EP Legacy Gameplay 6.2

Janessa made her second wish, this time choosing world peace. It gave her a +25 moodlet that lasted two days, and the permanent ability to ‘talk about world peace’ with other sims.

I got a notification from story progression that Cassandra and Maryann’s second daughter, Monika Borges-Striker, had been born. Juliana went to visit her parents and new baby sister.

Tamsie was very happy to see her.

Juliana was able to tell her parents about her upcoming gig at the performance park, which I thought was a really nice touch…until I saw Cassandra’s reaction. I guess she doesn’t approve of her daughter’s life choices.

Maryann was at least a bit less unkind.

To prepare for her show, I sent Juliana to the gym for some rock climbing. Learning the athletic skill will raise her career performance meter, and I was quite keen for her to reach the next level before trying her luck on stage again. The gym I’m using is BryonyRae‘s stunning Reflections Gym and Spa, but you can’t see much of it in this picture.

Although I once again forgot to turn hideheadlineeffects off, Juliana’s show had some great moments. I really liked the contortions she did.

She certainly made a good impression on these two audience members.

But one of them started heckling her when she accidentally set herself on fire. (I do know about the ‘engaging’ and ‘that was deliberate’ lifetime rewards; I’m just holding off getting them so that I can show you the low points as well as the high.)

The next day, Imani and Booker discovered they were expecting a second child.

Juliana went out to buy them some pregnancy-related reading material from the book store, where she met sports coach Richter Steele. He shares the athletic and social butterfly traits with her, and there was an instant attraction between them.

After dropping off the new books, Juliana took Richter out for a meal at the bistro.

Janessa, meanwhile, was busy completing the opportunity chain associated with her third and final wish – to free the genie. First she had to cool the lamp the the fridge…

…then heat it in the oven…

…and finally take it into the depths of the catacombs – the exterior design of which, by the way, is really gorgeous.

In another beautiful animation, Mimi broke her chains, joining our household.

I’m really looking forward to playing with her! She’s got some nice traits, too – adventurous, flirty, good, green thumb, and friendly. I think I’m going to get her a job in the political career with Booker.

Juliana had no show scheduled for the following day, but she did receive an opportunity to perform outside the art gallery for some career progress and celebrity points.


When Friday evening arrived, Juliana, Janessa, and Mimi headed out on the town, to the evening’s hot spot, Mick’s Master Karaoke. Spot the floating light fixtures!

Willard’s shift at the theatre was due to start at six, but he stopped in briefly between school and work for to have a go on the karaoke machine.

Juliana and Janessa had some silly pictures taken, while Mimi flirted with the proprietor.

When they got hungry, she conjured up some perfect-quality vegetarian dim sum in a flash.

Juliana made friends with fellow sports enthusiast Lanya Avilla.

Willard re-joined them after work for a couple of games of pool.

They returned home in the early hours of the morning to discover that Willard’s little sister had arrived! Booker and Imani named her Latoya Singelton-Marks, and she rolled the loner and heavy sleeper traits.

4 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 6.2

  1. Another fun read with great pictures. Genies are so much fun to play, A very useful sim to have around. 🙂 I can see why they take a bit of work to get in game. Looks like Richter had a few changes he looks a lot better in your game. Hoping to see a close up of his new face soon. I always shake my head at sim’s actions sometimes, Parents, spouses, siblings, etc really should at least let their family down easy if they cant show up at their performance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂

      I’m kind of reconciling myself to the fact that even the nicest sims have zero sense of what would be the kind and socially appropriate thing to do in most situations. They flirt with their in-laws, pick fights at funerals, try to kiss other people’s brides at weddings, refuse to be consoled when upset, accuse their nearest and dearest of ignorance, get naked way too often, heckle family members at birthday parties, and very, very frequently tell other sims that they’re boring. Sometimes it’s frustrating and sometimes it’s hilarious, but playing with such a large number of sims through this legacy has definitely gotten me more used to it!

      Yeah, I changed Richter a bit. He looked like a goblin. He’s still got some, er, ‘strong’ genetics, but he at least looks more like an actual human xx


  2. The contortions look great, and Juliana and Richter seem like a good match. They look really cute together too!
    The shots of Janessa completing the opportunities to free Mimi from the lamp are great – the close-ups of the lamp show how intricate the detailing on the metal is. You’re right about the exterior design of the catacombs – gorgeous! I love the design of the graveyard in Roaring Heights too, but this one looks really nice as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is such a pretty object, I agree! I actually bought a spare one using some more of Imani’s LTH points to have just as decor for Mimi’s bedroom. That level of detail, in the objects, clothes, and animations, is probably what I appreciate most about this EP.

      Happy Simming!


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