EP Legacy Gameplay 4.5

Jaylen and Cassandra learned lots of important toddler skills.

Jaylen hadn’t received an imaginary friend, but there was one waiting in the mail for Cassandra. I named the doll Candy, and had Cassandra play with and sing to it.

Because she’s a vampire, she also enjoyed biting its neck.

Jaylen’s parents were soon to give him a little brother or sister.

I had them try out the  Sharper Sim Foot Massage Chair from the store. The chairs didn’t cure the sore back moodlet from Latanya’s pregnancy, but they looked very relaxing.

Albina and Lydell were also expecting a baby…

… but I’m fairly sure Albina was still more interested in world domination than in raising children.

Like their big brother and sister, Imani Holcomb-Marks and Aristide Borges-Rake were born just a day apart form one another. Imani’s favourites are country music, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and the colour purple, and Aristide’s are music from Westerns, spaghetti, and aqua. I left her traits blank as the ones I need for her aren’t available to infants, and he rolled friendly and loves the outdoors. Albina didn’t look too happy about her new responsibility.

Jaylen had a birthday party. When he aged up, I gave him the neat trait.

At the party, Cassandra met her mum’s cousin Jane, while Jaylen made some new friends in the sandbox.

Caden took some footage with his video camera.

The next day was Cassandra’s birthday party. I gave her the loves the outdoors trait.

She bonded immediately with Maryann Striker-Sekemoto over their shared friendliness and love of nature. Maryann is the daughter of Margarita, who was one of Caden’s early daycare charges, and the granddaughter of of Lisa, Cassandra’s grandfather Emmanuel’s high school girlfriend.

The morning after Cassandra’s party, Candy came to life for the first time.

Jaylen and Cassandra enjoy playing outdoors in the sunshine together.

They are also very good at helping out with his little sister and her little brother.

As a birthday present to them both, I replaced the family hot tub with a tree house.

Since Albina and Lydell had both rolled wishes to get married, I threw them a wedding party at Plasma 501, which I’d redecorated for the occasion. Albina doesn’t really have any friends, but I found some evil sims and sims in the criminal career to invite. Even the Reaper made an apperance!

The ceremony was as beautiful as the union of two awful people can be.

The newlyweds cut their cake together.

Albina’s childhood friend Jasmine was in attendance, and I was very surprised to see that their relationship had fallen down to almost -100. They haven’t fought about anything, and Jasmine doesn’t have any traits that would make her react negatively to Albina’s red aura; in fact, since she is evil she should respond positively to it.

Whatever the cause, Albina isn’t the kind of sim to tolerate betrayal, so she brought Incindia out to exact some fiery vengeance on her old friend.

Back at the legacy house, Jaylen threw a sleepover party. Cassandra told a ghost story, but I couldn’t work out how to call the other guests over to listen, so the only ones to hear it were Jaylen and an NPC I hadn’t even invited.

The kids had fun pretending to be astronauts before rolling out their sleeping bags and spending the night in the playroom.

That weekend, Jaylen, Cassandra, and Maryann went fishing at the beach.

Caden and Imani had birthday parties.

I gave Imani the bookworm, perfectionist, and ambitious traits. Latanya made sure her daughter had a plate of her favourite food to eat instead of cake.

Since Jaylen and Cassandra love the outdoors, I had Caden sign them both up for a scouts group, where they earned badges and learned to tie a knot and salute.

9 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 4.5

  1. Another fun chapter. The evil looks on Albina’s face are always amusing. 🙂 At least Albina and Lydell are a good match for each other unlike Daniel and Caroline were. The veiw in the fishing picture is just amazing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, they definitely belong together! I keep expecting them to start being mean autonomously to one another, but they never do.

      Glad you like the view! Bridgeport is certainly a pretty place to play. Thanks for all your lovely comments today xx


  2. I had the most fun watching the kids have their sleepover in the playroom as astronauts. The picture on the wall of space and then all of them in their sleeping bags on the floor were really great. The wedding ceremony was suitably dark and with the red seating and even the knight statue made the whole thing look perfect! I’ve been following along with all the updates. Still am having some difficulty keeping all the families straight but that doesn’t matter, I’m still enjoying it all. Even though I don’t remember all of the relationships (being a senior has it’s memory issues…LOL I still feel sad when they age up to elders and I know they won’t be around much longer. Thanks for keeping this story going and sharing it. And I agree with TigerTora the fishing scene was outstanding!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked the sleepover pictures! The astronaut costumes seemed the most appropriate for that room 🙂

      Thank you – it was a nice venue for an evil, vampire wedding, I think! I may upload a few of my club makeovers if people are interested.

      It’s definitely not your seniority making you struggle with the names! This legacy is necessarily quite fast moving, because I’m not doing things like sending everyone to university, building homes for sims I evict, or enjoying lots of long vacations, just concentrating on whatever expansion pack is in focus. That, and moving to a new town almost every generation, makes it difficult to keep the sims’ extended friends and family straight, at least me. In my Barnacle Bay makeover (which I’m almost half way through constructing) there will eventually be around 100 living sims on my main family tree, and for each of them I could tell you all about their relationships, careers, and personalities, but with my EP legacy I struggle to remember the traits (and occasionally even the names!) of sims that actually live in the main household, particularly at times when lots of children are being born.

      It makes me so happy that you’re enjoying the updates. I’m never sure how fun they are for people! I don’t see a user name for you, but thank you very much for your support 🙂


  3. Aww, so cute that little vampire kids like to bite their imaginary friend’s neck!
    I love the pictures of Albina and Lydell’s wedding – Albina was never going to get married in a white dress on a sandy beach!
    I really need to throw more sleepover parties for the children in my game, seeing your pictures reminds me how much fun they are! I really love the sleeping bags, the kids look like a bunch of fat little caterpillars sleeping in them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you like the pictures 🙂 It was fun to decorate the venue with all that gothic decor and red & orange lighting.

      You’re right, they do look like little caterpillars; I hadn’t noticed before! How adorable 🙂


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