EP Legacy Gameplay 6.6

Gabriela had a birthday party at the Tot Spot Playground.

I gave her the mean-spirited, cat person, and supernatural fan traits.

Shadow, Kia, and Boo were all getting quite old, and I wanted Gabriela to have a pet all of her own, so I decided to let Kia have kittens. Searching through the exchange, I found this adorable cat, whom I turned into a male, renamed Jax, and moved in with Willard’s cousins. Jax’s markings look so beautiful, especially next to the splotchy coat the in-game genetics system gave Kia! I’ll always be in awe of what people like his creator Cassie11PP can do with Create-a-Pet.

While I was watching Juliana perform for tips at the coffee house I noticed one of my vampires, Jeromy Alto-Sekemoto, pass out from the sun. As soon as he hit the ground Willard got a sing-a-gram request, which said that Jeromy needed cheering up after passing out. Like I said a few parts ago, I love how these are connected to what’s actually going on around town.

Imani and her daughter had a joint birthday party. Latoya rolled loves the outdoors.

Willard had his first gig.

The song requests can be quite hard to decipher, so I sent Janessa along to make some; that way I would know what they were.

The show went very well, and Willard took Lindy out to the karaoke bar to celebrate.

Things got pretty steamy between them in the photo booth, but Willard destroyed the evidence.

Having a household member in the audience to make requests at Willard’s gig had worked so well that I decided to do the same for Janessa’s and Juliana’s. Although the pictures for the magicians and acrobats have a more obvious connection to the tricks they represent, some tricks actually seem to share the same pictures, making it pretty easy to perform the wrong one if you’re not controlling the requests yourself. Here is Stan asking to see Janessa’s new trick – the vanishing sim.

Tia gave birth to her kittens. I just accepted the randomly generated names, Hazel and Nugget. That’s Hazel on the left; she was born with the neat and genius traits, while her brother was born with neat and playful.

Gabriela took Hazel into her care. I’ve been having her praise her new charge every time she hisses at someone. I feel pretty terrible doing this, but I’d quite like Hazel to have the aggressive trait when she acts as Gabriela’s familiar in the next generation.

Willard took Lindy to watch his cousin perform at Los Sueños Private Club.

Imani invited her brothers round for lunch.

Willard, Janessa, and Juliana all took part in a simfest at the park. Janessa was declared the winner!

I sent Willard to play for tips at Rodeo-Go-Go, but he was interrupted when Cassandra started to pass away.

It turned out she had a death flower in her inventory, which she handed over to the Reaper in exchange for another shot at her final days.

That evening, Juliana took Richter and Gabriela to her parents’ house to spend some time with them while they’re still around.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 6.6

  1. Another fun read with great pictures.I love that Willard is dating a plus sized sim. Love variety in game. 🙂 So glad Cassandra had a deathflower. Wow I never noticed npcs gave requests for performances I feel like an idiot. >_>

    I just got super excited when I realized what the next expansion will be. Oooh lots of fun to be had there. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lindy has a really cute little face. I’ll definitely include her and her sister whenever I do a Starlight Shores sim dump. I’m keeping things very casual between her and Willard though, as the only thing they have in common is the diva trait, which probably isn’t a great basis for a relationship.

      Don’t feel like an idiot! I only know because I read a guide in preparation for this generation.

      Yes!! Supernatural 🙂 This is actually the EP to which I’ve been looking forward the most, because there are so many things I don’t usually want unleashed in my normal games that I’m keen to try out. I’m determined to try all the elixirs, spells, and tricks – even (and especially) the nasty ones!


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