EP Legacy Gameplay 8.1

The seasons generation has arrived, and it’s wonderful to be able to turn on weather and feel my sims’ world become so much more rich and dynamic. I don’t really know yet how I feel about the expansion pack as a whole, because I originally installed it at the same time as Island Paradise, and their features have got kind of mixed up in my mind. But I have read through the relevant wiki pages a few times, so I have an idea of what I should be having my sims try out.

I have about sixty pictures so far, just for the first summer (don’t worry – I’ll spread them out over a couple of parts!), but I imagine I’ll run out new features to explore fairly quickly and this generation will end up being quite a short one. [Update: It actually ends up being the longest.] My plan is to spend a sim year in Moonlight Falls, before travelling around a little bit to play through each of the seasons in a different world. I’m using Nraas Tempest to simulate a climate as much like Washington’s real life one as possible, which means that both summer and winter should be quite mild, and it will be nice to be able to experience more extreme versions of both in, let’s say, Sunlit Tides and Hidden Springs. (I’d love to use Aurora Skies but it’s got that weird sea level issue that makes the snow look really ugly.)

We only have two heirs this generation, two of Oakley and Seraphina’s kids, Selina and Spencer Holcomb-Bean. They are both still fairy-werewolf hybrids, but their wings aren’t showing in these first headshots because I took them in a different neighbourhood, and hyrbids get stripped of their secondary occult status when you move them via the library.  You can easily restore it; I just forgot to.

Selina’s traits are athletic, daredevil, natural cook, loves the cold, and hopeless romantic.

Spencer’s are athletic, loves the heat, loves the outdoors, gatherer, and genius.

Spencer’s girlfriend Shanon Cummings-Durelli has already moved in to the family home. Her dad was George Durelli from Starlight Shores and her mum was the genie Mimi, who temporarily joined our household during the Showtime generation. Shanon has inherited Mimi’s genie powers, and her traits are athletic, flirty, vegetarian, snob, and genius.

Selina and Spencer’s mum Seraphina managed to make her way to the top of the professional sports career, in spite of a bug I’ve only just found about that prevents sims winning any matches in multi-purpose rabbit holes. Her wife Oakley and mum Janessa sadly both passed away very shortly after I posted the last part, and her dad Stan returned to the netherworld to be with his wife. Seraphina’s traits are the same as they were at the end of the last generation – supernatural fan, grumpy, night owl, athletic, and gatherer.

I didn’t bother building a new house, since we’re going to be moving around a bit anyway. Here’s a couple of proper shots of the old one. I didn’t show it to you during the Supernatural generation because it was nowhere near finished.

I’ve created a little greenhouse to prevent the harvestables from going dormant when winter comes. Spencer has been using it to grow some pumpkins for Selina to use in her favourite meal, pumpkin pie. (Mimi can of course conjure up any dish, but Selina still likes to cook just for fun.) There are also some cheese and egg plants, which Gabriella planted before Artur, Donella, and she moved out.

I’m using the SwiftGro Gardening Station from the store, which keeps all the plants watered and is good for identifying any seeds Artur finds about town.

I spent the first day of summer just settling everyone into their routines. Spencer went out to find some space rocks; I’m hoping he’ll be able to build up a complete collection.

Selina signed up for online dating. This isn’t a feature with which I usually bother, but I imagine might every now and then if I didn’t have Nraas. Apparently some sims lie about their traits, so Selina will have to be careful. I haven’t seen much of that yet, but I have noticed quite a few blank trait slots or slots occupied by hidden traits associated with lifetime rewards; I’m assuming that’s a bug. Selina tentatively sent out a couple of messages to like-minded sims.

I have someone check the weather forecast each day – in the newspaper, because nowhere in this huge house could I find space for a TV. Showers were forecast for the following day.

As predicated, it rained through the night and well into the morning.

But that was okay; I still had quite a few bits and pieces to get set up around the house.

Selina got some replies. Ali was so mean! I’m fairly sure he’s married, anyway.

Selina accepted the request from Sophie Rodgers because they share the athletic trait. She arranged to meet her at the public pool in case the rain continued, but by the time they arrived the clouds had cleared.

Sophie turned out to have a boyfriend already, but they still had a nice time splashing about in the pool. Maybe they can just be friends.

Spencer and Shanon took advantage of the now blue skies to head to the summer festival for a game of football.

Spencer got a spray tan.

When they got back home, he settled in for a whole night of searching the galaxy through his telescope.

Selina got quite a few more messages over the next couple of days. Gregor’s reply was pretty funny!

Everyone has day jobs that correspond to their lifetime wishes – Selina is in the army, Spencer is a scientist, and Shanon is a police officer – but they all have early starts and are done by 2 or 3pm, so there is plenty of time to enjoy the summer festival in the afternoons.

Look whom I spotted!

Everyone had a go on the roller skating rink. Fortunately, Nraas Hyrbid makes occult sims skate properly like everyone else. (Werewolves still gallop around, but only in their wolf form, which actually makes sense.)

Despite quite a few wobbles, no one fell over.

Well, none of my sims anyway!

Selina noticed a vampire she’d been messaging on the dating site, Emmanuel Van GouldWolff. He’s a hopeless romantic, like her. Looking at his parents’ wiki pages, I noticed they’ve been dating since they were teenagers – maybe that’s where he gets his faith in love!

Annoyingly, he’s also a couch potato, which conflicts with athletic, but Selina and he were too keen to show off their teeth to one another to spend much time arguing about the merits of exercise.

She invited him out to see a movie, choosing the one with the most romantic-sounding title, but he must have hated it because he left half way through, complaining about what an awful time he’d had.

8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.1

  1. That’s a lot of teeth to be showing off!! Too bad he left early. Kinda makes you wonder what kind of offspring you would get from a fairy/werewolf and a vampire! Hmmmm!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yeah, it was all he wanted to do. ‘Look at my teeth! Oh, your teeth are good too!’, and then five minutes later, ‘Hey, did I show you my teeth yet?’

      That could be an interesting combination! Spencer and Shanon’s kids might end up as fairy-werewolf-genies I guess, although now that we’re out of the supernatural generation I’ve lowered the chances of hyrbid offspring from 100% to 30%.


  2. Enjoyed this chapter!! Looking forward to see what your Sims will do in the various seasons. Sorry can’t stay on line for more than 15 minutes before my video card fan starts acting up. Wanted to get it replaced today but we are in the midst of a snow storm with high winds and it’s also pretty cold outside. I live in Ontario, Canada!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I always forget that the gardening station can be used to identify unknown seeds – I’ll need to get one for my current household, as there are a few outdoorsy, nature-loving sims who like to bring back seeds.
    Sims can be so mean with their messages on Online Dating! I’m always shocked at the number of happily married sims who have profiles on there too..! I use it quite a lot in my game, since I don’t have mods. The missing traits bug is pretty annoying, but I don’t tend to trust it even if they do list all traits, since lots of sims lie about them anyway.
    I’m so happy that Shanon is part of your household – she’s gorgeous, and as I don’t have the Showtime EP it’s always nice to see the genie occults and what they can get up to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, it’s a very useful object! They also seem to like to to add random seed spawners to the lot, though, which is annoying, so I might delete them if I ever upload this house.

      So many of them are married! Sophie isn’t one of mine, but there have been several that I know are already married into the extended legacy family. Also, it doesn’t seem to filter the results for the sim who’s browsing. Selina actually saw her sister Melyssa on there….who has a boyfriend and is also, you know, her sister. I didn’t want to risk seeing what would happen if I sent her a message! Assuming that the game doesn’t allow you to pursue the connection, I guess it is kind of realistic, since there’s nothing to stop you having embarrassing run-ins with family while browsing profiles on a dating site.

      I’m glad you like Shanon 🙂 She has such an unusual face – from her dad I think – and it is nice to have someone connected to Mimi back in the household. Genies have very useful abilities – magically cleaning the house, magically cleaning sims (even while the sim being cleaned is doing something else!), and conjuring up perfect quality food – but I don’t think there aren’t any fun genie-to-genie interactions like there are for the other supernaturals, so there’s not too much to show off really.


  4. What a great start to the new generation.I love all of the responses from the online dating some of them are really realistic and downright rude.:P I really like the sims you have for this generation Werewolf Fairies make me smile for some reason. 🙂 I may have to download Hybrid and bonus because it makes occult sims use skates.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I really enjoy reading through them – perhaps especially the mean ones!

      Glad you like the sims! It’s certainly an interesting combination, and I’m really glad I have Hyrbid installed xx


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