EP Legacy Gameplay 4.2

Albina discovered the Imaginary Friend Metamorphium potion. I’ll have her hang on to this one for the next time we have a child join the household.

On prom night, Timothy shared a limo with Albina and her date Lydell.

His own date Luke arrived a little late, and spent the evening standing on the front door step. He still showed up in the prom picture, and according to the notifications I was getting the couple shared a kiss.  I ended up using Master Controller to undo the new ‘romantic interest’ relationship status between them; call me old fashioned, but I think that when a boy is kissed for the first time, the person who’s kissing him should actually be physically present.

At the prom, Lydell asked Albina to be his girlfriend, and I had her say yes. Timothy was declared Prom King and Albina won Prom Queen, which surprised me a little because her only friends are Lydell and Jasmine. Maybe she intimidated someone into fixing the result!

Cherie and Erik grew up into children, and I had Caden visit their house to wish them happy birthday. He gave them each a little toy from the box in his daycare.

He also spent some time getting to know their other mum, Lily.

Caden had reached level two of the daycare profession, so Cherie and Erik were replaced with three new toddlers: brother and sister  Bennie and Tia Bijou-Godard, and a randomly generated little girl called Lakesha Totte, who has a different last name from the parents that appear on her family tree, is dropped off by a different NPC every day, and doesn’t seem to age. I edited her to make her less pudding-faced, but that’s about all I could do. I wonder why the game doesn’t just spawn new toddlers for existing residential couples instead of this silliness. I’m really glad I’m using Nraas Story Progression to keep my town’s population growing, otherwise I expect even more of Caden’s charges would be like Lakesha.

While she was helping to clean up the daycare bathroom, Selena passed away.

Emmanuel was very sad and lonely without his wife, but I was able to keep him busy helping out with the little ones.

As I was editing these pictures, I realized that I’d forgotten to hold a funeral for Selena! I was just thinking about what time would be best, when I got distracted by a story progression notification letting me know that Nora had given birth to a little girl called Jane. She must have become pregnant just before she was due to become an elder. Vanessa and Emmanuel went over to their old house to meet baby Jane.

Emmanuel told Nora about Selena and cried on her shoulder.

Timothy invited Gillian’s daughter Tricia out on a date. They had a meal at the bisto and then went to the beach to watch the stars.

He returned home to find his computer booby trapped by Albina, and got quite a shock.

Caden received another promotion, meaning he’d now have four toddlers in his care. Tia had grown up, so Bennie and Lakesha were joined by Robin Edmonds-Shutter and a little green vampire boy Darrel Edmonds-Greaves.

Timothy had a birthday party.

I noticed that Nora had finally aged up, so I had Vanessa give her one of the books she’d written as a little birthday gift.

Albina and Lydell had a nasty argument about something, but otherwise the party went very well.

Timothy joined the business career track, and took his boss Bronson Littler out for a drink at Waylon’s Haunt.

I think Bronson might be insane.

During Caden’s three day weekend, Robin, Darrel, and Bennie had grown up into children, and four more infants had become toddlers: Annie PrattleSmart, Jasmine’s little sister Allison HemlockStriker, Lisa’s daughter Margarita Striker-King, and Nora’s daughter Jane Alto-Finnursdottir. Lakesha still appeared as  a toddler in Caden’s relationship panel, so I guess she was just displaced by the ‘real’ children born to residential families.

Caden set about seeing to his new charges’ needs.

Vanessa came downstairs to play with her little niece.

Albina had a birthday party at the Banzai Lounge.

While everyone else danced, Caden got to know pizza delivery girl Latanya Holcomb, who is nurturing and childish like him.

Albina bought a dragon egg as a birthday gift to herself.

I had her gossip about her love of fire and brag about her physical prowess in the hopes of hatching a red dragon. Sure enough, a few hours later Incindia clawed her way out of the egg, and enjoyed her first meal.

During Caden’s work hours, his mum and uncle spent lots of time with little Jane. Emmanuel bought a video camera so that Nora could see what her daughter had been up to that day.

Caden’s next promotion brought him up to level four of the daycare profession, at which he’d need to care for elementary school children as well as toddlers. Margarita and Jane stayed on, as did Annie and Allison, who were now children, and Robin, also now a child, made a reappearance.

At first I tried to have him feed the children dinner, but since they didn’t arrive until 5pm that left them without any time to do their homework.

The next day I tried a different and more successful strategy, leaving them to complete their homework before using the newly unlocked ‘go play’ interaction to encourage them to raise their fun levels back up.

Vanessa and Emmanuel invited their sister over to show her the video they’d made.

Albina slipped into her formalwear and headed out to The Prosper Room to cause some mischief.

She told her dragon to ‘cast fiery torment’ on this poor sim, and Incindia proceeded to make him dance by shooting fireballs at his feet. Albina was very amused.

Her victim seemed to have mixed feelings about the encounter.

Caden invited Latanya round for a meal with his family.

After dinner, he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes. They spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub, talking and kissing.


6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 4.2

  1. Incindia is a real pain!!! lol I love what you said about ‘first kisses’…it does help if both parties are present!! I have never played the daycare profession, but it looks like it might be fun! Looking forward to the next chapter…hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like that you had Caden visit Erik and Cherie, it’s so nice for him to keep in touch with them, even if they’re not coming to his Daycare anymore. That’s definitely one of the good things about caring for kids of ‘real’ neighbours, and something that’s not half as easy with NPCs.
    Lol, from Bronson’s facial expression, I’d say you’re right about him being insane! I don’t tend to play Insane and Evil sims that often, but they really do get to pull some excellent faces! Albina’s mischief-making face (and Mr Burns-style hand gesture!) is one of my favourites!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m glad you enjoyed that! They were the first kids who came to his daycare, so I felt he might have a special connection to them.

      Haha, you’re right, that’s totally a Mr Burns face! Now I’m going to be doing his voice in my head every time she’s talking to someone, lol.


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