EP Legacy Gameplay 7.2

I bought a bee hive, and put Stan in charge of it. Because he’s a daredevil, he always collects they honey in his swimwear!

Artur’s garden was coming along nicely. I have him project the aura of soothing while he’s working on it, to put him in a better mood and level up his fairy magic skill.

Hazel spends a lot of her time fishing now. I’m hoping she’ll catch the fish required for a couple of higher level elixirs.

Gabriela simultaneously rolled wishes to kiss Dante and be mean to Dante.

Apparently throwing a flask of bees doesn’t count as a mean interaction. Still, he certainly didn’t like it.

Back at home, Seraphina’s turn with the jelly bean bush almost ended in tragedy.

Fortunately she had a death flower ready to trade for her life.

The Reaper stayed for lunch.

From things (nearly) dying to things new-born, a few minutes later I got a story progression notification two births, to Willard and Valentina and to Mimi and George. I sent Janessa out to meet the little ones, Tarik Hensley-Marks and Sarah Cummings-Durelli, and congratulate their parents.

She also said hello to Sarah’s big sister, Shanon.

Caitlin hung out with Gabriela and Artur’s little brother Bruno.

Gabriela became the tragic clown via LLAMA. I’m kind of annoyed with how often this is happening now so I just used the moodlet manager to fix her.

Back in her own clothes, Gabriela settled down to read some alchemy recipes.

Artur, meanwhile , visited Varg’s Tavern with Faith MacDuff. He cast the flight of felicity on her.

They were joined for a game of table football by their friend Tristan Van Gould.

Artur played some fairy tricks.

But, unfortunately for him, his attempt to perform the hothead trick backfired!

Caitlin had a birthday party.

It was really nice to see the sims from Starlight Shores together again.

Towards the end of the party, as everyone was starting to leave, Gabriela got bored and threw a large and in charge elixir at Valentina. Their relationship took a small hit, but overall Valentina seemed pleased with her new figure.

Stan wished to send Caitlin to the school of peace and love. I don’t often use the boarding schools, but Supernatural is just so full of different things to explore that I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to have fewer sims to control.

8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 7.2

  1. I was checking to see the other comments you received on the opening of your Gameplay 7.2 and neither vilolincat nor mine was still there. Did you get them? Maybe I need to press Follow for this one but that will be a first. Anyway I do love how this story line is coming along. I haven’t played Supernatural (although I have it) so was fascinated at some of the elixirs that are available and what they can do. Looking forward to the next one which I see is in my inbox….thanks for sharing!


    • Oh no, I didn’t get them!! I’m so sorry you went to the trouble of writing a comment only for it to vanish. I checked my spam and trash just in case and they’re not there either. I’m doing some googling to see if this has happened to anyone else. I’ll wait and see whether this one I’m replying to stays put, as it’s hard to test for possible causes if the problem isn’t repeatable.


  2. Ha, I love that Daredevil sims harvest honey in their simwear, that’s awesome!
    I really like the colour of the jellybean ghosts – glad that Seraphina had her death flower handy, werewolves are the Supernatural that I’ve not actually played – some of my sims are friends with or dating werewolves, but I don’t have any playable werewolf sims, so I’m really interested to see what she’ll get up to!
    Mimi’s daughter Sarah has a really gorgeous skin tone – it’s definitely more of a greenish blue than Mimi, and that little tuft of purple hair is adorable!
    I really love the hothead animation – a few of my sims have got it after eating a particularly hot chili – it makes me laugh!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too! I’d seen a sim in my Forester challenge tending the bees in his trunks before too but I didn’t understand the reason until Stan did it.

      I hadn’t really played werewolves before this either. I was put off by the fact that any changes you make to the werewolf’s wolf appearance don’t stick. But playing this household I’ve realized that the default actually looks fine, and that they are a very fun lifestate to play! xx


  3. Lol at Stan harvesting honey in his swimwear, I have never noticed that before but its really funny. Guess its another one of those Easter eggs many of us are still discovering. 🙂 Looks like Gabriela and Dante (seeing that name really makes me want to play my merman with the same name) are going to have a very interesting relationship. Lol at Arthur’s face when the hot head spell backfired, you take the best screenshots. 🙂 Glad that Seraphina had a death flower, I am also really afraid of that bush in game. Is Mimi’s child a Genie as well or is her skin just blue like her mothers? Will be interesting to see them all grow up together. 🙂 I think we share the same opinions of the boarding schools but I can see why you want to use them in this play through.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is fun detail! This pack seems to be packed full of things like that. I can see why it’s so many people’s favourite.

      Mimi’s older daughter is definitely a genie, and I believe that her younger one (the one you’re asking about) may be too, but I’ll be able to check for certain when I get back home in a few days.

      Thanks so much for your kind words about my pictures xx


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