The Kaimana-Annan Household

Elementary school princial Kina enjoys cooking, photography, DIY, and throwing parties. She was raised in Isla Paradiso by her brother Kamani; but, when she graduated from high school, he and his wife moved to Dragon Valley. Kina herself headed off to university, earning first-class degrees in Business and Communications, before accepting a job opportunity at the school in Barnacle Bay. Kina loves her work, but wants children even more, and would be happy to take a little bit of time off to have one or two, while her career-minded girlfriend Fern continues to support the family.

Fern shares Kina’s social confidence and playful sense of humour. They are both very proud of the home they’ve made together, and like to keep it sparklingly clean and full of life. She knows that things will become a lot more messy once Kina gets pregnant, but, as the oldest of four siblings, Fern’s definitely used to that. For now, she’s enjoying the relative peace and quiet to focus on the sports team she manages, keep fit, and stay in touch with friends. Fern is based on Fern Annan from Barnacle Bay.

Kina and Fern at live at 47 Rock Pool Park, in a newly built home they’ve rather whimsically christened ‘Sea’s the Day’. (Thanks to willky12 for this fun name!)

The house features open plan kitchen, dining, and living spaces, two spacious double bedrooms, a twin bedroom, two bathrooms (one en suite, one shared), parking for two cars, a pumpkin patch, and a tiny exercise room. It costs 145,324 simoleons, not including the pictured car – you’ll find that in Fern’s inventory, and a blue convertible in Kina’s.

The back garden provides ingredients for Kina’s favourite meal, pumpkin pie.

This is where Fern works out. It’s only accessible via the garage, so remember to open the door when you want her to be able to get in.

Overview of first floor.

Kina and Fern love spending time together in the kitchen, drinking nectar and trying out new recipes.

Their eclectically decorated living room is full of objects that hold special meaning for them – sea shells from Kina’s childhood home, a collage her school kids made for her, one of Fern’s sports trophies, and an antique grandfather clock that’s been in the Annan family for generations.

Overview of second floor.

The upstairs landing.

Kina and Fern’s bedroom.

A twin bedroom is decorated and ready for future children.

Guest bedroom.

Guest bathroom.



6 thoughts on “The Kaimana-Annan Household

  1. They look like a fun couple and Fern is such a pretty sim, I really love her eyes. 🙂

    I really love the roofing and the front yard of the house. Your skill with roofing always blows my mind. The kitchen and bathroom are my favorite rooms in the house. I have got so many kitchen ideas from you that have really helped me grow as a builder. 🙂 Your use of clutter is always awesome and really makes your homes feel lived in. Rec’d both creations. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much 🙂 I do enjoy roofing. This one was a bit of a pain: I had to restart three times to get the proportions right.

      That is so nice of you to say. I love your creations, and it feels really wonderful to have been any part of the idea-generating process!

      Hugs xx


  2. Wow, simply stunning! I love Fern’s hairstyle, it really frames her face and brings out her beautiful eyes. The house is gorgeous too – this is probably a weird thing to have fixated on, but I absolutely love the wall coverings you have used inside, particularly the white wood paneling and pale brickwork in the bedrooms. All of the wall coverings are varying shades of cream, white and pale wood, but there’s such a subtle variety there. I often pick up Ideal Homes magazine to give myself some inspiration for decorating Sims builds, but they could seriously pick up some tips from you!

    Liked by 1 person

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