EP Legacy Gameplay 3.8

Selena became pregnant with her second child.

Albina had a birthday party. I gave her the genius trait.

Because she’s a vampire, she can learn skills a little faster than normal sims. The multiplier’s nowhere near as insane as it used to be though; I think the developers must have balanced things out a bit in one of the patches.

Unlike her cousin Caden, she is really bad at making friends!

I got a notification that Lola’s time was drawing near, and decided to have the family adopt Vanessa, Nora, and Emmanuel’s half brother Elliot. When his mum passed away the next day, they went with him to the graveyard to lay her to rest.

Elliot has the green thumb trait, and happily took over Muriel’s little garden.

Muriel herself made an appearance that night. She actually started making a stone sculpture! I didn’t know ghosts could do that.

Vanessa managed to say hello to Muriel before she disappeared.

Selena and Emmanuel’s baby was born. He’s a little boy and they’ve called him Celso. He rolled the genius and virtuoso traits. The butler kept randomly quitting without telling me, and I’ve given up rehiring her, but there are more than enough family members now to keep Celso comfortable and entertained.

Melissa came home after school with Caden. They did their homework together.

Selena became an elder.

Caden, Elliot, and Nora paid a visit to The Grind. I had them bring some food from home because it’s nicer quality than what the bar staff serve.

Elliot met his Aunt Sonia.

Lilly Chique (download my version here) was very impressed by Nora’s moves.

I spotted Calvinotep and Rene out on the dance floor together.

Celso and Timothy had a joint birthday party.

Story Progression let me know that Lisa and Emilio had just had a son. Emmanuel and Selena went over to congratulate her and to introduce the boys to one another.

Albina finally met a sim to whom she didn’t take an immediate disliking – Melissa’s niece Jasmine HemlockStriker, who turned out to have the evil trait.

The following day, Albina became a teenager.

Caden was the next to have a birthday, which brought this generation to an end. He celebrated by throwing himself a party at The Brightmore.

I really enjoyed this generation, particularly making over the Banzai Lounge and Prosper Room. We’ll be staying in Bridgeport for the next generation, so perhaps I’ll be able to buy up and redecorate a few more venues.

The only thing I really disliked was how often my sims’ action queues would get totally cancelled out by fans and paparazzi wanting their autograph or to take a photo of them. My household for this generation was quite large, and it was frustrating to have to babysit all of them constantly in case of dropped actions.

I was also a little disappointed that Nora’s band were never able to play in the higher end venues, but it was nice that they could at least practice jamming in such a wide variety of settings.

As always, I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I’ll see you next time! Happy Simming, all 🙂

14 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 3.8

  1. This was a fun generation and I enjoyed every minute of it. 🙂 Was thinking lol its not everyday you see a mummy and a robot dancing together. 😛 Looking forward to the next generation. Looks like you have a nice selection of sims the start the next generation as well. 🙂

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  2. This was great! The household was definitely a large one and I give you lots of credit for being able to work with them all in spite of cancelled action queues! That is always frustrating. It will be fun to see who will be a big part of the next generation. I’m glad that you enjoyed Bridgeport. I have three young women living there now and all are very musical, hopefully they’ll be able to play in some of the higher end venues. I wanted to make them triplets but the game wouldn’t let me do that. So there are twins and a sister. Oh well guess you can’t have everything! I look forward to your next posting, I’ve really enjoyed experiencing this generation. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Your household sounds fun! I hope they’re able to get the gigs you want. Perhaps there’s a hidden counter for how many you’ve played, and I may just not have been doing them frequently enough, only once or twice a week really, because I was focusing on other things as well. I’d be really interested to hear how it goes for you. Good luck and happy simming! 🙂


  3. Hi GC, I’ve spent the morning catching up with your story, I know you said it wasn’t meant to be a story but with your wonderful pics and the comments, it does read like a story. I really enjoyed it 🙂 You have so many interesting sims, what a great generation. I love Albina’s hair, where did you get it, if you don’t mind me asking. I’m Looking forward to the next Bridgeport generation 🙂

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  4. I didn’t know ghosts could make sculptures either, that’s pretty cool! And I definitely need to get one of my sims to try out the topiaries, the penguin is so cute!
    i definitely agree with you on the downsides of celebrities – I started a legacy a while back and just kept forgetting to switch off celebrities so I ended up playing with it for ages. Such an improvement after I finally remembered to switch it off – it’s such a pain! The cancelled action queues are really annoying, as are the paparazzi hanging out around the house. Having to build fences around the lot just gets annoying. For the purposes of a Late Night legacy though ti was kind of a given that you’d need to play with the feature, and the freebies and money off things can be a nice bonus.
    Looking forward to the next generation, you’ve got some really interesting sims (as always) to explore the EP with.

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    • I really like those penguins too! They’re in buydebug as well if you don’t feel like delving into sculpting.

      Yes, the celebrity stars were really necessary for Vanessa and Nora’s careers. I don’t mind the paparazzi hanging around too much (I usually just invite them in for dinner!), but all the interruptions are really annoying.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  5. I didn’t realize vampires became elders, or that ghosts could continue their hobbies. I’m learning so much about aspects of the game I haven’t touched from this legacy. The makeovers you’ve done look great, I’d love to see more of the secret garden area.

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    • Yes, they do eventually. I think normally they age five times as slowly as mortal sims, unless you buy that LTR from SN to make them immortal. You can also turn aging off for them in a Nraas mod, Story Progression I think. I use the mod to make them age at the normal rate, as I don’t really like sims sticking round for generations and generations.
      So glad you are learning things. That’s what I enjoyed most about this legacy, exploring parts of the game that I hadn’t before.
      I can’t remember what happened to The Secret Garden or why I never uploaded it.

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