EP Legacy Gameplay 7.3

The first full moon arrived, and Seraphina’s werewolf transformation was forced. She ate her dinner like this.

She wouldn’t be able to get much sleep like this, but she was already exhausted from her day at school. Gabriela threw a potent invigorating elixir at her on the condition that Seraphina hunt down some gems and bugs for her.

Seraphina headed off on her hunt, while Gabriela stayed home with Hazel.

A zombie fairy attacked, but Seraphina’s loud scream scared her away.

When morning came, she was able to transform back.

She decided to spend the day with Sammy at the waterfall.

She jogged home, but got hungry half way there. But now she’s a werewolf she can eat raw meat, even in her human form.

Gabriela had received a promotion at work and needed to get to know her clientele, so she made some potent friendship elixirs. It’s a good thing she had the ingredients, because she certainly wouldn’t be winning anyone over on the strength of her personality.

The next morning, Hazel attacked Artur in his garden.

His dignity was a little shredded, but he was okay, and he went on to try out his new fairy ‘bloom’ interaction on his plants. There is a chance of this decreasing their quality, so I’m only having him use it on alchemy ingredients, not food.

While trying to make a vial of potent enlightenment, Gabriela accidentally turned herself into a toad!

She doesn’t know how to make cure elixirs, and the alchemy store didn’t have any in stock, so she was forced to spend the night in her amphibian form. She did at least manage to make enlightenment elixir successfully on her second attempt.

The next morning, the jelly bean bush turned Seraphina yellow. This actually gives a positive moodlet, but of course she looked like she hated any minute of it.

Gabriela went to Dante’s house, hoping for a magical kiss to break the curse. Dante wasn’t keen on this plan.

But he did screw up his face and kiss Gabriela on the cheek.

But it didn’t work and Dante got very angry.

Then he had the cheek to drink some of her toad blood all on his own! Unacceptable.

I thought maybe their relationship wasn’t high enough, so I raised it and tried making him find her extremely irresistible. It still didn’t work, but at this point I was laughing too hard at the hilarious animations and Gabriela’s silly toad face to be annoyed.

Will this help?

Oh my god, it did! Okay, I’m kidding…I think. He kissed her on the cheek again, with the same grossed out expression, but this time Gabriela’s human face was restored. I think it’s just random whether it works or not.

To say thank you, she offered to tell his fortune, but he wasn’t into it.

The he started to yell at her, while his ghostly housemate floated into the bedroom to watch.

Gabriela got the hell out of there and went home to admire herself in her enchanted mirror.

She’d lost a lot of time trying to find a cure for her toadification, so I had her down a potent invigorating elixir and work through the night. These things are amazing – they totally replenish the energy motive and then stop it from dropping at all for twenty-four hours.

The next day was Seraphina’s birthday. I gave her the ‘leader of the pack’ lifetime wish. This obviously isn’t something she’d choose herself, being a supernatural skeptic, but I’m imagining that Gabriela had promised to lift the werewolf curse once Seraphina’s fetched her 40,000 simoleons worth of alchemy ingredients.

Willard entertained the birthday party guests with his guitar.

He and Valentina brought their cat with them.

Artur asked Faith to go to prom with him.

Then they both sat down to ‘consider the hollowness of life’.

Only collectables found whilst hunting in a pack count towards Seraphina’s lifetime wish, but all her werewolves friends were busy the next day, so I just had her hunt solo to level up her lycanthropy skill.

Tragically, we lost Stan to the jelly bean bush.

Comfort food.

7 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 7.3

  1. I think I’m going to have to add a werewolf to one of my households – the animations look great! I love how Seraphina eats human food when transformed – all crouched up in her chair, munching straight off the plate! And the expression on her face when she’s digging for collectables is really crazy! Aww and when she’s comfort-eating after poor Stan ate a dodgy jellybean – I think werewolves look like a lot of fun!
    And I’m going to have to get my witch sim to turn someone into a toad – Gabriela looked hilarious in her toad form! Dante’s face when he’s giving her a kiss – I laughed out loud!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would definitely recommend it! Werewolves are proving to be lots of fun for me 🙂

      Oh lol the toad face! It was laughing so hard and took many pictures, but I had just to choose the best ones and resist my desire to make the whole post just like 30 toad face pictures.


  2. Sad to see Stan go but that is the downside to the Jelly Bean bush. I was loling at Gabriela’s frog transformation and how much work she had to put into curing it. Also didn’t know that toadafied sims could be kissed to turn back that is really neat, am learning lots of fun things from your game play. 🙂 Seraphina’s kiss in front of the waterfall is a really cute picture, as aways you take amazing screenshots. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was very sad, but I promised myself before I started on this EP I’d explore as many little corners of it as I could. I’m really having a lot of fun doing things to which I wouldn’t usually be drawn.

      Gabriela’s predicament was really funny. I hope I didn’t post too many pictures of her toad face; it was just making me laugh so much!


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