EP Legacy Gameplay 7.7

Caitlin returned from boarding school.

I got her a job in the music career and moved her in with Gabriela and Artur’s brother Bruno. They’ve been best friends since childhood and share the virtuoso trait, so I’m sure they’ll get along just fine as housemates.

Seraphina continued to spend her nights hunting with Erica. I know some people were disappointed that the werewolves in this expansion pack are a bit goofy, but I think they can be really scary too! Sorry, this picture’s a bit dark; still, look at those eyes!

I moved Oakley in. It’s interesting having three fairies around; there’s always someone giving out one of the three auras. Oakley likes to projects the aura of body and mind as she jogs around town, to stay in shape for her army job.

But she had to take quite a bit of time off work when she became pregnant with Seraphina’s child.

Gabriela leveled up her casting skill still further by converting lots of apples into rocks, bugs, fish, and seeds.

She used the haunting curse on Pip Goodfellow when he refused to let her read his fortune.

Now he has a pudding-faced ghost that follows him round everywhere.

There are a lot more witch’s spells that I had remembered, and I felt I needed to have Gabriela take a little break from throwing elixirs at other sims in order to enjoy all the charms and curses properly. Nevertheless, I continued to find the utility elixirs, especially the potent invigorating ones, very helpful, and it wasn’t long before Gabriela had achieved her alchemy artisan lifetime wish. Just before she completed it, I had her drink a wish enhancing serum to double the happiness points she would earn.

Stan ran into Caitlin in the library. He asked her about her new job, and it seems she’s already received her first promotion!

Afterwards, Janessa joined him for a trivia contest at the Vault of Antiquity. She came in first place and he came in third.

Meanwhile, Gabriela and Artur threw a party at the Red Velvet Lounge for their co-workers.

Gabriela tried out a newly learned love charm on a couple of them.

I used some lifetime happiness points to buy the philosopher’s stone for Gabriela’s secret lab. It converts anything you place on it into gold, which I don’t really need, but it’s nice to have another mystical-looking object about the place. It can also bind ghosts to the active household, so I should have thought to use it while I was waiting for the opportunity to resurrect Stan.

When the next full moon arrived, Seraphina didn’t undergo her usual feral change.

I soon discovered why.

She probably should have got some sleep, but she stayed up late playing dominoes with her parents instead.

Their game was interrupted when Oakley went into labour. Seraphina got her to hospital, where she gave birth to their first child, a fairy/werewolf hybrid. Because she was born on a full moon, I named her Selina, from the Greek selene (moon). I gave her the athletic and loves the cold traits, and her favourites are pumpkin pie, green, and disco.

I decided it was time for us to buy a Bonehilda. I don’t use her very often, and haven’t since she stopped being able to pick up babies, but as she’s such an iconic part of this expansion pack I figured I should show her off.

Unfortunately Bonehilda thinks she can still pick babies up, so she just stands in front of the crib for ages, blocking everyone else’s way. I’ll have to lock the nursery door.

When she’s not trying to loom over little Selina, she likes to warm herself in front of the fireplace. I’ve seen her do this for whole days at a time. I guess she’s cold because she doesn’t have any flesh?

Bonehilda tends to scare certain sims, so I had to dismiss temporarily when Janessa had a birthday party.

Her shoulders are so skinny!

Stan served firecracker shrimp and porcine risotto. I like how all the dishes in this expansion pack are presented.

The food was a little spicy for some of the guests.

Gabriela threw a lean and mean at Willard. I like that he and his wife now have both ends of the weight slider covered.

When everyone had moved into the great room to dance and socialize, I noticed Gabriela and Artur’s aunt Monika cooing at Oakley’s tummy. But I’d had no other indication that she was pregnant: she hadn’t spun into her maternity wear (and her regular clothes are not maternity-enabled); she hadn’t even even been vomiting. She and Seraphina had only been together once since she gave birth to Selina, and I have the chance of pregnancy set at only 7%, which is not nothing, but I just hadn’t been preparing myself for another baby so soon. I wondered whether it was a bug, left over from the last time Oakley was pregnant. Or did Monika have scary psychic powers?

I was even more confused when a few moments later, Donella started showing. Is everybody pregnant? I was planning on showing off the procreation elixir, but I guess I shouldn’t do that now.

Ah hah!

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 7.7

  1. I remember Bonehilda from the original Sims, god she’s even creepier with the better graphics in the Sims 3!

    How funny that so many of your sims all got pregnant around the same time, and without the need for elixirs! I can see you’ve posted another chapter, i’m really looking forward to seeing the little Supernatural babies, I’ve not progressed far enough in my game for that yet, but I’m guessing they’ll be super cute and have some cool abilities!


    Liked by 1 person

    • She’s certainly a bit creepy-looking! I never got to play with her in the original sims; I only had EPs up to hot date. (Hmm, I wonder if it would be interesting to play through them all here, if I could find a copy, get it to work on my PC…)

      So many pregnancies!! I’m hoping this won’t be like the first generation all over again where Elisa and Grady had five babies one after the other.

      You can check out the kids in the next part! They certainly have some cute little interactions and er cute in an, er, unconventional way!


  2. Looking forward to seeing the kids in the next chapter, I am so behind on reading these as you are already on the next expansion. I really love the picture of Seraphina holding her stomach after she realized she was pregnant. There is so much beauty in that picture. 🙂 Happy to see Bonehilda make an appearance shes a little buggy and creepy but she makes me smile. I loled so much at the sims 1 one when i found out she lived in a literal closet. I really like the foods that came with this pack as well, wish they had added that many new foods sims could make in all of the packs. The spicy food reaction picture is priceless. 😀 Looking forwarding to reading more which I am going to go do right now see you in the next chapter. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, I’m shooting ahead! It’s really nice to hear from you. I hope you had a nice time over the festive season.

      Aw, glad you like the pregnancy picture. It was a nice moment for me too because I was just thinking, ‘Wait, it’s a full moon, why hasn’t Seraphina transformed? …Could she be…?’ and then the twirl happened 🙂

      Lol, yes Bonhilda is such a fun character! I didn’t play Makin’ Magic with the original sims; I think I stopped with Hot Date. How does it compare to Supernatural? xx


      • I had wonderful time this year, A little stressful at times but the holidays always are. 🙂 I never played Makin’ Magic either actually have only seen some game play videos. Its the only sims 1 expansion I never got to try it and its a major regret of mine. From what I have seen its one of the best sims expansions it honestly reminds me more of sims 2 apartment life more than supernatural. Because it was more of a well this is the last expansion so lets throw in lots of fun ideas we have been wanting to try expansion, the magic was a major part of it but it also had lots of fun new things like carnival rides so they really ended the game on a high note. Witches/magicians are really the only supernatural you get to play in that expansion there is a fairy and vampire npc though. I kind of see them both as very different but both are nice expansions. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself 🙂

        Good to know about MM! It does sound like quite an eclectic mix of content. I’d love to try it out some day if I could be sure TS1 would run on my machine.


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