EP Legacy Gameplay 4.3

Emmanuel had a birthday party at Eugi’s. As usual, he looked a bit surprised by what was going on.

Latanya moved in. Her traits are childish, nurturing, natural cook, unlucky, and absent-minded. She and Caden like to make silly faces at one another.

Vanessa had a lot of LTH points to spare, which I used to buy everyone a hover bed. It has the highest level of comfort, seems to provide good energy, and also gives an additional +10 moodlet.

Timothy went on dates with Luke and Tricia.

Albina rekindled her relationship with Lydell.

Celso returned home from Smuggsworth, having gained the snob and genius traits. I put him in the music career then moved him out into his own place.

When Vanessa passed away at 115 days old, the household threw a funeral party to honour the memory of her long, happy life.

At the party, Harry went to join his wife in the afterlife. It was comforting to see they had both chosen to shake the Reaper’s hand.

Calvinotep tried to hit on Latanya, which was a pretty gross thing for him to do at her boyfriend’s parents’ wake.

Caden and Latanya invited Mellissa and her new boyfriend Joey over for dinner.

He’s quite a bit older than her, but they looked happy together.

Caden reached the top of the daycare profession and was awarded this fun daycare van.

He now had six children to care for, but none of them were showing up, and I had to move the family out then back in again to fix the problem. It’s still not ideal, because some of the elementary children don’t arrive until almost 6pm, and since they get picked up at six thirty they barely have time to complete their homework, let alone raise their needs. Still, his uncle and girlfriend are able give him a lot of help out with the toddlers and with the few older children who arrive on time.

One day while Emmanuel was assisting his nephew in the daycare center, the Reaper arrived to claim him. It was sad, but at least I got to see one final instance of his adorable ‘startled cartoon cat’ expression. I don’t think had expected to go so soon!

7 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 4.3

  1. aww 😦 sad to see Emmanuel pass away. I need to play the daycare career more. Didn’t know some of them don’t arrive until 30 minutes before they are picked up that is really odd.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is pretty silly; I don’t think it can be by design. My theory is that they have scouts or ballet until five pm and then it takes them an hour to cycle to the daycare from school, which is right over on the other side of town.


  2. I really like Latanya, she has a pretty kooky mix of traits and seems like a lot of fun. I do get kind of exasperated playing absent-minded sims though, when I set them a queue of actions and they promptly forget to do everything! It’s definitely realistic for someone with a sieve for a brain though!
    Aww, she Emmanuel will never get to make that wonderful face again, although you do have a few really get screenshots here of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really don’t like that trait either. In fact, I always re-roll when one of my kids gets it. But I mostly had her on free will so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

      I’ll miss Emmanuel! He and Vanessa both had such expressive faces 🙂


  3. Latanya’s reaction for once wasn’t an overreaction, that’s pretty poor form for Calvinotep. It annoyed me that the afterschool kids show up with barely enough time to do their homework too. The ‘problem’ child has to break something or be spoken to before they even get started. You can sort them out but it’s frustrating time management for the first few days. I wish Ambitions had been tested better. I’ll miss Emmanuel, I appreciate you sharing his final ‘startled cat’ face.


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