EP Legacy Gameplay 4.4

Lydell moved into the household. His traits are adventurous, genius, virtuoso, mean spirited, and party animal.

Caden and Latanya both had birthday parties.

They also both had midlife crises. The only wish Caden rolled was to change careers, but I didn’t want to let him do that because I was having fun with his daycare. Latanya’s wishes were much more modest. First, she wanted to get a makeover and meet someone new, so I assigned her some additional formalwear and sent her out to The Prosper Room to make new friends.

A couple of days later, she wanted to cut her hair, so I gave her a cute little bob.

In the middle of their crises, Latanya and Caden learned that they were expecting their first child.

When they simultaneously rolled wishes to marry one another, I sent them to the Butterfly Esplanade for the proposal.

Latanya held her bachelorette party at The Prosper Room. It was a fun night with lots of dancing.

The next evening was Caden’s bachelor party at the Banzai Lounge.

It was nice to see Mellissa there. I tried to get her to give a toast, but the action kept cancelling out, so Caden gave her a big hug instead.

The party dancers found a quiet moment away from the guests to enjoy some of the food Caden had brought with him.

Thanks to a slight miscalculation I’d made about Latanya’s due date, the groom-to-be had to leave his bachelor party early to join his fiancée at the hospital.

A few hours later, Jaylen Holcomb-Marks was born, with the favourites songwriter music, goopy carbonara, and spiceberry. I gave him the good and loves the outdoors traits.

Caden and Latanya got married at the Bogaard Overlook. I kept the guest list short because I wanted to show off the seated ceremony that was first introduced with this expansion pack, and that almost always becomes a routing disaster with larger parties.

The smaller scale also meant that for once there was enough wedding cake for everyone.

Albina and Lydell didn’t attend the wedding. Albina and Caden really don’t get on, and the couple had something of their own to celebrate anyway – Albina’s first pregnancy.

The next household member to experience a big life change was Timothy, who aged up and, as part of his midlife crisis, wished to change jobs. I fulfilled his wish by moving him into the politics career track, which was fine by me because I don’t really care for all the meetings sims in the business career have to hold to stay ahead.

Albina gave birth to a little vampire, Cassandra Borges-Rake. Her favourites are R&B, ceviche, and lime green. I have her the athletic and friendly traits. Caden and Latanya took Cassandra and Jaylen out for a stroll.

They arrived home just as an enormous meteor was about to collide with their front yard. I don’t think I’d ever seen this happen before!

Caden was badly singled, and his poor wife was crushed to an untimely death. Albina obviously found this hilarious, braving the midday sun to run outside and laugh at them.

But because Latanya has the unlucky trait, the Reaper wouldn’t take her, and she was restored her to her family.

11 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 4.4

    • It was a relief for me too, although I wouldn’t have minded taking the opportunity to turn her into a playable ghost, as I’ve never had one of those, and the meteor ghost is a really cool colour.

      Nope, definitely unlucky 🙂 Unlucky sims give the Reaper so much amusement that he won’t let them die, except of old age: http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Unlucky But I guess it was quite lucky that she had that trait!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, it’s a big feature of that trait! It’s one of the reasons I don’t often choose it actually – I occasionally like tragedy to strike, although it so rarely seems to in my game. There are always death flowers and ambrosia for sims you really don’t want to lose 🙂


  1. The wedding photos are really pretty. Didn’t know it was larger affairs that caused the routing failures will have to start shrinking the guest lists for my weddings. My jaw hit the floor when you mentioned Latanya was killed by a meteor. Certainly a good time to have the unlucky trait. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mine too! And the resulting explosion was very dramatic! Caden was carrying Cassandra and Latanya was carrying Jaylen, and I was really worried they might all die, but Caden got away with a light scorching, and I guess little ones can’t die by meteor.

      I’m glad you like the pictures! Yes, in my experience with larger wedding parties can be difficult to get everyone sitting down, which is why I usually don’t bother with chairs at all. I imagine it’s because with a smaller number of sims there’s less of a chance two sims will go for the same chair, leaving one or both of them stomping their feet.


  2. Latanya really suits that cute little bob! I’m always relieved when my sims wish for makeovers, new friends etc during a Midlife Crisis: tattoos and a change of hair colour I can deal with, changing career or getting a divorce really throw a spanner in the works! Generally my sims form stable, happy families, but it can be a nudge in a different direction and an excuse to mix things up if I’m feeling like I want some drama!
    And speaking of drama, that meteor strike was quite a surprise! Which is sort of the point, but still! How lucky for Latanya that she’s an Unlucky sim!
    It could have been a fun experiment to make her a playable ghost – the only playable ghost I ever had was a vampire-ghost hybrid, born to my playable mortal sim and her vampire ghost boyfriend. I have to say I got a bit tired of that particular ghost, because it is always accompanied with a creepy heart-beat sound and the ghost itself gives off pulses of light in time with the heart-beat. It was cool for a while, but I did get a bit sick of it and went back to playing regular mortal sims!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like it too! That long hair was pretty but kept going through her body any time she bent her hair back.

      Yeah, I’m not one for making big life changes unless it makes sense for the sim’s personality.

      Your playable ghost sounds really interesting! I can imagine how the constant heartbeat would have got annoying after a while though.


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