Eaves Cottage – Unfurnished

Here’s something slightly experimental I made for Dragon Valley, for you to furnish as you please. You are very welcome to upload a completed version, provided you credit me for my work and link back either to the original in my studio or to this post. I’d certainly love to see what you do with it!

This build should arrive in your game free from floating tiles and holes in the roof, but if you are worried about them appearing in the future the only advice I can give you is to save often, as the roof can’t be re-tiled without redoing all of the cfe work.

To ensure the basic ceiling beam effect shows up properly, all you’ll need is the Rock Steady Fence from the store, plus the Simple Roof End from Dragon Valley if you want the cross beams and more decorative effects as well. Also, I’ve used the Storied Tale Stairs (also from the store), without which you’d need to shift the ground floor layout around a bit. Anything else you’re missing should be easy to replace.



2 thoughts on “Eaves Cottage – Unfurnished

  1. Hi, I have a perfect spot for this in Dragon Valley, it will be fun to do the insides. I’m great at renovating not so good at thinking up the different floor plans, that takes me ages and I change it so many times, it never looks anything like it started out. You manage to make every single home look so different and you make it look so easy I always get inspiration from your builds and it makes me try different things. Thank you GC for sharing your great work 🙂

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