EP Legacy Gameplay 5.5

Jaylen took Gaucho for his first ride. Like all wild unicorns, his racing and jumping skills are already maxed out. If you’ve noticed Gaucho looks a little different, it’s because I’ve replaced his coat with LittleV‘s white-grey one. I should have done this earlier for continuity, but I was delaying having to open up my clunky launcher.

Gaucho can gallop very fast, but he also has a teleportation ability that can carry Jaylen anywhere in seconds.

He can also bless sims, giving them a moodlet that brings a nice mood boost and a multiplier on skill learning. It works on pets too!

Cassandra continued to make friends with dogs around town.

At the last house she visited, she met this strange puppy. Her parents are Ginger Blackburn and the pink poodle Pantoufle. As much as I adore what the expansion pack team did with Create-a-Pet, I do think the pet genetics could have been better. Perhaps giving creators the ability to group different layers together in Create-a-Pet, rather than leaving them all to be handled individually by the genetics system, would have resulted in the babies it produces being a bit less splotchy-looking.

Imani had to learn to fish for her job at the science center. I sent her to the water treatment lot to build her skill.

Juliana bought herself an ice cream.

Shadow and Sassie were getting along very well.

Imani took them to the park to play on the cat jungle.

When Jaylen’s wedding day arrived, he rode Gaucho to the venue, Amichan619‘s quaint little chapel.

Jaylen and Hailey got married.

After the ceremony, the standard inappropriate flirtations began. This time Keshawn was the main culprit, making unwanted advances first on Aristide’s girlfriend Marie and then on Hailey herself.

I’m not sure why he looked so surprised when she said no!

The newlyweds cut the cake.

Everyone danced late into the evening.

Hailey moved into her new home, and she and Jaylen spent their first night together.

But everyone’s sleep was soon interrupted by a burglar! Fortunately among Maryann’s many hidden traits is one that allows her to apprehend burglars; she must have had a parent or grandparent in the law enforcement career. She beat the burglar in the fight, detaining her until the police showed up.

The next day, Hailey took Jaylen to meet her sister, Jazlyn Parrott.

Cassandra made friends with a fifteenth dog, Ralston Schmidt, completing her lifetime wish.

Hailey shares Cassandra’s love of dogs, and enjoys spending time with Tamsie.

Imani invited Booker’s brother Rodney and his girlfriend Gracie Loveland round for dinner.

Gracie and Imani share the perfectionist and animal lover traits, and work together at the science center, so they had plenty to discuss.

I’ve decided to get Gaucho to have a foal with Bramble’s daughter Willow, whom I’ve replaced with LittleV‘s Palamino. After a lot of reversing, walking round in circles, and outright routing failures, I managed to get them into the Fox family barn to try for a baby. I’m excited to see how their little one turns out!

I think this generation only has a couple of parts left in it, so let me know if there are any features of this expansion pack of which you’d like to see more. Happy Simming 🙂


12 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 5.5

  1. I want one too but not badly enough that I plan to add pets to my game any time soon. I’m having a good time just playing the different towns. Have a family going in Lunar Lakes right now. I’m looking forward to seeing how the “mystery foal” turns out, will it be a unicorn or not? I’m happy with you showing us whatever is happening with your families don’t have any special requests. Thanks for sharing… Once you’ve finished playing the different expansion packs do you uninstall them for the next game? I haven’t been able to accept any gifts from anyone because for some reason they all require me to have University installed. I don’t mind although my one attempt to play it drove me crazy with a glitch that had my main character’s phone ringing without ever stopping. And I don’t like the fact that people drag out their box and stand on it with their megaphones yelling at everyone. That’s just too rude especially when one of my Sims is trying to get tips for playing the guitar! LOL

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    • I really like LL! I hope you’re having fun there 🙂

      I think there’s theoretically a 50% chance it will be a unicorn, but all the horse/unicorn matings I’ve set up (granted, not that many) have resulted in a unicorn foal.

      No, I don’t uninstall the EPs before or after their generation. In fact, once I’ve ‘unlocked’ an EP by playing it, I consider all its content fair game; I just don’t focus on it too much unless the EP for the current generation interacts with it in an interesting way – e.g. the weather stone for Seasons/Supernatural and witches’ familiars for Supernatural/Pets.

      How annoying that you need University installed to receive gifts! I thought that feature came with Supernatural?


  2. I have Supernatural installed but every time I click on my mailbox to receive gifts the message always comes up that I need University installed to receive gifts…ridiculous so I’ve given up

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  3. I’m really feeling the need to have one of my own sims adopt a unicorn now – I forgot how gorgeous they are, and didn’t know they could teleport! Very cool!
    Aside from unicorn adoption, the aspects of Pets I haven’t explored properly are the minor pets and Hunting skill for pets. I occasionally have my child sims keep lizards that they find, but haven’t caught them all that you had Imani do in the early chapters of this EP, so you’ve covered that off already. And with the Hunting skill, I tend to get about half-way with a pet, and then sort of forget about it! I know a couple of chapters back you had Cassandra teach Tamsie to hunt, has he had much success bringing back valuable items?
    It will be really nice to see the foal born too – as you pointed out with Ginger and Pantouffle’s pup, the pet genetics can be kind of funky sometimes, but hopefully the new foal comes out looking prettier than that poor critter!!

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    • Yes, he’s at level ten and brings back many gems and a few other bits and pieces too. I’ll try to remember to show off some of his ‘loot’!

      The genetics are definitely a bit odd. I think I’m just going to have to give up on having realistic-looking second generation pets and just embrace the splotches.

      Thanks for your comments!


  4. LOL at Keshawn’s face, while I don’t like my sims being unhappy I love the romance rejection reactions lol. I am really wanting to play my sim with a unicorn pet now after watching you play with Gaucho. That or make a custom skin for a unicorn, I think that could be fun as well. As far as requests maybe more of Tamsies hunting skill? It can be really useful especially for jobs and sim skills that require collecting. I was kind of disappointed that dogs couldn’t be familiars as I wanted a hunting companion for my alchemist witch. She could technically have a dog anyway but her apartment is too small for a lot of pets and I settled for a bird. He husband is a Werewolf though so he does the hunting for her gems and other things she needs.:P The picture of Shadow and Sassie was a very big awww moment for me. I actually don’t have many households with multiple cats despite them being my favorite pet type, Its usually a dog and a cat if I have multiple pets for variety of game play.The wedding was very lovely aside from Keshawn being awkward, i love how you had Hailey take off her veil for the reception as that’s very realistic.Looking forward to seeing the foal, hopefully it will have nice markings. Sometimes the random can produce nice results though. The picture of Tamsie being petted by Hailey is really cute. Huskies are one of my favorite types of dogs. 🙂

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    • They reactions can be pretty funny; they’re so dramatic! Sims just have no filters, lol.

      I’d love to see a unicorn skin from you! I think you’d do such an amazing job.

      I’ll be sure to talk more about hunting in the next part then 🙂 I didn’t know dogs couldn’t be familiars. That’s disappointing. Is it just minor pets and cats then…or just cats?

      Dogs are my favourites, although I love the cats as well. Horses are beautiful, but just a bit of a nightmare routing-wise. Huskies are one of my favourite dog breeds too! I’ve never had a dog in real life though, and I feel that a husky might be a bit of a challenge as my first one so if I were to get one I’d probably go for the other end of the size scale and get a pomeranian…their little foxy faces and big fluffy tails are just so adorable!


      • Wow pomeranians are my favorite small dog type as well. Great minds think alike! 🙂 I really like the rusty/orange colored ones due that being the most fox like color.

        I made a custom unicorn I am pretty happy with, I am going to send a PM of her on the official site if you don’t mind checking it out later. Am waiting for the game to boot up though so may be a bit before I can snag a screenshot of her.

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