Legacy Ranch

A 5.5 bedroom house for 1006 Pomona Promenade in Appaloosa Plains, with exteriors inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright‘s iconic Bernard Schwartz house.

The house has been tested for seven sim weeks with up to nine sims, a unicorn, four cats, and four dogs. It is pet-friendly, and there is lots of space for a horse to run about. With the training grounds near by, I didn’t bother with any special racing or jumping equipment, though there is space to add some if you choose.

The downstairs features sitting and dining areas, a high-ceilinged kitchen, a patio for outdoor dining, two double bedrooms, and a small nursery with two cribs. Upstairs, you’ll find two further double bedrooms (each with their own balcony), a teen/children’s twin bedroom, and a reading room overlooking the kitchen.



21 thoughts on “Legacy Ranch

  1. Another amazing build GC! I really love how you designed the sink area in the upstairs bathroom. Also really loving the look of the outside kitchen/eating area and the overall look of the roofing. Its just fantastic build overall. 🙂

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  2. Lovely build, inside and out! You always do such an amazing job with the neutral color schemes. Different rooms have distinctive highlights of color, but the colors throughout are consistent and cohesive, if that makes any sense. I especially like the kitchen. The textures, the clever MOO work and those higher up windows… I don’t usually download anything I don’t own all the items for, but I might make an exception just to see how you did the different levels for this.

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  3. I do not know how I missed this one. I grew up a fan of Frank Loydd Wright’s work and you’ve done such a superb job bringing it into the sims. I love it! I don’t like the eternal autumness of Appaloosa plains but I will find a home in my game for this gem for sure.

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      • I will give the neighborhood another shot, I haven’t used it since seasons came out, it could be pretty in winter. I prefer to place lots where they are intended to be placed. I’m sure you took great care with views and you mentioned the lot was closed to the horse ranch. I may use it next time I try the 50 foal legacy, but the smaller version might suit my sims family better. I’ll get a look at both later today. I will look around to see what else I’ve missed; I guess I don’t get all the notifications when you’ve posted.

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      • Yes it’s nice in the snow! And the red/gold trees are appropriate in the late autumn, obviously. It’s just for spring and summer that the colours aren’t quite right.
        It is a lovely, spacious world, with a decent amount of building space and some fun townies. My favourite thing, though, is actually the dinosaur dig site on the outskirts of town. Such a cool theme for a world! I wish we’d got a paleontologist career with the pack. They could have re-used the ‘excavate’ interaction from World Adventures, but with fossils instead of relics.

        I can’t remember the views from that lot being anything special. There are a couple of balconies, but I can’t remember what they look out over. I was quite restricted as to which lot to use, I think, as I wanted the Beautiful Vista moodlet and all the other lots that gave it were too small.
        But, yes, the location next to the horse ranch is convenient. That’s why I didn’t put any racing/jumping objects on the lot, because the training grounds were just next door.

        Sorry you missed some notifications. This build is quite old, so it’s possible you weren’t subscribed back then or you were just especially busy with your little one at that time.

        A 50 foal legacy sounds fun! Would you post gameplay pics on your blog? I’m so enjoying your container story at the moment.

        Happy simming xx


  4. I will see how it goes. When I loaded up Appaloosa plains to place your lot last night I was surprised to see it was far more green than I remember it. It must have been the Autumn foliage combined with the dirt cliffs that had me thinking it was entirely a red and orange palette. It’s actually very lovely. I love the dinosaur items, placed them in another world as a roadside attraction. I love your idea of paleontology. I still have never spent much time in Egypt, I finally built a base camp for it just before getting busy with house repairs and haven’t gotten back there to actually try it out. I am looking forward to playing an explorer at some point, I’ve always used WA as more of a holiday. It is a shame there are not any anthropological finds in dig sites.

    You’ve actually built ample outdoor areas, I wasn’t even sure how to orientate the lot at first until I saw the parking spot. I see what you mean about views, there are a few things to see but they are mostly obscured from the lot. I think the house itself is the view. I just love it.

    I was looking back through it and yes, I think I missed the bulk of your EP legacy. I was barely ever on the computer my little ones the first year and that was the time you were writing it so it makes sense. I am starting to read it now, and I only recognize sims that I’ve downloaded and seen as townies but none of the story at all. I may run into parts I’ve read but even then it’s been a while so it will be nice to revisit them.

    I might, I’ve done it once a while back but I couldn’t find anything particularly interesting to write about with the horses so it never became a blog. I set one up but could never seem to write the first post. Perhaps I could add in a story to make it more interesting. I think I might have given up on my disastrous starter lot I’m currently playing if I hadn’t grown fond of the sim playing it. I do think writing about it has made playing more fun for me so I will do it again.

    I’m going to catch up on this legacy now. Hopefully, I will find something else I’ve missed on your site. I just love everything you do.

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    • Thanks for this awesome response, and again for your kind words about the house.

      Yes, I remember lots of red/gold too. Maybe it’s all just mixed in with the usual green trees, so you get that feeling of the leaves just starting to turn–which is lovely, but not necessarily what you want all year.

      I hope your Al Simhara base camp works out. Do you plan on sharing it? The default one leaves much to be desired. Would be great to see your take on it.


  5. I hope you do upload the orchard sometime, South Shang Simla Park is one my favorite spots so I’d love another garden. It makes sense that the wedding venue was a one-off lot. Your pictures make sim weddings look so serene and beautiful.

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