EP Legacy Gameplay 7.4

Gabriela had earned a promotion at work and needed to perform some private readings. Some sims were more or less willing…

…others were not at all.

But Gabriela had ways of dealing with them.

I’ve been having her drink liquid job boosters, although I’m not convinced they actually do anything.

Seraphina went over to visit her co-worker Erica Wolff with plans of going on a hunt together. Erica looked quite anxious when Seraphina started sniffing at her, but she soon got into the spirit of things and they quickly became good friends.

I was struggling for a while to work out how to go on a group hunt until I realized that Erica first had to change into her wolf form. I selected the ‘practice fight’ interaction to force the transformation, and after that was able to send them off to find collectables together.

After a long day’s hunt, Seraphina was already a quarter of the way to completing her lifetime wish. She treated Erica to a meal at the bistro to celebrate.

Artur, meanwhile, arranged to meet his girlfriend Faith at The Red Velvet Lounge. While he was waiting for her to arrive, he played some tricks on other sims.

Faith and Artur had a nice time together.

The next day, Gabriela found a bottled witches’ brew at the alchemy store. She’d been waiting a long time for this to show up, and happily drank it down.

Now that she’s a witch, she’ll get an extra moodlet from being around Hazel.

Fortunately Gabriela hasn’t learned how to do too much damage yet. She has mostly been conjuring apples and performing lots of conversion rituals, as she attempts to create rare alchemy ingredients.

She has also learned a good luck charm, although of course she’s only really interested in casting that on herself.

Whenever her magic meter starts to get low, she mixes up an elixir to replenish it.

While Gabriela was practicing  her magic, story progression let me know that Mimi and George’s daughter Shanon had become a teenager. I sent Artur over to tell her a bit about the high school she’d be attending.

They got on very well, thanks to a shared genius trait, and Artur ended up staying to help give Shanon a head start with her homework while Mimi read her younger daughter Sarah a bedtime story.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 7.4

  1. I keep meaning to get my witch sim a pet cat – I’ve read about the witches’ familiars feature, but haven’t played it yet. I really love it when they tie in things across different EPs.
    Mimi’s daughters are both so beautiful – Shanon looks so like Mimi, although not blue! Sarah’s colouring is gorgeous – love the purple hair and eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love that too, and this pack is really good for it, with familiars, mummy/simbot elixirs, and of course the weather stone (which I’ll take a look at in the next generation).

      I can see a lot of Mimi in her too! I love that rainbow skin slider; I think it gives really interesting genetics.


  2. Hehe the town is sure in for some chaos now that Gabriela has transformed into a witch. I really love Sarah’s hair color it really suits her skin tone. 🙂 I loled at the variety of reactions Gabriela got to her wanting to read fortunes. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, watch out Moonlight Falls! I love all the fortune telling animations! I’ve been nothing but impressed by this pack’s lovely little details and great sense of humour.

      Thanks! Glad you like the hair. I try not to mess with my born-in-game sims’ genetics too much, but she got the nasty brown default colour, and I just couldn’t bear to look at it.


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