Banzai Lounge Remodel

This is my makeover of the Banzai Lounge. I was in two minds about whether or not to upload this, because the original lot has a floating tile issue (which I have done my best to fix, but may come back) and also a lot of wasted space. But if you’re playing in Bridgeport and dealing with those problems anyway, I figured I might as well offer you a version that at least looks a bit nicer inside.


4 thoughts on “Banzai Lounge Remodel

  1. There is one lounge in Bridgeport that I always had elevator problems with. My sims would get stuck on the elevator, or waiting for it, every time I tried to play it. I finally just quit playing that site. Have you had any problems like that?? I like your re-do’s, I always had fun purchasing lounges and redecorating them! Happy simming! =)

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    • Can you remember which lounge it was? There’s The Prosper Room, Banzai Lounge, and Plasma 501. I’m using a mod to speed up my elevators, so that probably helps, but I do remember some silliness trying to get up into Plasma 501 when I was remodelling it the other day, I think just because there were a lot of sims trying to use it at once, some going up and some going down.

      My main routing problem with the Banzai Lounge was the double entrance – one for the VIP area, and one for the normal area, but you had to go all the way to the bottom again to get up to the other side. I knocked down the dividing wall, closed off one of the entrance toweres, and put all the WCs on one side to make things easier.

      Making over the venues was very fun. Do you have any pictures of yours? I’d love to see what others have done with them 🙂


  2. Another amazing renovation GC! 🙂 Those annoying glitches and issues in lots like the floating tiles are irritating but sometimes not much we can do about them. :/ I am glad you decided to share it with us because it looks so much better than the original. 🙂

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