EP Legacy Gameplay 6.3

The household won’t need a maid any more, because Mimi has the ability to ‘make the house spotless and sparkly’ with her genie powers. She can also magically clean other sims, maxing out their hygiene and briefly granting them an additional +20 moodlet.

Juliana performed a gig at the park. I actually remembered to turn hidehidelineeffects off this time, and I also gave her a new outfit and set up the stage with special effects and acrobat props.

I noticed she’d unlocked a new balance ball trick called Ball Der-Dash. She was always moving a little fast for me to get a really got shot of it, but it’s really intricate and graceful. I can’t get over just how beautiful the acrobat animations are!

By the end of the show, I’d settled in a rhythm. Juliana would dazzle the audience, which would usually trigger thought bubbles above their heads telling her what to do next; while those were being generated, she would talk to the audience; and finally she would perform whatever trick they’d wanted to see. Then she’d start all over again with dazzling the audience. It seemed to work, and show the show went very well.

Janessa, still too young to start practicing for her chosen profession, spent some time with her sister Lorinda.

I got Mimi a job in the political career, and sent her to Reflections Gym and Spa for a new dress to wear to work.

It turned out that her stylist, George Durelli, has the good and friendly traits, just like her.

They’re both flirty too!

Juliana had a go on the dance sphere.

Janessa threw a birthday party at MN8.

I gave her the natural born performer trait.

Her dad decided to hit on Juliana, which is pretty creepy because, although they’re only very distantly related (by sim standards at least!), he did grow up with Juliana’s mum Cassandra.

Booker caught up with his brother Rodney – and managed to get a 12,425 simoleon campaign donation out of him!

Cassandra and Maryann were being adorable.

Janessa played a game with Juliana’s aunt Marie.

George showed up to the party very late, but was able to have a drink with Mimi before closing time.

The next day, Booker and Imani played some rounds at their golf club. The lot is Joolster‘s Affluence Golf Club, and it’s one of my favourites. I love how she’s buried the golf ranges in the ground, and cleverly constructed the holes and flags out of different bits and pieces.

They had both rolled multiple wishes to get married when Imani was pregnant with Latoya, and I finally found a bit of time to throw a wedding party for them.

Juliana entertained the guests.

I noticed her date Richter fiddling with the karaoke machine and assumed that he was fixing it for us. Later I found out that he has the technophobe trait, and was probably actually trying to sabotage it!

Juliana successfully auditioned for and performed a gig at MN8.

She’s already at level nine of her profession, though only level five of the acrobat hidden skill. The acrobat profession progresses much more quickly than the others because any gains in the athletic skill send the performance meter shooting up. I’m going to have to slow things down a bit with her now that I have Janessa’s gigs to manage as well.

I signed Janessa up for the magician profession and sent her to play for tips in the park. For now she can only make cards appear and turn her wand into a bunch of flowers.

Juliana took Richter on a date to Reflections for a rock climbing race. It was a little too tough for him though, and she won very easily.

Afterwards, they stopped by the park to watch Janessa performing magic.

Juliana grilled them some tofu dogs.

Towards the end of their date, Juliana wished to move in with Richter. It was a little earlier than I’d planned, but since this was what she wanted I decided to have her go ahead and ask. Richter happily agreed to join the household. His traits are social butterfly, technophobe, loves the outdoors, athletic, and friendly.

11 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 6.3

  1. I feel really dumb, but what is a dance sphere, and where is it in the game??? I don’t recall seeing it. Your story is moving along fast! It makes me want to try an acrobat again, they are really fun. Have a great weekend sweetie! =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Its full name is the PlasmaPunch Gyroscopic Conductor and I believe it can be found in the hobbies section of buy mode, with the fitness stuff. It’s expensive though – 7,500 simoleons. You have a wonderful weekend too xx


  2. Ah there is the good look at his new face I wanted to see. 😛 Nice makeover, I still see the original sim but he looks much better. I agree about the acrobat animations being very graceful. I don’t play my acrobat nearly enough. The cleaning power is one of my favorite genie powers. Its just so useful and I think unique to them compared to other occults. Nice to see Mimi getting to live her life now that shes not bound to that lamp anymore. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m glad he’s still recognizable. I’ve noticed a lot of my SS makeovers looks very similar to one another, but I’m hoping that’s just before the original sims already looked similar to one another.

      The cleaning power is really great! It’s especially useful when you’re practising mixology and have a lot of drinks to clean up. My main legacy family (the one who will eventually be living in Barnacle Bay) has a genie it, and it was really quite an adjustment playing other families after that.


      • I have been building a daycare center and used my new genie as the test sim for it since he was my most recent and he has child friendly traits. After I decided it plays well I saved it and moved in my sim that was meant to play through that career. Man is it more difficult not having the cleaning, food summoning, and clean sim powers. So much faster than actively changing diapers. Though I want it to be more realistic, I also gave my daycare sim a makeover I was really surprised when I saw her face as she was pretty generic looking but I remember just making a sim quickly to test the career. She deserves to look like more than a townie so she got all new outfits. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oooh, I love the idea of a genie running a daycare center. That clean spell must make everything so much easier – and what a great story for the kids to tell when they’re all grown up!

        I’m sure you’ll have fun playing it through with a non-occult too, though. Is this a new sim of yours? I’d love to hear how she gets on 🙂


  3. The acrobat animations really do look cool – I especially like the shot of Juliana performing and Booker and Imani’s wedding. Her outfit is amazing, I love it! I also love Imani’s wedding outfit – very cool that she’s wearing a waistcoat and trousers instead of a dress.
    The golf looks like fun too – I had no idea that was included with ST! There does seem to be a lot of nice content and extras to pad out regular gameplay included in ST.

    Liked by 1 person

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