Plasma 501 Remodel

I needed an indoor wedding venue for my vampire sim and I never liked the wallpaper in the existing Plasma 501, so this happened. It’s pretty small because I didn’t want it to be spread out over two floors, but it has a wedding arch with seating, two bars, a cake cutting area (remember to bring your own cake), outdoor tables (for after the sunset!), a small dancefloor, and unisex WCs.

Here are the wedding pictures. You’ll have seen them already if you’ve been following my gameplay pictures.


2 thoughts on “Plasma 501 Remodel

  1. Another great renovation. Renovations is one of my favorite things to do in the sims actually even more so than building from scratch. I just really like the idea of taking builds that have potential and making something great out of them. I would have loved for house flipping to be a thing in game where you could reno a house and sell it to a family that lives in the town for a profit. Anyway getting off topic lol, I love the Gothic look of the lot you have went for, especially the bathrooms, the mirrors and the stone just make a really interesting and classy old world look that I love. 🙂

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    • You do wonderful renovations 🙂 I so enjoyed all of the pictures you shared in the CASting thread on the old forums. I love your real estate idea! That’s basically how I play anyway, so it would be really cool for my sims to be able to make a living out of it. The architecture profession obviously leaves a lot to be desired, and I generally like the commercial lot real estate improvement system but it can be a little restrictive.

      Thanks for you kind words about the club. I wanted something classic looking but also a little mysterious and magical 🙂


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