Legacy Ranch

I built this six bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house for the Pets generation of my EP Legacy at 1006 Pomona Promenade in Appaloosa Plains. If you’re placing it elsewhere, you’ll probably want to redo a little bit of the terrain painting, and maybe place some more eucalyptus trees. The exteriors were inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright‘s iconic Bernard Schwartz house; the interiors, by my legacy sims’ interests and adventures.

The house has been tested for seven sim weeks with up to nine sims, a unicorn, four cats, and four dogs. It is pet-friendly, and there is lots of space for a horse to run about, although I didn’t bother with any special racing or jumping equipment as the training grounds are very nearby.

View of the house from Pomona Promenade.

Carport and front porch.

Dog house, and little fenced-in area for gardening. Keep it locked to pets if you have a horse that likes to eat your crops.

View of the house from the fields behind it.

This table seats twenty-four sims, which is really great for large dinner parties. The BBQ has been upgraded via science experience to make the area give a +40 beautifully decorated moodlet. (Just replace it if the animation annoys you too much.) The fruit bowls are unique relics from my sims’ travels.

View of the equestrian center.

Another rear view of the house.

Outdoor fireplace, sitting area, and entrance to horse stall.

View of the fields.


Sitting room.

Double bedroom with en suite and a window looking into the horse stall. If you have been following my legacy, you might recognize this as Jaylen and Hailey’s room.

Entrance hall.

Cassandra and Maryann’s bedroom, and the attached nursery.

First floor plan.

View from the main upstairs balcony.

Imani and Booker’s bedroom.

View from their balcony.

Upstairs bathroom.

Juliana’s bedroom.

Janessa’s bedroom.

Reading room.

Second floor plan.



9 thoughts on “Legacy Ranch

  1. Another amazing build GC! I really love how you designed the sink area in the upstairs bathroom. Also really loving the look of the outside kitchen/eating area and the overall look of the roofing. Its just fantastic build overall. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely build, inside and out! You always do such an amazing job with the neutral color schemes. Different rooms have distinctive highlights of color, but the colors throughout are consistent and cohesive, if that makes any sense. I especially like the kitchen. The textures, the clever MOO work and those higher up windows… I don’t usually download anything I don’t own all the items for, but I might make an exception just to see how you did the different levels for this.

    Liked by 1 person

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