EP Legacy Gameplay 6.4

Willard took his school friend Lela Whitfield on a date to the Port-a-Party Warehouse.

He showed off his (currently non-existent) DJing skills.

A simfest arrived in town, and I decided to have both Juliana and Janessa compete. They both did really well, and Juliana actually won, although the trophy that was meant to be coming in the mail never arrived. [Update: If she’d stayed until the end of the day, the proprietor would have presented the trophy to her in person on stage.]

After her performance Janessa met some audience members, including Stan Power, who shares daring and perfectionist streaks. Stan is a burglar but he has the good trait. He’s also easily impressed, so perhaps he was duped into a life of crime!

He was amazed when Janessa pulled a coin from behind his ear.

Story progression gave me some exciting news – Keshawn is now married! Imani went to get to know his new wife, Karen Kerman-Marks, and definitely not share any stories about anyone hitting on brides on their wedding days or picking fights at their sisters’ parties.

Juliana performed a gig at the Port-a-Party Warehouse, in which she tried out her new performance object, The Giant Ring of Fire.

During her show, she got spotted by a paparazzi.

She’d unlocked a new balance ball interaction too, but she wasn’t very confident with it yet.

Unfortunately this gig also marked the beginning of weird knot of bugs I’ve been experiencing with Juliana. Just as she was finishing the show, she reset herself, resulting not only in her losing out in pay and performance for that gig, but in it getting stuck in her schedule. Now whenever I try to have her perform another gig, she goes to that one instead, resetting just before the end each time.

I might have to try having her quit and then rejoin the profession, using Master Controller to return her to the level she was at before. But I’ll need to wait a few days before attempting that, because right now she and Richter have something else on their minds.

Juliana’s pregnancy meant it was definitely time for Richter to meet her family.

They spent the rest of the evening at Maryann and Cassandra’s house. Juliana read a bedtime story to her little sister Monika before they left.

Janessa played a gig in the park.

Her dad helped her out with her new trick, the ‘Swords of Destiny’. She looked pretty worried when the last sword seemed to get stuck, but she managed to push it in and Jaylen still emerged from the box unharmed.

The performance went so well that it was classified as ‘legendary’, and Janessa secured a recurring gig at the park off the back of her success. To celebrate, she and Mimi took Stan and George on a double date to Rodeo-Go-Go.

Janessa rode the mechanical bull.

She managed to stay on for a long time, only getting thrown off when she developed the ‘fatigued’ moodlet.

But elsewhere, tragedy struck. Booker, who had lived only the minimum 105 days to which I have my lifespan set, died of old age.

Imani had to break the news to her late husband’s brother and nieces.

They laid him to rest in the town cemetery.

Afterwards, they all headed back to the house to share stories about his life over a meal.

4 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 6.4

  1. These pictures are great. The one with Juliana on her performer’s ball is just epic looking. 🙂 Sad to see Booker go but it happens. 😦 Lela’s makeover is really cute, that hair really suits her. 🙂 Looks like they all had a fun time out together. I keep meaning to play a magician that is the one career I haven’t really tried from showtime. You have inspired me though, Samir is now an acrobat as its just so much fun to watch. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 I really like the soft curls that hair has, and I think that Lela’s one of the prettiest premades (once you shrink her huge eyes a bit).

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying the acrobat career. It’s probably my favourite of the three, although the others have things I really like too. I’d love to see how you get on with the magician career if you decide to give that a go too. I bet you could create some really cool costumes! xx


  2. If you compile a group of “silly faces” pictures for the second half of your legacy, you’ll need to include Stan’s cute “O-M-G!!!” look when Janessa pulled the coin from behind his ear (adorable!), and Juliana’s face when she’s performing on the balance ball – pure terror! Your pictures are always really well composed, shot from great angles, and just generally technically great, and it’s even better when you capture the moments of comedy like that, it really makes me smile 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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