Forester Challenge: First Winter

The snow had already settled thick upon the ground by the time winter arrived.

In the early days, every now and then the blizzard would abate for long enough for the Foresters to enjoy a snowball fight together.

They took their meals in the village hall now, sharing warmth and sustenance.

James made his first elixir.

Rhoda searched the nearby area to find him more ingredients.

Harold Cook grew up, rolling excitable. He got to know Eleanor Farmer and Arthur Gardner, although it was usually too cold for his new friends to play outdoors for long.

Luckily for him, Richard Fisher shares his love of chilly weather, and was always happy to build snowmen with him.

It wasn’t long before Harold was the only small child left in the village, as Arthur and Elanor both aged up. He rolled savvy sculptor and she rolled lucky.

Arthur made a pact to stay best friends forever with Eleanor’s sister Matilda.

Steven was able to do almost all of the cooking now.

He and Dorothy Farmer were still devoted to one another.

Arthur learned to play the lute.

The evenings were at their longest and darkest now, and all the Foresters liked to gather together, in one home or another, to entertain one another with stories and make plans for the coming summer.

Rhoda’s licorice helped keep their hunger at bay, although not everyone could stomach its strong taste.

All of the previous generation had become elders by this point. Rhoda started a chess tournament to help them all keep their minds sharp enough to pass on the knowledge of their crafts to their children.

Helena Farmer loved to harass the world with her cane.

But she and William were as enamored of one another as ever.

Harold Cook and Richard Fisher had birthdays. Harold rolled lucky, and Richard’s traits are now natural cook, loves the cold, loves the heat, coward, and angler.

Harold and Arthur bonded over their love of music.

Having mastered alchemy, James made a start on Rhoda’s gardening books to prepare himself for the spring planting.

In the midst of the coldest days, The Festival of Lights arrived. Rhoda brought two life fruits to the Cook’s home for them to bake into pies.

Steven was not quite ready for this difficult recipe, so his father stepped in to help.

Rhoda lit the ceremonial candles in the village hall.

Everyone enjoyed the life fruit pies.

Small gifts and good wishes were exchanged.

Rhoda’s gift to her apprentice James was something only she could give – the official title of High Forester, along with all of her alchemy ingredients and herbs.

Henry Cook and Dorothy Farmer stood under the mistletoe in front of their friends and family to promise to keep themselves for another until the first harvest.

The next day, Dorothy’s sister Matilda Farmer became a young adult. Her traits are now slob, loves the outdoors, night owl, snob, and light sleeper.

Arthur Gardener, Eleanor Farmer, and Harold Cook soon followed suit. Arthur’s traits are loves the heat, neurotic, savvy sculptor, virtuoso, and animal lover.

Eleanor’s are loner, good sense of humour, brooding, clumsy, and lucky.

And Harold’s are loves the cold, virtuoso, excitable, lucky, and great kisser.

One morning towards the end of winter, William forgot to breathe into his potato sack and as a result had his loves the outdoors trait replaced with social butterfly; but this only brought Helena and him closer. Now they while away the days flirting, gossiping, and keeping one another’s lonely blues at bay.

Two of their daughters, meanwhile, had a very close call when they went to use the outhouse in their nightgowns. Fortunately they were able to get back inside and warm up before they froze.

6 thoughts on “Forester Challenge: First Winter

  1. Another fun chapter, am really enjoying this story. The sims look really great as adults, Eleanor is really pretty. 🙂 Do you remember where you got her hair? I am really liking your use of cast on some modern pieces to really make them work. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s really nice to see the next generation growing up, I think Arthur and Matilda are particularly cute. I love the pinky-swear pact to remain best friends forever – I think it’s a really cute animation.
    I think it’s lovely how all of the families gather together to eat and socialise – you really capture the feeling of community in your pictures. The Festival of Lights looks like a wonderful get-together – the display of candles is great.
    And I love Helena’s ‘grumpy old lady’ face – she looks great! It’s good to see that she and William have kept their relationship strong. Even when his personality traits switched up it’s nice to see that it actually brought them closer.

    Liked by 1 person

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