Forester Challenge: First Summer

I apologize for the gaps between some of the pictures in this part, and if it seems like everyone’s growing up too fast and everything is a bit disjointed. I was distracted through most of summer by trying to work out how to keep all the sims happy! I think I’ve got into a kind of routine though now, so maybe future parts will be more interesting. Oh, and as usual, expect gameplay snapshots rather than a properly crafted story.

Finally, if you haven’t yet read Meet the Foresters, which introduces the sims and world, then you want to take a moment to do that now. Anyway, here we go…

In the summer time, the weather is relatively mild but the work is hard and necessary.

The Fishers usually stay at the lake until late, grilling their own dinner when they return, so as not to disturb the Cooks’ sleep.

But the High Forester perhaps has the most difficult job. Even after her garden has been tended and advice to the other villagers delivered, there is always some text to read or new elixir to discover.

To her delight, Elizabeth Cook was the first to fall pregnant this year. The next morning’s bread would be on the house.

Everyone came to wish her well.

Henry and Elizabeth looked forward to the arrival of their child.

The baby was a boy. His parents named him Steven, and he rolled the coward and easily impressed traits.

The Cooks took turns soothing Steven in the night.

When he was old enough, they taught him to walk and talk amidst bags of flour, sacks of grain, and the smell of baking bread.

William and Helena Farmer had found some stability in their relationship. Every morning, William would breath into a potato sack to calm his nerves, and Helena take out her pent up aggression by arguing with the chickens.

It wasn’t long before they were expecting a child.

Family-orientated William was very excited;Jacob Gardener, when his own wife started to show, was far less so. Edith was very sad when he didn’t congratulate her.

Edith gave birth a little earlier than expected, in the middle of the town square; Helena, in the early hours of the following morning in her own home.

William looked rather taken aback by his wife’s labour, but Rhoda was there to give her all the encouragement she needed.

Edith’s son – James Gardener – rolled brave and grumpy, while Helena’s daughter – Dorothy Farmer – rolled easily impressed and loves the outdoors.

Jacob did not take to fatherhood any more than he’d anticipated, particularly not when his son woke him up in the middle of the night.

Edith shared her grieves with Helena and Elizabeth in the village square.

Steven’s parents threw him a birthday party. He rolled the loves the outdoors trait.

Martha entertained everyone with her fiddle.

Sadly, Steven was all alone with no other children to play with. That said, he did seem to enjoy helping to look after James and Dorothy, and a couple of times Richard and Martha took him fishing with them.

But when they left without him and the little ones were napping, he had to play a lot of solo games of gnubb.

To make things worse, James rolled the loner trait when he aged up, deciding he preferred playing alone with his teddy bear than outdoors with Steven.

But the adults carried on about their work unaware of Steven’s unhappiness. William harvested some perfect quality honey, and Edith found a special seed.

Dorothy’s parents finished teaching her to walk and talk just in time for her birthday.

Jacob was in a bad mood about dragged to yet another child’s party.

Dorothy rolled the light sleeper trait. I guess her parents are going to have to be a bit more quiet in future.

But at last, Steven had a friend! Dorothy and he played outdoors all day every day, whatever the weather.

6 thoughts on “Forester Challenge: First Summer

  1. I think the pace is fine, that is a lot of sims to take care of so I imagine it would be hard to capture every moment of their lives like it is with a single family. As usual the pictures are wonderful and really tell the story well. I really enjoy seeing little bits of the world and the beautiful builds and sims you have created. 🙂 Jacob must be annoying to deal with. Don’t think I’ve ever played a sim with that trait before even though that is not an uncommon trait in rl. Just sims aren’t exactly subtle about it lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This site, or my darn computer, won’t let me like this! I am really enjoying your story, and I agree that the pictures are great, as well. I think the pace is fine; that is a lot to handle, and you are already into the kids being past toddler stage! Keep ’em coming!! =)

      Liked by 1 person

    • @TigerTora

      Well Autumn has double the pictures so I must have slowed down at least a bit! Thanks so much for your kind words.

      He is a bit difficult. I randomized three out of five of each of their traits and that was the one he got. I guess it’s good to try things you wouldn’t usually. I just feel bad every time he gets a bad moodlet from his son. I mean I’m not really crazy about being around kids all the time – I don’t know if having them is something I want to do with my life – but when I’m with one I’m not like, ‘URGH, GO AWAY!!’. But, yeah, sims…not subtle!


  2. Your sims are all gorgeous, as always. I particularly love Helena Farmer – with her hot-headed and flirty traits she’ll get some really great facial expressions, and what a beautiful face to show them off with!
    With all those sims to take care of I’m not surprised it took you a while to get into a rhythm that would keep them all happy – especially when you add new babies to the mix!
    Your photos are wonderful, and really capture your attention to detail. The sims and their outfits and the builds really work with the theme, and the world looks lovely too: the pictures of the Fishers at the lake and Edith finding the special seed really show it off.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I cheated a bit and repurposed some pre-made makeovers I had hanging around in my sim bin. Helena’s facial features are based on my version of Harry Marks from Bridgeport (and from my EP legacy!) I think.

      Yeah, it was quite daunting at first, especially since I didn’t want to turn free will on and have them doing all kinds of anachronistic things. An important step towards getting it all under control was purchasing the steel bladder reward as soon as I could. I’m not taking any other LTH rewards, but this one was really necessary. I simply can’t deal with twenty sims each needing to pee three times a day.

      Thanks for your kind words about the pictures, outfits, and build! xx


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