls are at least level nine in their chosen instruments.

Nora and Matilda ended up alone in the elevator together, although afterwards Nora looked fairly underwhelmed.

Vanessa realized she was pregnant again.

Caden got to know his schoolmate Melissa Hemlock. She shares the friendly trait with him.

Selena completed her vampire transformation.

I built a new room for Emmanuel and her in the basement, using the special vampire beds that came with this expansion pack.

Muriel had a birthday party at the Banzai Lounge. Her son Lino, brother Victor, sister-in-law Pansy, twin sister Salome, niece Rebekah, and nephew Alain all came along. Even Calvinotep made an appearance!

Salome must have aged up earlier in the day, because she was already an elder.

The next morning Emmanuel used the baker’s station from the store to make some plasma fruit cobbler, so that he and Selena could have breakfast with the rest of the family. It filled them up, but didn’t give them any moodlets.

A now heavily pregnant Vanessa had a nap on the couch, while her brother looked up the evening’s hot spots.

The first to come up was Plasma 501, so that’s where I sent Nora to practice with her band. The trip suddenly became far more emotional than I’d expected, when Daniel, who’d been watching his daughter and girlfriend perform, started to pass away! He shook the Grim Reaper’s hand and seemed to be at peace with the idea that his time had come, but Nora and Lola were still very sad.

My game almost immediately moved his urn to the city’s catacombs. Nora met the rest of the household over at the graveyard, where they were able to say goodbye together.

5 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 3.6

  1. Another fun chapter. 🙂 Nora really does look quite un impressed lol. Sad that Daniel passed away but at least he had a much nicer romance before he passed away. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the basement room you built for Emmanuel and Selena, makes perfect sense for them to live in the basement, and the decor is lovely. That picture on the wall is a perfect addition to the room.
    I also love the outfit you gave Vanessa for her second pregnancy – she looks so stylish, and it’s nice to see her keep her dress sense during her pregnancy. I don’t use mods, and one of my biggest pet-hates is the very limited range of maternity-wear!

    Liked by 1 person

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