EP Legacy Gameplay 3.7

Vanessa and Harry’s second son, Timothy Alto-Marks, was born. I gave him the easily impressed trait, and his favourites are spice berry, R&B, and hamburgers.

It became quite difficult to drag Caden away from his little brother’s swing.

I realized there would shortly be yet another addition to the family when Selena changed into her maternity outfit. When she broke the news to Emmanuel, he looked for a moment a bit like a startled cartoon cat, but his surprise quickly gave way to happiness.

Then they got incredibly excited about how much they both love plasma juice. These two really make me laugh.

Caden went home after school with his friend Melissa. He discovered her last two traits: as well as being friendly, she is a couch potato and hates the outdoors.

Timothy aged up.

In the final trimester of her pregnancy, Selena rolled a wish to marry Emmanuel. Since he’d been sitting on an equivalent wish for several days, I had him propose.

They had a private ceremony at home.

That night, Selena gave birth to a baby girl called Albina Borges-Savage. She is a vampire, and I’ve given her the evil and athletic traits. Her favourites are orange, spooky music, and ‘O Positive’.

Caden aged up. His traits are now friendly, childish, ambitious, and neat.

The next day was Melissa’s birthday, and I wanted Caden to give her a gift. Because she doesn’t like to go outside, I thought it might be nice to bring a bit of nature indoors for her, so Caden went to the butterfly pavillion and caught her a Red Admiral.

Melissa really appreciated the gift.

Before he left her family’s apartment, he spent some time getting to know her newborn niece Jasmine.

Caden makes friends very quickly. Over the following few days he was able to spend some time getting to know Calvinotep, Lisa, and his classmate Maureen EdmondsTenderlove.

At the weekend, he invited Maureen, Melissa, Muriel’s niece Rebekah, and a few other teenagers from his school to watch Nora’s band practice at The Secret Garden.

After a very long life, Muriel passed away in her sculpting studio.

Everyone in the household was sad, but otherwise their lives continued as normal. Soon, Albina grew up into a toddler.

Caden proved to be very good at helping out with the little ones.

When Timothy grew up into a child, he and his big brother were still able to have lots of fun together, thanks to Caden’s childish trait.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 3.7

  1. Haha, Emmanuel’s ‘startled cartoon cat’ face is amazing! Love it!
    Albina looks really cute, although I guess looks can be deceiving – you’d never guess from that little face that she has the Evil trait! Normally I make my Sims fairly decent folk, but I have to admit that I really do enjoy making some downright diabolical Sims sometimes. It’s almost worth it just for the facial expressions they get to pull – the arched eyebrows, narrowed eyes and general scheming deviousness is hilarious.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, doesn’t he look just like someone’s trodden on his tail? 🙂

      I don’t think I’ve ever actually played an evil sim before, not in either of my legacies anyway. I want Albina to wreak havoc with the chemistry set when the ‘Generations’ generation arrives, and I thought the evil trait might be a good fit, since she’ll be able to laugh about the discomfort she’s causing everyone. I’m looking forward to those facial expressions you mentioned!


  2. Amazing pictures as always. Your game always looks like such fun. 🙂 Caden’s gift for Melissa is just adorable I actually haven’t done that in game before but its such a cute idea. I don’t play evil sims very often either but as Missled said they are pretty fun every now and then.

    Liked by 1 person

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