EP Legacy Gameplay 5.4

Keshawn grew up and moved out. He only got a B in school and ended up with the no sense of humour trait as a result. Poor guy, I’ve hardly played him at all; I’ve just been so busy with the pets and their owners.

Shadow has taken to playing in the toilet bowl. It’s gross but it feels too mean to scold him for being ‘adventurous’, which is the option it makes available.

When Jalyen reached level ten of the riding skill, I decided it was time for Jaylen to try to fulfill his lifetime wish of adopting a unicorn. You don’t actually need any riding skill at all to do this, but wanted to wait until now so that I wouldn’t be introducing too many pets all at once. He watched the unicorn – a male called Gaucho – for a little while before approaching.

Since maxing out his riding skill, Jaylen has been able to whisper to horses, which brought his relationship with Gaucho up quite fast.

But when he asked his new friend to join the household, the unicorn said that Jaylen must first prove himself a friend to all creatures.

Jaylen was already BFF with Tamsie, Shadow, and Shawnee’s horse Bramble, which I had thought would be sufficient, but a little googling (which I should probably have done before!) told me that the animals have to be part of Jaylen’s household. So, the next day I had the family adopt another cat, a female called Sassie, whose appearance I replaced with that of Imoger‘s Snowflake.

Shadow was out hunting, but Tamsie and Sassie had fun playing together.

But, when left to her own devices, Sassie almost immediately started scratching at the furniture – all while Jaylen was trying to take a bath.

His sister Imani was quickly able to check those destructive impulses.

By the end of the day, Jaylen and Sassie were perfect friends.

Sassie also took quite a liking to little Juliana, who giggled and waved her arms about when Sassie sniffed her.

The next day, Juliana had a birthday party.

I gave her the athletic trait, which one of the little boys at her party – Brennan Parrot – turned out to share with her.

I noticed she also had the option to salute, which must come from Maryann because Cassandra doesn’t have any hidden traits.

Oh, and she’s a pizza appreciator too, like Jaylen and Keshawn!

Gaucho didn’t reappear for a couple of nights, but Jaylen had other things to do, like take his girlfriend Hailey out on a date to Adventure Landing, Appaloosa Plains’ beach. Before he left, I had Cassandra cook Hailey’s favourite meal and put it in his inventory.

Jaylen thanked Cassandra and headed off on his date.

Hailey loved the food.

She and Jaylen spent a very romantic evening together.

By the sun’s fading light, he asked her to be his wife. Hailey, of course, accepted.

Brennan had already aged up by the time Juliana started school, but she was able to make another new friend Celina Miller.

Juliana invited Celina back to the house for dinner with the family.

Celina and Juliana are both brave, so after dinner, I sent them over to the graveyard to take a tour of the catacombs, followed by a scary ghost story.

When Gaucho finally reappeared, Jaylen, now with three live-in BFF, was able to adopt him.


6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 5.4

  1. Adopting a Unicorn was one of the things that I had wanted to do when I had pets installed. I’m so pleased that you described the “conditions” by doing the research. I never think to look at Google for these things. I LOVED the background shown behind Jaylen and Hailey when he was stroking her face. It was so picturesque, reminded me of farms I had seen in my younger years. Loved the Snowflake version of Cassie, the pic of her sniffing Juliana showed how real her fur appears! I’m enjoying reading about this family and have actually learned a lot in regard to the horse skills. So thanks again for making this interesting and informative, not to mention appealing to my visual sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d never actually adopted one the proper way before this, so it was interesting for me too. I’d always just cheated to add them to the household, although obviously that wouldn’t have fulfilled Jaylen’s wish.

      Thanks so much for your comments; I’m really glad you’re still enjoying the pictures and finding the commentary helpful xx


  2. That proposal was so romantic, out by the lake with the beautiful view! All of the outdoor activities are one of my favourite things about pets. It really encourages me to get my sims out of the house more – when I get stuck in a rut they tend to just go outdoors to garden or jog. Taking dogs for a walk or horses for a ride is a really nice excuse for some fresh air!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another great chapter, the beach proposal was very romantic looking, you always put a lot of effort into your dates. 🙂 Sassie is a beautiful cat, there is just something majestic about a white cat. All of the pictures are amazing as always. I sometimes miss these important life moments for my sims when taking pictures. I typically cheat for unicorns as well. Sometimes I just want one pet and really not in the mood to have 3 others just to have a unicorn in the house.

    Liked by 1 person

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