EP Legacy Gameplay 7.9

When she drank the opposite personality elixir, Seraphina’s athletic trait was changed to the couch potato one, so I used the midlife crisis lifetime reward to switch it back.

Janessa’s sister Lorinda gave birth to a little boy called Daniel.

She went round to meet him, and stayed all day to look after him, since his parents seemed preoccupied.

I added a soothsayer’s crystal ball to the gypsy wagon lot.

Selina had a birthday party.

I noticed that one of the guests at the party, Alice Fitzgerald, had the supernatural fan trait, and thought that consequently it might not be too cruel of me to have Seraphina give her the cursed bite.

All the violence was a bit too much for poor Sarah.

Now that she’s a child, Selina can transform into her werewolf form.

She looks kind of silly with her fairy wings and werewolf face.

She can also play little fairy tricks on other sims.

While everyone else had been celebrating Selina’s birthday, Gabriela had discovered two new elixirs – the bottled vampire’s bite and the bottled simbot converter. I sent her out on the town to use them.

Goodbye, Dante!

Those were the last two elixirs Gabriela had left to discover, and she only has to work at the gypsy wagon a couple of days a week now, so she has plenty of free time to practice her flying skills in the magic broom arena.

Seraphina and Oakley got married outside the fairy arboretum. It was an intimate event, with Janessa, Stan, Erica, Selina, and Caitlin as the only guests.

Because it was a full moon, Seraphina had to be in her werwolf form, but she and Oakley both looked very happy.

This was Selina’s first full moon since the night she was born. It was a school night but the forced werewolf transformation meant there wasn’t much point trying to get her to sleep, so I decided to send her to the gym. But first, a snack.

She ended up not working out at all, because she ran into Alfonzo Crumplebottom-Hennessey. I’m not sure what he was doing at the gym on his own at 1am, but he and Selina stayed chatting until the sun came up and it was time to go to school.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 7.9

  1. The wedding pictures are really cute. That is a nice location for a fairy wedding, you are always full of such fun ideas for your game. 🙂 Not sure why but Dante’s face before he turned into a sim bot really made me lol. I feel sorry for the fish as well, it looks so happy lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thank you. I try to show off most of the special little spots each town has, and those gardens are one of the prettiest places in MF.

      Lol, yeah, Gabriella and Dante always make funny faces around one another, but his was especially good this time!


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