EP Legacy Gameplay 4.1

Welcome to the fifth section of my EP legacy! This time we’re in Bridgeport again, taking a look at some of the content that came with the Generations expansion pack. I can’t imagine there will be that many parts, since most of what Generations brings to TS3 just sits in the background quietly enriching the gameplay experience, without actually giving you a large number of jobs, hobbies, or challenges to be played through in a linear way.

There are some aspects of Generations that just annoy me too much to make use of, even for the purposes of this legacy. I have memories turned off, am using this curfew disabler, have the no calls/no gifts version of this mod, and have disabled automatic scolding using this one. Everything else I’ll do by best to show off!

This generation’s heirs Caden and Timothy Alto-Marks, and their cousin Albina Borges-Savage. Caden’s traits are ambitious, childish, neat, friendly, and nurturing. He’ll be working in the daycare profession, a feature I’m really looking forward to revisiting.

His brother Timothy is a schmoozer, a party animal, flirty, and easily impressed. The Generations patch introduced a new dating system, so I decided to have Timothy spend his spare time taking potential romantic interests out on the town. When he grows up I’ll give him the great kisser trait, but will probably steer clear of the romance-orientated life time wishes, as I always feel a bit weird playing them. I’ve signed him up for the debate and drama after school clubs.

Like her parents, Albina is a vampire, although she won’t have to worry about staying out of the sun until she becomes a young adult. She has the rebellious, athletic, genius, and evil traits; when she’s old enough for another one, I’ll give her a good sense of humour too. I want Albina to discover all the potions that came with the chemistry set, pull lots of pranks on the rest of the household, and eventually use her strength and smarts to become a criminal mastermind. While she’s still a teenager, she’ll be participating in the sports and shop after school clubs.

Caden, Timothy, and Albina live with their parents, Harry and Vanessa Alto-Marks, and Emmanuel and Selena Borges-Savage. Vanessa works in the film career, Emmanuel owns several bars and clubs, and Harry and Selena are both retired. Albina’s younger brother Celso has been sent to board at Smuggsworth Prep School.

The whole family said goodbye to Vanessa and Emmanuel’s sister Nora, and bundled into the car to drive across the bridge to their new home, 332 Silvertone Way, which is a +20 Beautiful Vista lot.

Harry gave Timothy a driving lesson, while Albina experimented with her chemistry set.

The first potion Albina discovered was the Sleeping Elixir. I’ll definitely have her make a good supply of these, as they increase the energy gain from sleeping by four times.

The next morning, Caden’s first daycare charges arrived, twin brother and sister Erik and Cherie PerryChique. I was glad that he’d been sent the children of actual sims, as far too often it’s just randomly spawned NPCs who turn up, especially in place with such a small residential population as Bridgeport.

Caden took care of Erik and Cherie’s needs before starting to teach them to talk and use the potty. When they’ve learned those basic skills, they’ll be able to take care of their own social and bladder needs; plus, with only two toddlers in his care, there wasn’t much else for him to do.

Timothy and Albina went on a field trip to mausoleum. They both got a spooky poster to take home, and Albina hung hers up in her bedroom.

Caden got a ‘great’ score for his work with the the twins that day, and his performance meter filled half way up as a result. I do feel like I’m cheating a little, because the daycare section of the house gives a passive +100 mood boost (+40 from nicely decorated, +30 from the special fridge, +20 from the beautiful vista, and +10 from a relic collection), so even if Caden were less attentive than he is I can’t imagine the kids ever leaving in a bad mood.

That evening, Timothy took school friend Theron TalonStriker out on a date to the cinema. They seemed to be having a good time, and were very attracted to one another – probably thanks to their shared schmoozer trait – but when Timothy asked Theron to go to the prom with him, Theron said something along the lines of, ‘you don’t want to go with a sim like me’. He doesn’t have the commitment issues trait, so I don’t know what that was about. Perhaps it was because he’s a vampire?

Caden’s second day of work got off to a bad start when he tried to wash his hands in a sink that Albina had booby trapped.

But as soon as Erik and Cherie had been dropped off, everything started going his way again. He finished teaching them their skills, and prepared them both a meal in the high chair. I did use Master Controller to look up their favourites, but they were evening dishes that wouldn’t be available until later, so he gave them leftover cobbler instead.

At the end of the day, Erik and Cherie’s mum Odine called to say she was stuck at work and wouldn’t be able to pick Erik up until later. Imagine my surprise when she arrived on time to take Cherie home, leaving poor little Erik all on his own!

It’s because sims can’t carry more than one toddler at once, and so either Erik or Cherie usually ends up being picked up and dropped off by a random NPC, but the game should make the late parent scenario apply to both children if they live in the same household, as oversights like that really break immersion.

When she got home from her afterschool activity, Albina invited over her two friends, evil computer whiz Jasmine HemlockStriker and mean-spirited genius Lydell LoganRake. Albina and Jasmine are both vampires, but since they’re still teens can fulfill their hunger motives by eating normal food, so all three tucked into Emmanuel’s fruit cobbler while they masterminded evil schemes.

Timothy’s date that evening was with Luke FangmannGreaves, with whom he shares the easily impressed trait. They went to the Brightmore, where they enjoyed some bar food and dancing.

At the end of their date, Luke agreed to go to prom with Timothy.

Meanwhile, Albina said goodbye to her friends and headed over to the school intending to pull a prank. She tried to release some frogs from the science lab, but was caught in the act and was driven home in a police car. Her Uncle Harry was the only one awake, so I had him ground her as punishment.

But ever-resourceful Albina was able to use the family moodlet manager to undo her grounding.

The next day, she set in motion the first phase of her revenge against Harry, mixing a Liquid Horror potion into a drink, and leaving it about for him to find.

Harry swallowed all of the mysterious drink, which left him with a bad moodlet but no immediate animation to accompany it.

Much to his distress, she also put yellow hair dye in his en suite shower.

Harry was able to wash the dye out in time for his wife’s birthday party, at which Caden’s best friend Mellissa took a rather unfortunate fancy to him.

Vanessa blew out her candles surrounded by friends and family. Harry laughed at her; he always does that at birthdays.

While the younger sims danced and drank, Harry, Vanessa, Leigh, Nora, and Nora’s new boyfriend (Kristjana’s grandson!) Dan relaxed in a new hot tub that Vanessa had been sent for being a celebrity.

7 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 4.1

  1. I agree with you about the twin situation! I can imagine the chaos with even more multiples!! They really should find a better way to handle that in-game. And the poor baby that gets left behind!! (sniff, sniff). This is a fun read, really enjoy the pranks! I never used those very often, but may try them again!! =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely! I enjoy the daycare a lot, but like the Ambitions professions I feel that the shortcuts that have been taken with it show quite badly when you’re playing a neighbourhood full of families you know fairly well. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  2. Never really noticed the twin thin before but that is really annoying. Would have loved a double stroller for that situation. I have a mod that totally disables the attraction scores, I hate doing that but it was messing with far too many happy marriages and couples in my game. A fun read as always, feel like Albinia’s antics are going to be fun to watch they certainly were here. 🙂 Liking the sims for this generation and honestly don’t feel like your cheating that much you still have to keep the kids well fed, clean and entertained, its just a little easier to keep them happy with the mood boosts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A double stroller would have been really great, or at least the ability for two parents to walk side by side taking their kids for a stroll.

      Yeah, the attraction scores can be a pain, particularly in households where everyone is friends with everyone else because then romantic advances tend to be accepted. I keep meaning to install the scoring module of woohooer to make everything at least a bit more logical.

      I’m glad you like the sims 🙂 Now Caden’s started getting older chlidren, who often arrive too late for him to make them happy, so I think the extra moodlets have been kind of necessary to him not getting really terrible scores for them.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I really like the Daycare profession too, it’s definitely my favourite profession, although there are inconsistencies and annoyances – the NPC drop-off is probably the most annoying! I’ve been playing in Sunlit Tides recently and seem to only ever get NPC kids, quite often 3 or 4 siblings who get dropped off and picked up by random strangers. You’re right, it does break immersion.
    Albina’s antics are a lot of fun – the hair dye shower prank is one of my favourites, the pranked sims’ reactions are always good! Harry’s eyes look like they’re about to pop out of his head!
    Nice to catch up with Nora as well, and I love that she’s seeing Kristjana’s grandson! What a lovely turn of events!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am enjoying the daycare! It’s a nice way to keep connected to the rest of the neighbourhood I think and all the new sims being born, particularly since none of my household have any kids of their own yet.

      Harry’s reaction was very funny! I don’t tend to use any of these pranks very often, so it’s interesting to see the animations.


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