Forester Challenge: First Autumn, Part Two

Dorothy Farmer liked to play with her sister Matilda.

They had both become very close to their father too, thanks to his morning potato sack routine keeping him stable.

Their little sister Eleanor learned to walk.

While delivering the family’s breakfast, Elizabeth Cook discovered she was pregnant.

The ground was frosted over, but Henry believed their love for one another would help them keep their family safe through the hard times ahead.

Steven couldn’t wait to meet his new brother or sister.

Matilda grew up and rolled the slob trait.

She loved playing tag outdoors with Dorothy.

And now she was old enough to help look after Eleanor too.

The Cooks’ second son, Harold, arrived. He rolled virtuoso and a very timely loves the cold.

Rhoda’s birthday rolled around, marking the time for her to select an apprentice at a special meal in the town hall.

She shares a special bond with Richard Fisher because of all the nights she spent by his bedside reading him stories, but, since he is his parents’ only child, she chose James Gardener instead. His loner trait will make the often solitary work less of a burden, his charisma will allow him to deliver comfort and advice to the other Foresters more persuasively, and his bravery will help him make difficult choices in hard times.

The office of High Forester is a weighty duty. James will not be able to marry or have children, and, once Rhoda has passed away, the wellbeing of the entire village will be his responsibility.

But Rhoda does get good food sent to her by a different family each day, and James will have a bedroom all to himself.

Rhoda invited James’ parents up into her sitting room to explain what their son’s life would now be. Jacob was surprisingly sad to say goodbye to his boy.

Edith visited James in his new home often, quietly playing chess with Rhoda while he practiced his reading.

Steven Cook reached adulthood. His traits are now coward, nurturing, easily impressed, loves the outdoors, and clumsy.

Martha Fisher became an elder. She and Richard would never have another child, but they were happy with their little family.

Arthur Gardener, Eleanor Farmer, Matilda Farmer, and Thomas Fisher played together in the snow.

Eleanor and Matilda had a snowball fight with their father.

In the final days of autumn, Henry Cook, Matilda Farmer, Dorothy Farmer and James Gardener’s birthdays were all due. Theirs would be the last birthday cakes that would be baked this year, since the eggs they require can’t be spared once winter sets in. The Farmers threw them all a big party. Matilda rolled night owl; Dorothy’s traits are now easily impressed, light sleeper, hot-headed, loves the outdoors, and dramatic; and James’ are now grumpy, schmoozer, brave, frugal, and loner.

Martha played her fiddle for everyone.

In winter, meals will be divided into smaller portions and shared in the town hall, so the next evening, the last in autumn, was also the last the individual families would spend eating in their own homes.

Martha, Richard, and Thomas Fisher had grilled salmon.

They sent two portions of their meal over to Rhoda and James.

Henry, Elizabeth, and Steven Cook ate a sourdough loaf, while Harold sat against the sacks of produce, contentedly digesting his mother’s milk.

Jacob, Edith, and Arthur Gardener enjoyed an autumn salad.

William, Helena, Dorothy, Matilda, and Elanor Farmer had wheat bread.

After dinner, Steven went to see Dorothy. They still love one another very much, but a cold, dark winter stretches out ahead of them.

6 thoughts on “Forester Challenge: First Autumn, Part Two

  1. I think James seems like the perfect apprentice for Rhoda – his loner trait means he won’t be so sad about not having a family of his own. It was really sweet that Jacob was so sad to see him go!
    The little houses you built look even cuter in the snow – so gorgeous! And the kids look like they’re enjoying the snow: I think the snowball fights and snowman-building are great.
    I’m away to load up my game now and properly start playing my new game in Dragon Valley. I’ve made four sims: Henrietta Snow (cook and alchemist), Abel Frost (farmer, artist, and inventor), Wilhelmina Bright (gardener), and Benjamin Summers (fisherman). I’ve only played one day so far, just to get into the swing of it, so am looking forward to the challenge of harvesting enough food before the first frost sets in! I’ll make sure to plant some liquorice, so that the food will last for longer through winter (very good tip!).

    Liked by 1 person

    • All the snow activities are really fun. I think that Seasons is such a great EP.

      Your sims sound great! I really like their names, and their assigned duties sound like a nice balance. I hope you have lots of fun with them xx


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