EP Legacy Gameplay 5.3

Imani took Booker on a date to the equestrian training grounds.

They got along very well, and when Imani rolled a wish to woohoo with Booker I had her invite him back to the house.

Booker stayed for dinner with the family. Jaylen wanted pizza, but I needed Cassandra to practice making tofu dogs, Maryann’s favourite food.

Shawnee visited the house with his little boy Robert, and Jaylen spent some time chatting with them both.

After a couple of weeks in Appaloosa Plains, I had noticed that Tamsie hadn’t aged up yet, which was weird because I have the puppy life stage set to six days. I monitored her age counter for a few days, and noticed that it fluctuated between six and five days until her next birthday, but never went beyond that. I decided to use Master Controller to age her up into an adult, and just hope that the problem would fix itself eventually. [Update: apparently it was all the gourmet pet food that Cassandra had been feeding her that caused this!]

Cassandra and Tamsie set off on their first walk around town together, but they had barely left the house when Cassandra went into labour!

Maryann met her fiance at the hospital, where she delivered a baby girl. I named her Juliana Borges-Striker and gave her the brave and light sleeper traits. Her birth means we have about four and a half weeks left in Appaloosa Plains.

Later that day there was another addition to the household, when I had Imani adopt a cat – an adult male – from the newspaper. I just left his existing name, Shadow; but I replaced his appearance with that of Joolster‘s beautiful Siberian Blizzard.

Tamsie sniffed at Shadow but didn’t try to hurt or chase him. Tamsie’s aging is still messed up, so I’ll probably just use master controller again to trigger her next age transition whenever Shadow becomes an elder.

Shadow practised hunting with a toy mouse for a little while before stalking around the lot hunting for some real prey.

His first target was a western painted turtle. I haven’t placed any spawners, but when a cat goes hunting bugs and minor pets will automatically appear for him.

Shadow pounced on the turtle, but wasn’t able to catch it.

When he did succeed a few attempts later to catch a rainbow beetle, he presented his find to Imani.

Shadow eventually caught fleas from all that time outside, and had to have a bath.

That weekend, Cassandra and Maryann got married. With so many changes going on, I opted for a casual back garden ceremony, followed by a barbecue.

Aristide ran away while his sister was cutting the cake. He’s still a vampire so I suppose he didn’t like the sun all that much.

One of the wedding guests, Cassandra and Maryann’s co-worker Hailey Shepherd, spent a lot of time with Jaylen that evening. When he asked about her day, he found out that they share the good trait.

Jaylen rather quickly decided that Hailey was the love of his life, and started rolling all kinds of romance-related wishes. She was a little surprised when he suddenly jumped into his arms, but she can’t have minded too much because she stayed long after the other guests have left.

When he asked her to be his girlfriend and leaned in for a kiss, he discovered they also share the hopeless romantic trait.

The family spent the rest of the weekend having fun with their animal friends. Jaylen continued to level up his riding skill on Shawnee’s horse Bramble, Cassandra and Maryann taught Tamsie to sit, and Imani became best friends with Shadow.

Cassandra also taught Tamsie how to hunt.

After he earned his first skill point, he was able to sniff out some collectibles around town. On his first outing, he only found a couple of gems, but once he’s maxed it out and also purchased the alpha pet lifetime reward, this will become very lucrative.

When he was tired of all that hard work, he and Cassandra played fetch in the garden. It’s nice that our lot is big enough to do this.

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 5.3

  1. I had the same problem with aging up my pups. Had two beautiful german shepherds and they had a litter of two adorable pups but could never get them to age up beyond puppyhood. I don’t have any mods so eventually when I got tired of trying to keep them all amused, I gave up. I’m thinking that this might be a glitch in the game, wondering if others have had this issue. Someone also mentioned that they use NRAAS to make sure that the horses weren’t becoming a problem like the taxis and cars in game. I guess a mod would take care of that too. I love Tamsie, he’s so beautiful! Thanks for the updates!

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  2. Hmm didn’t know about the aging bug on some of the pets, thats really annoying. Tamsie and Shadow are both really beautiful animals. A lot happened in this chapter. I think casual weddings are sometimes the best in game though big events can be fun as well. Hailey looks great with that hairstyle you put her in and the purple color of her top really suits her. 🙂

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  3. That;s such a shame about the aging bug you have with Tamsie, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced it, but maybe only one in five of my families will have pets, so I haven’t had loads of opportunities for this to appear in my game. It’s good that you can work around it with mods.
    I really do love Appaloosa plains, it’s such a lush green world, and your photos are really showcasing it at it’s best. Your makeover of Hailey Shepherd is excellent – she really suits the new hairstyle, and her features are just softer and more subtle now. Jaylen better be careful though, if I remember right she’s got the Heartbreaker LTW. A few of my sims have been left heartbroken by her over the years!
    You also asked in the comments on the previous chapter if I’d think about getting Into the Future at some point – the Reply option on that particular comment wasn’t available for me so I’ll just take the opportunity to answer here! I am considering it, but it’s not an EP that immediately appealed to me. I don’t have the Showtime, Supernatural or Into the Future EPs. Generally in my gameplay I stick to ‘real world’ type scenarios, so supernaturals and time travel aren’t really areas that I’m inclined towards. Strangely though, Supernatural is probably the EP of those three that I’m most leaning towards buying, because it has so much great CAS and Build/Buy content – I love the Victorian-style furniture, and also love the idea of the Beekeeping skill and the new plants. I usually do my ‘research’ about an EP through watching Let’s Plays and reading up on the Sims Wiki, to see the new features introduced and if i’d be interesting in buying it. I’ll have your EP Legacy to help me with this research now too 🙂

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    • Thank you; I’m glad you like Hailey. I did soften her features up a bit and shrink her eyes, but I tried not to do too much; I always have to restrain myself otherwise all my sims would end up looking the same! Ooh, I hadn’t noticed her LTW! I’ll probably change that, as it doesn’t really fit with her traits – unless she’s so absent-minded that she just forgets that she has a boyfriend…

      I know what you mean about those EPs. My main BB game has a few witches, fairies, genies, and aliens, but I’m not too bothered about supernaturals either way. Supernatural does have lovely stuff though, like you say – as does ITF. Happy simming xx


  4. Hi Greencats,
    loving your legacy story, although I am looking forward to more more Barnacle Bay builds.

    You might not have a pet aging bug. I noticed in an earlier chapter that you are feeding your pets homemade gourmet food. This has an anti-aging quality to it and has a chance of extending their current life stage every time they eat it. I tend not to feed it to infant animals because they take so long to age up, but it’s brilliant if you want your pets to live a long time.

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    • Ah hah!! Thank you; that explains so much! I’ve googled it and read that it only adds a maximum of eighteen days, so I’ll probably keep them on the gourmet stuff, at least until I can afford the bottomless pet bowl, which gives its own moodlet (and I hope doesn’t also add days to their age?).

      I’ll definitely be returning to my BB builds. I have a home I’m working on for a young couple; I’ve just been enjoying changing up my building style for these other towns so much that I haven’t found myself in the mood to work on it recently.


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