Silvertone House

I built this home at 332 Silvertone Way in Bridgeport. For the basic structure to appear as intended you’ll need at least Into the Future for its fence (which I used for the wooden beams), and Lucky Palms, Late Night, and Pets for their columns.

The first floor is mostly open plan, and includes kitchen, sitting, and dining areas, and a large play area ideal for the daycare profession. There are also two WCs, two potty training rooms, a media room, and a narrow balcony. Upstairs you’ll find a twin bedroom, a double nursery, two double bedrooms, an en suite bathroom, two further bathrooms, and a second balcony. Downstairs in the basement is a room made up for a vampire. Outdoor features include a pool, sandpit, further dining space, and two parking spaces. There are two further parking spaces inside the garage.


8 thoughts on “Silvertone House

  1. Oooooh what a gorgeous house. So many ideas I never thought of using. I’ve always been putting spring riders, sand boxes, other children’s toys and games outside and sometimes if the lots aren’t overly big I scramble trying to find space. What a great idea to have those things indoors in a spacious house. You use objects that I have in my game and make them more interesting, they make more sense to me the way you place them. I don’t know if everything you have in this house would be able to download to my game since thus far I’ve only downloaded a small portion of ALL the disks I own which are every one EA games has sold, plus ALL the store items and worlds. I found that too much to search through when I was playing on the old hard drive. With the new one that is much larger I’m sure I have space on it for everything but I haven’t installed Pets this time nor Seasons for various reasons. Not saying I didn’t enjoy playing with them but didn’t want to uninstall them every time I moved to a different town and they tend to show up anyway…lol Thanks for sharing, I absolutely LOVE your creations!

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    • Thanks for this beautiful comment. I’m so glad you like the house, and that I’ve given you some ideas for your own game. I agree, there’s a huge amount of content once you have everything – and I swear half of it is in misc decor!


  2. I am in awe of this house, you have done such an incredible job. I have been waiting to download this since I saw it as a WIP. The work you have put into this house is almost impossible to imagine. I always get wonderful ideas from your builds, I can’t always put it all into practice, but it’s fun trying. I am looking forward to placing it so I can have a look at the insides properly. I think you have outdone even yourself with this home GC πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much, Gypsy! The exterior took quite a lot of work: I knew what I needed to do right from the start, but I kept messing up the maths or forgetting where I was, and having to start over. Fortunately the interiors weren’t complicated at all, and I was able to decorate as I played, making use of family heirlooms and various other bits and pieces my sims had picked up. I hope they don’t disappoint! It’s such an honour to have given you ideas for your own builds πŸ™‚ And please always free to ask how I did something if you can’t work it out. Thanks again for your support xx


  3. Already loved this home from the early build shots. So glad that its finished. I usually like to live in smaller homes in game but may have to use this one. Hmm actually It could be a great mansion mansion for one of my rich families in my town reno. Heading off to DRF it, thanks for sharing this amazing build with us. Your creativity is always really inspiring. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks so much for your support! I like to have a lot of floor space available for dancing and other social interactions, so this was about the right size for me. I hope you enjoy the build πŸ™‚


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