Forester Challenge: First Autumn, Part One

The first day of autumn found the Gardeners’ stall well-stocked.

The Cooks spent all morning preparing food for the harvest festival.

The festival was a time for feasting, thanksgiving, and merriment.

Everyone cooed over Martha Fisher’s swollen belly.

It was also Steven’s birthday. He rolled nurturing.

The next morning, the plant that had grown from the seed found by Edith Gardener finally bore fruit. It was a life fruit, a good omen that foretold a manageable winter and early spring.

Jacob shared the plant’s first harvest with his wife and son before having it moved carefully to Rhoda’s garden, as she would best know how to care for it and what to do with its precious fruit.

Steven baked his first loaf of bread, while Dorothy helped out on her parents’ farm.

Martha Fisher gave birth to a baby boy, Thomas.

He rolled loves the cold and loves the heat. She and Richard were very overjoyed to have child at last.

They took their son to meet the other Foresters.

Jacob Gardner tried to make more of an effort with James.

But he always ended up getting annoyed or making James upset.

While the weather was still warm enough, Steven Cook and Dorothy Farmer decided to go down to the lake. They even managed to persuade James Gardener to come with them. They swam in the lake and saw a falcon.

After their trip, Steven and Dorothy hung around in the town square for a game of horseshoes.

Dorothy returned home to find her mother had changed into looser clothes. Helena explained to her daughter about the fragile new life growing inside her.

A few days later she gave birth to Matilda Farmer, who rolled light sleeper and loves the outdoors.

The fruit James Gardener had eaten had pushed his birthday back a day, so that it now fell alongside Dorothy Farmer’s. The Farmers threw a party for them both. James rolled schmoozer and Dorothy rolled dramatic.

Now that James is almost a grown man, and also shares a trait with his father, perhaps they will finally be able to find some common ground.

Dorothy learned how to milk a cow.

The Fishers taught their son to walk and talk.

Edith Gardner discovered she was expecting a baby.

It was a getting a little late in the year for a pregnancy to be welcomed without any anxiety, yet, since the autumn had been mild so far, the High Forester gave the Gardeners her blessing.

But before Edith’s baby had arrived, the first snow fell.

And it appeared by Helena Farmer’s frequent visit to the outhouse that the Gardeners were not the only ones expecting.

The Gardeners took in their final harvest of the year.

The next day, Rhoda lit a bonfire to ward of evil spirits. [The festival of the dead will be more of a thing when we actually have some dead.]

She also gave Henry Cook a large bundle of licorice from her garden. She told him to put it in the everyone’s food for the rest of the year to make it more filling, so that their supplies would last longer.

The lake had yet to freeze over, so the Fishers went to work as usual. [I’ve just found out that world water like this doesn’t ever freeze. I already have the pictures taken for the second half of autumn, but as of winter I’m going to put a little bit of water on the empty lot next to the one I’m playing, and use that as an indicator of when I should start pretending that the main lake has frozen over.]

Steven was more than happy to look after their boy while they were away.

Martha came back a little early to put Thomas to bed.

Richard stayed out far longer than he should have and on his way home fell to the ground, frozen solid.

Somehow he survived the night, and the morning sun thawed him out enough for him to get inside and into a warm bath.

He stayed blue for a few hours, but was otherwise back to his old self.

The Farmers’ third child arrived, another daughter. They called her Eleanor and she rolled clumsy and loner.

The Gardner’s second, a boy they named Arthur, rolled loves the heat and virtuoso.

Dorothy invited Steven in for a glass of milk.

Later that evening, they shared a first kiss.

Thomas had a birthday party, rolling coward when he aged up.

His parents set up a bedroom for him on the upper floor of their home, but he was very nervous about sleeping there. He checked under the bed for monsters, and did not like what he saw there!

He went downstairs to find his parents, but was so frightened that he had a little accident on the way.

His father put him in the bath and took care of the wet floor, before putting Thomas to bed with his mother.

The next day, they took him on his first trip to the lake, where he saw a rainbow.


Thomas caught his first fish.

Richard chuckled good-naturedly at Martha when she reeled in a big slimy toad.

It had been a great day for Thomas, but when he checked under his bed that night, the monster had come back…

…and it had brought a friend!

At a loss, his parents roused the High Forester, who always knew exactly how to fight a pack of monsters. Rhoda opened up one of her books and read to Thomas until he fell asleep, promising to return every night to do the same, for as long as she was needed.

8 thoughts on “Forester Challenge: First Autumn, Part One

  1. Poor Richard, I thought he was going to be our first casualty!! And Thomas is interesting, as I have never played a sim with the cowardly trait. (Now, if only my comp would let me mark the “like” button!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too! I was glad he was okay, although I was kind of interested to see what a death by freezing would like.

      I’m sorry you’re having issues with the site! I googled around and one thing that was suggested was temporarily disabling any ad blocking software you’re using – though only if you’re comfortable doing that of course. Trying a different browser might be a possibility too.
      But really I just appreciate that you enjoyed the post and took the time to leave such a nice message; having an official ‘like’ on top of that is not really a big deal to me xx


  2. This was fun, your screenshots are really amazing as always, you would be great at advertising games I think. Or even RL photography. 🙂 I thought Richard was going to die as well, I didn’t know they could survive that that frozen state. I am glad he survived though. 🙂 Lol I love the monsters under the bed interaction, I keep a sleeping bag in the family inventory for that since kids cant share the bed with their parents like they do in RL in that situation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thank you 🙂

      It was weird because the countdown on the frozen meter seemed to get stuck, so he just lay there all night. I wasn’t paying attention to the notifications, but I wonder if maybe Overwatch saw he’d been in the same place for a while and reset him. I’ve done a bit of reading around since then, and it seems the hunger meter needs to drop right down in order for a sim to die by freezing?

      A sleeping bag is a great idea! I’ll have to remember about that xx


  3. I’m always amazed by how you can keep on top of the needs of so many sims! I get myself in a bit of a flap with any more than six!
    The harvest festival looked like a lot of fun – all of the food and drink and good music, everyone looks like they had a great time!
    I love that the Fishers finally had a child of their own – and very glad that Richard survived being frozen solid! It’s a pretty cool animation, I love how their skin stays blue for a while after they thaw out. And the monsters under the bed animation is great – since I’ve only just got Supernatural I haven’t actually tried it out myself in-game. It’s on my to-do list now! Although I will feel a little bad for the poor child who’ll be my guinea pig on this one – Thomas’s poor little face!!
    Now that the final harvest has been brought in, it’ll be interesting to see how the food stores last with so many mouths to feed! Good that Rhoda is there to advise the Cooks, I love the herbs and spices and the moodlets they give, it’s such a nice addition to the game.
    Aww, and I love a good teen romance! Dorothy and Stephen make a very cute couple.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is kind of a lot! With this challenge, I’m focusing more on how the community survives and progresses than on individual sims, so I don’t feel bad about just leaving them to perform one action all day.

      Thomas got quite a fright! Because he has the coward trait, he wet himself both times, and the second time he also fainted, although I didn’t manage to capture that on camera.


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