EP Legacy Gameplay 7.5

Gabriela has been using her new magical abilities to upgrade plumbing and appliances around the house.

When she’s not hunting with Erica, Seraphina prefers to stay in her human form, although sometimes she is forced to transform if she gets stressed out at work.

She did make an exception when she decided it was time to tell her boyfriend Sammy about her situation by inviting him over to show him her werewolf form. The visit got off to a bed start when Hazel launched herself at poor Sammy’s ankle, claws out.

Then he was terrified by Seraphina’s transformation.

And he really didn’t like it when she tried to sniff him.

Seraphina re-assumed her human form to put Sammy at ease. But when she suggested they spend some time apart he became very angry.

Sammy left just as guests were arriving to celebrate Artur’s birthday. I changed his look a bit, since I can’t think what other opportunity I’ll have to use this fairy outfit.

Since we last saw her, Artur and Gabriela’s Mum Juliana had aged up too. Artur gave her some honey.

Gabriela cast a good luck charm on her. I think Juliana’s just about the only sim Gabriela would do that for; they’re quite close and have somehow managed to maintain a positive relationship without any help from elixirs.

Artur made sure his guests had an especially good time by bestowing the flight of felicity upon each of them.

When they had all gone home, he continued his evening with a little after-party  in his fairy house.

Faith had aged up too, but when Artur discovered that she’d developed the mean-spirited trait he knew it was time to end things between them.

The breakup lost Artur his ex-girlfriend’s friendship as well. He became very sad and needed to brood for hours to raise his social motive up again.

But it wasn’t long before Artur met someone else, a fairy called Donella Cuffs, who works at the gypsy wagon with Gabriela and him.

Because they are both fairies, they can frolic together in their miniature form.

Artur enjoyed showing off his wings. I love that there are special interactions two supernaturals of the same kind can do together, and the animation for this one is especially cute.

I had been hoping ever since Stan’s death for someone in the household to get the opportunity to resurrect a ghost, but it hadn’t showed up. I decided to cheat and use Master Controller to trigger it for Janessa, so that she could bring her husband back. She and Seraphina were both delighted to have him home.

I was happy too, because Stan’s an excellent cook and I was really enjoying having him prepare all the nice new recipes that came with this expansion pack.

Artur took Donella out for dinner and a movie.

They had a lovely date, and at the end of the evening Donella thanked him with a bunch of flowers.

After receiving another promotion, Gabriela had more private readings to give. This animation is really great; it always makes me chuckle.

And now, as a witch, she has even more ways of punishing any sims who refused her services.

12 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 7.5

  1. I really loves fairies, I think they’re my favourite Supernatural. I love the fairy interactions too – you’ve captured such a great photo of Artur and Donella showing off their wings, such a cute animation!
    I’m glad you brought Stan back – I really love the jelly bean ghosts. And the recipes that came with this EP are great, how they tie in really well with the new chili and mushroom harvestables.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for all your comments today 🙂 I posted a lot of parts quite close together!

      Thank you; that is a lovely animation. I like the jelly bean ghost too. I has such pretty colours, and I just noticed it has little jelly bean shapes floating in it.

      Cooking is a big hobby of mine in real life, and I love my sims to really get into it too, so new recipes are always welcome. I wish more of the EPs had them.

      Happy Simming!


  2. Am so loving these Supernatural chapters! Many interesting things that you are discovering and by sharing them with us we can perhaps integrate them into our own story lines. Artur is sure looking “buff” perhaps he and Donella can get married and have little fairy children! Witches and werewolves, fairies and magicians, jelly bean ghosts and Hazel! No wonder this is such a great story line…did I leave any kind of supernatural out? thanks again for your great talents!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad! Lol, yeah those arms are crazy. I didn’t even notice until I put him in the fairy outfit. His dad had the muscle slider maxed out so I guess that’s where they came from.

      That’s everyone accounted for I think! It’s certainly an interesting bunch of sims to play. I have Nraas Hybrid installed, so Gabriela, Seraphina, and Artur’s children will have some witch, werewolf, and fairy powers respectively no matter what life state the other parent is.

      Happy Simming! 🙂


  3. Loving this chapter, sad to see Artur’s relationship end but it looks like hes in store for a nice new relationship. Love his new outfit. Gabriela is looking pretty pleased with herself in that last screenshot, great picture! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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