EP Legacy Gameplay 6.5

Juliana gave birth to a baby girl, Gabriela Borges-Steele. I left her traits blank for now.

Latoya had a birthday party.

She rolled mean-spirited. Oh dear!

The children at the party loved Janessa’s magic tricks.

George stayed the night.

The gig that had become stuck in Juliana’s schedule had vanished at some point during her pregnancy, and she was able to perform at one of the big show venues for the first time. I like the venue, but I’d like it to have walls around it or something because, once you’ve opened up the rabbit hole to perform, it basically looks like you’re out in the open air, even though you’re meant to be in an enclosed stadium.

Fortunately she didn’t reset at the end, but the show did go on long past its advertised end time, and I eventually had to choose the ‘finish the show’ option to bring things to a close. Still, the long run time made it all the easier for Juliana to score highly, and she left the venue with a ‘legendary performance’ moodlet and a promotion to level 10 of the acrobat profession. She took everyone out to the bistro to celebrate her success.

Willard and Gabriela had a joint birthday party.

Juliana’s uncle Aristide thought this was an appropriate gift to bring.

Instead of birthday cake (or wedding cake!), the family and their guests dined on freshly conjured baked angel cake before hitting the dance floor.

Janessa asked Stan to moved in.

The next day, another simfest was held in the park. Janessa competed and won!

She put her trophy on display in her bedroom.

Willard hadn’t progressed far enough in the singer profession to participate in the simfest, but he was able to perform several sing-a-grams around town.

His last customer, Lindy Avilla, took quite a liking to him.

As soon as she started to flirt with him, I got this pop-up!

Obviously it’s a bit silly that Lindy wanted Willard to help her flirt with him, but I actually really like that the sing-a-grams are tied in to what’s genuinely going on in town like this. I noticed that a couple of the ‘congratulations on your new fitness regime’ ones were for sims who had just finished working out in the gym as well. It’s a really nice change from Ambition’s silly stories about stolen wallets and Generation’s pudding-faced daycare babies.

Willard took Lindy out to Los Sueños Private Club. They’re both divas and had a great time singing karaoke together.

Juliana performed a show at the other big venue in town. I think that this one’s much prettier!

Imani, Willard, Richter, Janessa, Stan, and Mimi all came out to support her. Since Gabriela won’t be able to attend her mum’s shows until she’s a teenager, I had Imani record a little part of it for her to watch at home.

Janessa was taking a little time out from performing, because she and Stan were preparing for the arrival of their first child.

With her newly found spare time, she took up gambling at Jessaneans‘ Stardust Casino, where her lucky trait came in very handy.

When she and Stan both wished to get married, I had them throw the party right there in the casino.

Janessa’s sister Lorinda and dad Jaylen were very happy for her.

Since Jaylen’s a doctor, he was able to tell her whether to expect a boy are a girl, although I think Janessa just wanted to go to sleep.

I’m apparently not that great at planning when to throw weddings, because Janessa went into labour before her reception had even ended.

A few hours later, a very sleepy new mother emerged from the hospital with her daughter in her arms. Her name is Seraphina Holcomb-Power, and I’ve given her the athletic and grumpy traits.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 6.5

  1. Am enjoying reading this, Any plans for Stan career wise now that hes moved in? Loving the wedding photos they really look in love. 🙂 Wow I have never performed in that big venue before that is really pretty. Willard is looking a lot like Keshawn now that hes older. Looking forward to the next part as always. 🙂 Oh by the way you got me into a showtime mood, have been using your showtime cafe in my hidden springs edit. am loving it a lot. 😀 Thinking of adding it to the meadow glen in my save file with a singer in it as it would look really awesome there. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I forgot to say! Yes, I’ve put him in the culinary career track because he has the natural cook trait, but I haven’t been worrying too much about trying to get him promotions. The three active professions require a fair bit of micro-management, so I’ve mostly been leaving everyone else to their own devices.

      Yes, I keep trying to call Willard Keshawn 🙂 They have quite different features (Keshawn looks more like his dad Caden, while Jaylen, Imani, and Willard both look more like Caden’s wife Latanya) but the hair colour and skin tone are so similar that I get confused!

      I’m delighted my little cafe is getting some play. It always makes me so happy to hear that my builds are being enjoyed so thank you for letting me know xx


  2. I love seeing your sims’ progression through the generations, as well as obviously the EP-related content that you’re showing off. I had a look back at Chapter 0.2 of the legacy, because Janessa’s face reminded me so much of Elisa when she left the hospital with Maria! There’s definitely something similar about them, perhaps just the set of their mouths? They do look otherwise quite different, but I like how there can be small likenesses, even through so many generations.

    Liked by 1 person

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