EP Legacy Gameplay 7.1

Wow, it’s been ages, but we are finally back with the EP family! This time we’re in Moonlight Falls, exploring the content from the seventh expansion pack with my sims Gabriela and Artur Borges-Steele and their distant (fourth, I think) cousin Seraphina Holcomb-Power.

Supernatural is beautifully made pack, full of lots exciting content,  although, as with Pets, I personally could take or leave most of its features in my regular game play. This is actually the generation to which I’ve been looking forward the most, precisely because I’m usually a little shy about filling my towns with occult creatures and breaking out the more serious elixirs and spells.

In fact, I’ve made the eldest of my heirs, Gabriela mean-spirited so that she’ll enjoy unleashing angry bees and pestilence on sims around town. I’m going to try to get her to discover and use every single one of the elixirs, and eventually turn her into a witch. She’ll be working in the mystic branch of the fortune teller career. Gabriela’s traits are supernatural fan, mean-spirited, proper, born saleswoman, and cat person.

Gabriela’s cat Hazel is aggressive, non-destructive, a genius, neat, adventurous, and a hunter. Her mistress is her best friend, and she won’t let anyone else touch her. I know her markings are a bit weird; she was born in game.

Unlike Gabriela, Seraphina detests all things supernatural. She just wants to get a steady job in the athletic career and live a normal life, but Gabriela and I have other plans for her. Seraphina’s traits are supernatural skeptic, gatherer, athletic, and grumpy, and I’ll eventually give her night owl too.

Artur is meant to be a peace-keeper between his sister and cousin, although he’s more interested in playing pranks, tending his garden, and contemplating the deep mysteries of life. He has a part time job in the science career and is a member the etymology after school club, but will join the scam artist branch of the fortune teller career when he’s older. Artur’s traits are rebellious, brooding, genius, green thumb. I’m giving him charismatic when he ages up.

Gabriela, Hazel, Seraphina, and Athur live with Seraphina’s little sister Caitlin and parents Janessa and Stan. Janessa is a magician and Stan is a an executive chef.

As soon as I’d settled everyone in, I sent Gabriela to the alchemy store. She’s going to check here every day until she finds what she needs to turn Artur into a fairy, Seraphina into a werewolf, and herself into a witch. She didn’t have any luck today though.

Back at home, she pulled the special book that would open up the passageway into her secret underground lab.

I’d placed a mood lamp down there, hoping it would give her a little boost while she researched alchemy.

It was a too far away from the alchemy station. Still, I’m glad I got to see the yellow skin tone, which suits her I think.

Gabriela got to work discovering elixirs.

Artur started up a little garden.

Each day, I’m going to have one of my sims eat a jelly bean to see what effect it has. I know there’s a small chance of it killing them, but all of my heirs have death flowers. Stan was first up, and he got a really hot one! I won’t show the tasting every day, as a lot of the time it will just be little moodlets, but for dramatic stuff like this I’ll definitely take a picture.

Gabriela made a vial of bliss and ad nauseum elixir.

She also learned the recipe for the flask of sleep, but wasn’t able to make it successfully.

Poor Caitlin got turned into the tragic clown during a trip in LLAMA. Apparently there’s a small chance of this happening. She got a -40 moodlet for twenty-four hours, and also gave anyone who came near her a -20 one during that time.

The next morning, Janessa took turn with the jelly bean bush.

Gabriela had better luck downstairs, as she managed to create her flask of sleep.

At the alchemy store, she was able to find a bottled blessing of the fae for Artur. She also picked up a skill booster elixir for herself.

She also learned to make some essence of magic, which will be really useful once she and Artur get their powers. I realized that each elixir is the same colour in the cauldron and in its bottle; that’s a nice detail.

Armed with yesterday’s elixirs, she headed out to The Toadstool to get to know some interesting occult sims…

…and pick on everyone else.

Gabriela met vampire Dante Morganthe, who is mean-spirited like her. The pink mood light made them both flirty.

But he didn’t like it when she tried to kiss him, so she went home.

She met her brother already returned from school, and threw the bottled blessing of the fae at him. Arthur seemed pretty happy about his new wings.

The following day, Seraphina became the next victim of the LLAMA’s curse of the tragic clown.

Her discomfort overrode her usual objections to supernatural fixes, and she went to the alchemy store to buy a cure elixir. I had plans for her to meet up with school friend Sammy Dhupam at the pool later that evening, so I was really glad to find they had one in stock.

The outing went well, and Seraphina discovered Sammy shares her gatherer and athletic traits.

She returned home in a great mood, thinking her encounters with magic were over, and unaware that she hadn’t been the only one to buy something at the alchemy store that day.

Gabriela wasn’t quite prepared for the monster she’d unleashed.

9 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 7.1

  1. I’ve really been looking forward to Supernatural part of your Legacy, because it’s the EP that I bought most recently and I’ve only really dabbled with a few things.
    Gabriela looks stunning, I love her outfit and accessories! I think it’s kind of fun for her to be Mean Spirited, maybe not for the other residents of Moonlight Falls, but to see what she’ll get up to and havoc she’ll cause! I love the crazy evil face she pulled when she was out pranking other sims!
    I hadn’t noticed that the elixirs are the same colour in the cauldron as they are bottled – that is a nice touch! I really like the alchemy station, and it’ll be so useful to have a werewolf in the house to hunt down ingredients. And Artur’s garden will also be really useful – I love how green-fingered fairies are in this EP, it’s probably my favourite thing so far about the EP, given that gardening is one of my favourite things about the Sims in general.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thank you. She was a bit of a challenge to style because she has her dad’s long face and sharp nose, but I like how she turned out. And it is very fun playing this particular EP with a not-so-angelic sim!

      I love gardening too and am really enjoying playing with Artur! I hope you have a great time exploring this EP. Do feel free to share any tips you pick up, and let me know if there’s something big I’m missing showing off! Happy Simming 🙂


  2. It will be interesting seeing how Gabriela handles being a werewolf when she doesn’t care for supernaturals. I like that Gabriela has a sharp nose, she kind of resembles the classic stereotypical witch with a feature but not to the extreme. Looks like they are going to be a really fun family, looking forward to reading the next parts. 🙂 (Finally was able to sit down and read some of these.)

    Liked by 1 person

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