EP Legacy Gameplay 7.10

This part’s a little longer than usual! I had everything ready, and I didn’t want to make a whole new post just to finish things off.

Melyssa, Spencer, and Gregor all had birthday parties. Melyssa rolled adventurous, I gave Spencer the genius trait, and Gregor rolled disciplined.

I bought them a train set to ride.

Selina, Melyssa, and Spencer all enjoy their grandma’s magic tricks.

They have a few of their own to show her as well!

She usually doesn’t mind.

They continue to use the ‘practice hunting’ interaction they developed as toddlers. It’s a very short one, but sometimes results in their finding a collectible gem or bug.

They can do this in their human form, which is nice because they tend to freak one another out a bit too much with their werewolf transformations.

Gabriela went round to a fellow witch’s house for a magical duel, but there wasn’t enough space for that so she set fire to everything instead.

A firefighter eventually came to extinguish the blaze.

All those fire blast spells allowed her finally to max out her spell casting skill and cast the reanimation ritual, which raises deceased sims as zombies.

Oakley had had enough of the havoc Gabriela’s had been wreaking on the whole town with her nasty spells.

She decided to teach her a lesson with an especially powerful fairy trick.

Gabriela was cursed to spend twenty-four hours getting in touch with her ‘inner beauty’, or remain looking like this indefinitely.

Gabriela unleashed her worst spells and elixirs on Oakley in retribution.

But she also couldn’t resist yelling at Oakley and angrily ‘implying her mother was a glowworm’, which reset the inner beauty timer.

Gabriela could think of only one way to get through the day without being unkind to anyone: she had to use a personality adjuster elixir to replace her mean-spirited trait. She could easily change it again after the twenty-four hours had elapsed if she didn’t like what she rolled.

Her first attempt replaced proper with eco-friendly. When she tried again, mean-spirited was replaced with good! Gabriela was overwhelmed with the desire to make some kind of amends to the sims that were suffering because of her. She found her step-mum Joanie working out in the gym, still toadified, and used the sunlight charm to restore her human form.

Then she tracked down the zombies she’d raised and worked the same magic on them, to give them a second shot at a human life.

That night, she received an invitation to her brother Bruno’s party. She had a great time getting to know his new wife Alice, before spending the rest of the evening talking enthusiastically about composting with Keshawn’s granddaughter Trudy.

Gabriela woke up the following morning looking like herself again, but of course with her new outlook on life and urge to help others, she had no interest in drinking an elixir to make her mean again.

She begged Seraphina for forgiveness.

Everyone in the household was happy to be able to get on with their lives without having to worry about what Gabriela would do next. When Melyssa rolled a wish to participate in a gardening contest at the arboretum, Artur gave her a perfect life fruit to enter. She came in fourth place, winning 350 simoleons.

I had Donella change her career track to education, which I think suits her traits better. When she and Artur both had a day off, they went on a date to the Toadstool.

They had fun playing the games available there.

When Donella wasn’t able to win anything from the claw machine, Artur decided to cheat the system.

Not this again! Before the next generation starts, I  need go round deleting all the LLAMAs.

While her mistress had been under the inner beauty enchantment, I had got Hazel pregnant by a local stray. A few days later she gave birth to four ghost kittens! Because they were born in the gem-cutting room, I named them Moonstone, Topaz, Fluorite, and Lapis Lazuli. I’ll be moving them out with Gabriela for the next generation, but I hope that we’ll still see them around.

What fun! I had no idea Supernatural had so much great content. I’m sure I’ve missed a few little features here in then, but I feel like I’ve done a lot of different things. There are all kinds of enjoyable activities, from big, very EP-specific systems like alchemy, to little games like whack-a-mole that I can see myself using with non-occult families too. But for me it’s probably the new social interactions that really make this expansion pack feel so charming and substantial; I can’t think of a single one that didn’t make me laugh, or at least smile.

Bonehilda is obviously bugged, but the only other thing that really bothered me – apart than those darn LLAMAs that I definitely need to delete – was the routing in Moonlight Falls. Actually, I suppose that may be related to the LLAMAs; I don’t know, I’ll find out when I get rid of them. My game wasn’t massively laggy, but I did have one crash when like twenty sims got stuck in a bottleneck trying to leave Varg’s Tavern. Whatever was happening was driving Error Trap, Overwatch, and Go Here crazy. Inactive sims were getting stuck all over town, and I was getting notifications about it, what, once every in-game hour, sometimes more frequently. [Update: Removing the LLAMAs has almost completely eliminated those routing failures.]

So now I’m just setting up for the next generation, in which we’ll see Selina and Spencer as our two heirs. I am very excited to be able to turn weather on at last! I’ve already moved Artur, Donella, and Gregor out, and am going to play quietly through Selina, Melissa, and Spencer’s high school years on my own. Here are just a couple of posed shots of them as teenagers – one with their parents, and one in their prom outfits with their dates.

Happy simming, everyone!

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 7.10

  1. Wow, that was a really “packed” chapter!! I love that Gabriella is good now, a switch I am sure all her ‘friends’ and relatives are very pleased to see! And the kittens are adorable!! I have never seen ghost kittens before. You are right, there is a lot to do in Supernatural, it’s one of my favorites!! Of course, I love fairies and vamps, anyway! I look forward to the next generation stories!! Thank you for the entertainment, GC!! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re very welcome! Yes, everyone will have a much nicer life now that Gabriella is good. She and Seraphina basically just sit around playing a lot of dominoes and hugging one another all day! Oakley sadly passed away in my game last night, and Gabriella has given so much support to everyone mourning her.

      The kittens are really cute. I’ve never had a ghost cat before, so I just had to take the opportunity to see what the little ones would look like. Four was a bit too many to handle though, even more so because they kept giving sims that autonomous ‘ew, ghost’ interaction that cancels action queues. Their mum causes that too sometimes, but there is only one of her.


  2. I keep meaning to get a train set for my fairies – pretty sure it “re-charges” their fairy magic too, as well as looking really cute. I’ll definitely need to invest in one…
    I have to say I’m loving the toddler and child Supernaturals – I’ve got twin fairies in my game, they’re so cute! I love your fairy-werewolf hybrids, I reckon they’re really cute looking in their transformed werewolf form, even if they freak each other out!
    And speaking of transformations, I loved how Gabriela was able to change her ways and re-build bridges she’d burned in the past. Is it a bit mean of me to kind of wish she hadn’t un-toadified Joanie though?! I find the toadified sims so hilarious, I always like to have one kicking around the neighbourhood to give me a laugh when my sims bump into them 🙂
    And ghost kittens!! So cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t know about recharging magic! That’s great. I’ll definitely keep that object around then 🙂

      I’m glad you’re enjoying your fairy kids! They are my favourite young supernaturals I think, with their pretty wings and cute little flying animations.

      Haha, no that’s not too mean! Those toad faces crack me up as well. One of my university sims will be getting us back into alchemy again, so we may get to see the toadification again if the alchemy station blows up in her face like it did for Gabriella.

      Happy simming, and thanks for all your support! xx


  3. Wow what a fun chapter and way to end the supernatural part of your legacy. 🙂 So much happened in this chapter it is hard to point point what I liked best. As usual the pictures are amazing. it has been fun watching Gabriela be a mean witch and was an interesting twist at the end for her to become a good sim. I love that spell I used it on one of the mean witches in my game it made her look like a stereotypical witch with a giant point nose I laughed so much at her. Omg at the ghost kittens, they are one of those things I didn’t know I wanted until now lol. I really love the pictures you ended with this chapter with and am looking forward to the seasons play through. I agree about this being a wonderful expansion, while not for everyone they really put a lot of effort into it and it really shows. You did a wonderful job showcasing this expansion. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks for all your nice comments 🙂

      The inner beauty spell is pretty funny. I think it messed with her custom body sliders too (which are bundled in with the mouth sliders) because her shoulders suddenly got really big and her head became tiny!

      The ghost kittens were very cute. They were a bit easier to look after as well because they can float between floors so don’t have to be carried up the stairs. The only problem with having that many ghosts of any kind around though is all the cancelled action queues from sims freaking out about them.


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