EP Legacy Gameplay 5.6

Jaylen and Hailey were expecting their first child.

Juliana had a birthday party, aging up to look just like Cassandra. I made her a snob.

Thanks to her new trait, she likes to spend hours checking herself out in the mirror.

Tamsie learned some new tricks.

They’re all beautifully animated, but the ‘teach to play dead’ interaction was my favourite, because Tamsie looked so worried when Cassandra pretended to die, and then incredibly delighted when she realized she was okay.

Gaucho’s foal, Aasifa, was born! I don’t think I got a message about it; I just noticed when I was checking his family tree.

Jaylen and Gaucho went to spend some time with her.

I don’t want Juliana to gain too many points in the athletic skill before the move to Starlight Shores for reasons that I’ll explain in the next generation, so to keep her busy I’ve been having her read charisma books.

Booker joined the household, but his first meal as a full member of the family was cut short when Hailey went into labour!

She gave birth to a little girl, whom I named Janessa. I didn’t give her any traits, as the ones I want for her are only for children and up, but she did get the hidden pizza lover trait from her dad.

That weekend, the family took a trip to the public pool. Juliana invited Celina along.

Tamsie swam in the pool.

I bought a baby mat so that Janessa could come along too.

Shadow and Sassie have started play fighting quite regularly.

I decided to let them have kittens together. Tamsie looked fairly suspicious about the use they were making of her little house.

Juliana went to the cat park to play a ball game with Brennan.

Tamsie made a friend.

After completing Jaylen and Cassandra’s lifetime wishes, I had given them jobs, so now all the adults and young adults in the household are working. Hailey and Jaylen are doctors, Imani and Cassandra and scientists, and Booker and Maryann are politicians. But on their days off, everyone helped to look after Janessa and teach her toddler skills to her.

Tamsie maxed out her hunting skill.

She brings back precious gems and metals from every trip, which would sell for a lot of money, but I prefer to convert them into larger ones to use in decorating. She has also found enough fragments of different objects for me to assemble a beautiful diamond dog, which constantly shimmers, and also stone fire hydrants, and human and dinosaur skeletons. I sold the hydrants because I can’t see myself ever using them, but I put the diamond dog in display in Cassandra and Maryann’s bedroom and the dinosaur skeleton in Imani’s study; everything else I stored in the family inventory for future generations.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 5.6

  1. More great pictures! The unicorn foal is pretty cute and I loved the scenes of Cassandra teaching Tamsie to play dead. 🙂 Love watching your families grow in these screenshots. I also like taking the baby mat to public lots so the baby can come and not lay on the ground. Totally forgot starlight shores will be your next move, I am actually really looking forward to that, I never played much in starlight shores as I felt it needed so much updating and felt kind of small but it is really beautiful and well designed so looking forward to seeing it in your game. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Yep, Starlight Shores is up next, just for one generation. After that we’ll be Moonlight Falls for Supernatural, Seasons, and University Life. I’m glad you’re looking forward to it; I hope it doesn’t disappoint! I’ve only played SS quite briefly myself, when ST was first released, but I remember really liking it a lot.


  2. Pictures were fantastic!!!! That adorable little unicorn foal was doing an incredible leap into the air. Will we get to see the kittens? This generation story is quite interesting and I’m really enjoying the animals, I think you’e done a terrific job in incorporating “pets” into your story line. I’m also looking forward to Starlight Shores! The others also but one place at a time for comments. Thanks once more for all the fun I’ve been having reading these episodes! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The unicorn’s getting blessed by her dad in that picture so she’s actually floating magically in the air 🙂

      Yes, kittens in the final Pets part, coming up next! I’m so glad you’re enjoying seeing me play with the animals; and thanks for your lovely comments.


  3. Wow, Juliana really does look like Cassandra’s mini-me, and that hairstyle is super-cute on her.
    Tamsie is just so adorable – the expressions on her face are too cute, particularly the worried then delighted expressions when Cassandra was teaching her to play dead, and also the sideways looks she’s giving Shadow and Sassie in the doghouse! Love it!
    I really like the animation for the cats when they play-fight – I’ve always had pet cats and love the levels of realism they put into the animations, like how their ears are flattened back. You’ve captured a great photo there.
    I’ll definitely need to persevere with the hunting skill – that diamond dog is beautiful, and the dinosaur skeleton is really cool. They make lovely decorations!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Doesn’t she! Maybe they’ll have another child who is more of a mix of them both, or looks more like Maryann.

      Oh Tamsie, I can’t even cope; she’s too lovely. Lol, she did NOT appreciate what was going on in her house. You’re so right about the animations. This EP really sets the high standard there, and I think that ST is one of the few that almost measures up, so it’s nice to do them back to back like this xx


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