EP Legacy Gameplay 7.6

Stan has been helping Artur with the garden.

He’s also got back to looking after his bees.

He uses the honey to sweeten up deserts.

Artur asked Donella to move in.

He took her to meet his parents, Richter and Juliana.


Artur and Donella now live together in a fairy house, which is also one of this expansion pack’s new woohoo locations.

I used some lifetime happiness points to buy Gabriela the flying vacuum. I’m guessing this object is a reference to Hocus Pocus, which makes me happy: I must have seen that movie almost a hundred times as a kid.

Gabriela turned Mimi’s husband George into a witch, to have another sim to challenge to magical duels.

Story progression let me know that Sammy had found another girlfriend. I hadn’t intended to get Seraphina together with anyone else until she’d managed to lift her curse, but my plans went out the window when she met Oakley Bean at the gym one morning. Oakley was very unhappy when Seraphina opened the conversation by expressing her disbelief in fairies, but once they discovered they shared the athletic and gatherer traits I couldn’t pull them apart.

Back at the legacy home, Artur chuckled to himself as he fairy trapped the mailbox.

When Janessa went to pick up the mail later that day, she felt herself being attacked by invisible angry bees!

Always ready to outdo her brother in bad behavior, Gabriela cast a fire blast spell on Seraphina. Perhaps she was trying to goad her into transforming into her wolf form, so that she would go hunting for more alchemy ingredients.

Stan rushed over from the kitchen to save his daughter

But Seraphina was so angry that she couldn’t hold off the feral change.

Seraphina had been just about to go out on a date with Oakley, and, since the feral change moodlet lasts for a few hours, had to go and meet her in her wolf form. But they ended up having a really wonderful time.

I think this could be love!

Oakley took Seraphina into the Arboretum to learn all about fairies.

By the time the tour was over, Seraphina was ready to transform back into her human form. She and Oakley shared a kiss.

Seraphina immediately rolled a wish to woohoo with her new romantic interest. You can actually do that in the Arboretum but I had just finished having them tour it, so I sent them back to the house instead.

Oakley stayed for dinner with the family.

Gabriela had some more private readings to give for work, so the following morning I sent her over to her parents’ house. For some reason the almost all of Juliana’s side of the family had gathered there.

The teen with the green skin is Juliana’s brother-in-law’s nephew. He tried to intimidate his uncle, but just got laughed at. Maybe I should have tried to add a vampire to the household; the new animations added for them in this expansion pack are hilarious.

I caught Gabriela autonomously hugging her little brother Bruno. Maybe there’s hope for her yet.


8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 7.6

  1. What a crew!!! I love Seraphina telling Oakley she didn’t believe in fairies, as she stood talking to one, wings and all! And the two of them playing fetch was hilarious. I think they make a great couple, and certainly nothing should feel out of place for that family! What fun!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the Flying Vacuum – I need to get one for my witch! I’ve never actually seen Hocus Pocus, but I remember watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and they flew the vacuum cleaner to the Other Realm – maybe they nicked the idea from Hocus Pocus! Pretty sure they stood upright on it though, instead of flying it horizontally like a broom.

    Currently in my Supernatural game my fairy has a vampire boyfriend – I think I’ll need to move him in and check out some of those new animations you mention being added for this EP.


    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a cute object 🙂 Oh yeah, that could have been the inspiration as well then. I guess it’s just the modern equivalent of the broom so perhaps they all came up with it independently!

      Aww, a vampire/fairy couple; that sounds fun! I guess you know about the extra moodlet vampires get when they drink from fairies?

      There aren’t a huge number of new interactions for vampires, but the few they did add are fantastic. They’re all very funny. You could try to find a vampire friend for the boyfriend as well so they can ‘discuss the joys of plasma’ together – the animation for that ones’s so silly; I love it 🙂


  3. I didn’t know about the extra moodlet vampires get when they drink from fairies, I’m just away to play my Supernatural game just now, so will definitely have to move the vampire boyfriend into the household and check it out! I’m interested to see some of the other vampire interactions too 🙂

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  4. I really like Hocus Pocus as well so I share your appreciation for the witch vacuum. 🙂 Oakley’s makeover is amazing, she looks so much better with that hair and her and Seraphina make a cute couple. 🙂 I like the new interactions the vampires got as well, found them more fun when this expansion improved them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I re-watched it recently and it stands up pretty well. The protagonists are kind of bland, but Better Midler’s inspired comic performance as the head witch had me in stitches all the way through.

      I’m so glad you like Oakley! I tried to preserve some of her original style in my makeover.

      Those interactions were definitely a welcome addition to vampires. I think they’re just the right amount of goofy!

      Happy Simming xx


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