EP Legacy Gameplay 7.8

A very merry Christmas to those who celebrate! I’m writing this ahead of time, but I hope you’re all having a lovely day 🙂

If I’d been a little speedier I could have had some festive Seasons content to share with you, but this Supernatural generation has just kept growing and growing, so we’ll have to make do with some destroyed furniture, ill-advised woohoo, a new (well, not really new) ghost, and a whole row of fairy babies. Happy Simming, everyone!

The morning after Janessa’s party, I found a lot of the guests still hanging around outside the front door.

She invited them in for breakfast.

Everyone crowed around the coffee maker. I suppose they’d been awake all night.

They stuck around for the rest of the day, drinking even more coffee and playing games.

Mimi’s daughter Sarah messed around in the sprinklers.

Donella managed to tell some fortunes to improve her job performance.

Gabriela had something to do for work too. She’d received an opportunity to give a private reading her sometime romantic interest Dante, who she found at the beach in the middle of an argument with his housemate.

This was the first time they’d spoken in ages; in fact, Dante’s got a wife and child now. I was actually just about to have Gabriela ask him if they could just be friends, when she rolled a wish to woohoo with him! They made use of a nearby LLAMA machine.

I don’t think she enjoyed it very much.

While her mistress was out, Hazel passed away of old age. I don’t think I’ve shown any pet deaths before; I think they’re really nicely handled.

But of course I wasn’t going to pass up on the chance to add a ghost familiar to the household this generation, so I resurrected Hazel. I completely forgot that the philosopher’s stone existed and just used the ‘oh my ghost’ opportunity again. Hazel and Garbriela were very happy to see one another again.

Bonehilda likes to feed ghost Hazel treats.

I had to move a couple of sims out then in again in order to have space to resurrect Hazel, as the household was already at the maximum capacity, and, if you remember from the last part, we were also expecting three new members.

Seraphina was the first to give birth, to a little sister for Selina called Melyssa. I’ve decided I’m only going to have two heirs for the Seasons generation, and I need one of the them to be a boy (for alien-related reasons), so I just randomized Melyssa’s traits. She rolled brave and easily impressed.

Oh dear.

As I was settling Melyssa into the nursery, I noticed that Richter had a new girlfriend, Joanie MacDuff, which meant I must have missed Juliana’s death. Sure enough, I found her tombstone in the catacombs, and was able to have the family lay her to rest.

Gabriela went over to her dad’s house to let Joanie know just what she thought of her.

Oakley’s baby was the boy I’d been waiting for, for my next generation. I named him Spencer and gave him the loves the outdoors and loves the heat traits. Donella had a boy too, called Gregor; he rolled brave and athletic.

I’ve been having a little bug that prevents me putting any of the babies in their cribs. Neither buying new cribs and resetting the babies helps; I’ve had this happen once before and that time I had to move the family out then in again to fix it. But I had a lot of big promised wishes I didn’t want to lose, so I decided just to build a little sleeping alcove using the baby swing. Those keeps their motives higher anyway.

Richter came to visit his grandson.

Keeping a keen eye on the story progression popups in case I missed something again, I noticed that Shanon had aged up into a young adult. Artur and Donella took her a birthday gift, some life fruit from their garden.

Looking after the little ones wasn’t too tough once I got them on a schedule.

Go away, Bonehilda! I must have unlocked the door by accident.

One by one they all grew up and got their wings.

Bonehilda actually became immensely helpful when they were all being potty trained. I set things up so that she could get into the kids’ bathroom, and or a couple of days, she basically did nothing but carry dirty diapers out to the bin.

But the potty training was really the only challenge. Fairy toddlers are quite  easy to look after because they can drink pollen punch to fill their hunger need and put themselves to bed in the fairy houses.

They can even throw little house parties!

Selina, Melyssa, and Spencer got some werewolf abilities too. They can scratch the furniture, practice hunting, and, at nighttime, howl at the moon.

Seraphine had been hunting, too, and had managed to get find all the 40,000 simoleons worth of collectables she had promised Gabriela in exchange for lifting the werewolf curse.

Gabriela let Seraphina into her secret basement to find the blue potent cure elixir. But when she saw a purple personality adjuster in the next cabinet along, she paused to think about her beautiful fairy girlfriend, their adorable hybrid children, and all the fun she’d had finding interesting gems and bugs with Erica.

Seraphina drank down the purple potion, and now she’s a supernatural fan.

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 7.8

    • Awww, what a sweet thing to say! Christmas has been lovely, thank you. Yeah, you need the hybrid mod for them to be handled consistently. I linked to it in 7.7 but I should have said that more explicitly xx


  1. Merry Christmas to you too! We had a nice family visit. Happy to read this episode of the story, and like babay_j I’m really liking the fairy/hybrid wolf children! Thanks for showing what happens when a pet passes on, it was kind of cute to see the Grim Reaper showing a little mouse to Hazel. Wonder what he’d offer to a dog. I live in SW Ontario, Canada and we’ve had the warmest December on record and no snow!! Happy about that, I like snow in the Sims but not in real life. Hope you have an amazing New Year and that you’ll keep sharing your wonderful stories with us!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That sounds lovely!

      I think a dog ges a stick maybe. I’ve seen it in the past but not during this legacy, so my memory’s a little hazy.

      It’s been very warm here in England too. I went out without a jacket today!

      I’m back at home at the end of the month, and hope to be able to put up a couple more parts soon after that.


  2. Hope you had a lovely Christmas – I think as luck would have it, it’s Winter in my Supernatural game so I’ll probably get to throw a gift-giving party for my sims today, which will be really nice and festive! And in the game, it’ll at least be snowing – the inner child in me is always a bit disappointed when there isn’t even a dusting of snow on Christmas morning!

    Hazel looks so cool as a ghost, I love how her colouring even matches Gabriela’s outfit 🙂

    The sleeping alcove is such a cute solution to the bug you’re experiencing! It works so well for little fairy babies, I love the wildflowers you’ve added, so creative! I’m so looking forward to my Supernatural sims having babies – they look so cute! Also pretty useful that fairy babies are so resourceful, when you have so many of them to take care of!


    Liked by 1 person

    • That sounds so nice! I hope you enjoy your festive gift-giving party (or enjoyed it if it’s already done!). Snow on Christmas day can be really magical, so at least your sims will get to experience it!

      Oh yes, I hadn’t thought about the colour match! I expected a blue ghost, as Hazel had earned a decent amount of LTH points, but you’re right that she matches Gabriela’s outfit this way!

      I like those wildflowers too. I needed them to hide some ugly shadows under the swings. I was really glad they didn’t cause any routing problems.


  3. Wow Seraphina looks so grumpy carrying her baby there lol. Only in the sims. 😛 Have never had that crib bug before does it happen when there is a lot of babies in the house or is it just random? I love that Seraphina decided to stay a wolf and change her personality trait instead for her family. 🙂 Loving the Fairy Wolf toddlers they look like lots of fun. I have never had any werewolf toddlers in game before but this really makes me want one. 🙂 wonderful pictures as always, especially that last one it is so adorable. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, she certainly does! She has the grumpy trait, but I’ve noticed lots of my other sims looking this way carrying their newborns as well. The health service must be really bad or something, because the sims having home births always look so much more serene!

      I’m not sure whether the number of babies affects it. I can’t remember how many I had when it happened to me before, although it wouldn’t have been as many as four.

      Thanks for you kind comments xx


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