EP Legacy Gameplay 8.2

Spencer has discovered twelve celestial bodies so far. It took him quite a while to get started because I was using the wrong option – ‘stargaze’ instead of ‘search the galaxy’ – but now he’s well on his way to completing the celestial explorer logic challenge.

One night, while he was out in the garden looking for new stars, he was kidnapped by aliens!

Fortunately, they brought him back unharmed.

Gabriella aged up and, according to story progression, got engaged. Seraphina went to congratulate her old friend.

She stopped by the elixir store on her way home, where she ran into her high school flame Sammy. They must really have put the past behind them, because the ‘charming introduction’ option was available, as though they’d never met.

Sammy and Seraphina got on so well that as soon as she got home she wished to write him a love letter.

A potential romance was also on the horizon for her daughter Selina, who had decided to have another attempt at taking Emmanuel out on a date. He arrived very hungry, and I couldn’t find the ‘offer nutrients’ interaction, so I had Shanon send over some plasma fruit cobber while Selina had a drink (or eight) at the bar.

They watched the stars together then took a moonlit dip in the ocean.

They had a great date, but I felt bad doing all these outdoorsy things because Emmanuel has the ‘hates the outdoors’ trait. I think Selina needs to find someone who shares more of her interests.

The next day she took a break from romance to spend some time with her mum and sister, since none of them had to work.

They ran into Shanon’s sister, Sarah, and asked her to join their group outing.

Spencer and Shanon came to find them after work. (That’s him frolicking about with Melyssa in the background!)

Shanon’s getting pretty good at skating. Also, she’s become kind of skinny out of nowhere – her original weight was much closer to her sister’s.

I guess Hyrbid doesn’t fixes the roller rink silliness for every sim; maybe it’s only for those in the active household.

Since I had the Holcomb-Bean siblings all together, I decided to have a go at summoning the weather stone’s ‘reviving sprinkle’, which instantly blooms and takes care of any harvestable plants, even ones kept indoors.


Through the rain of flowers, Selina noticed Spencer’s old school friend Blaine Shutter-Hai all by himself. She felt an instant attraction between them, which only increased when she discovered they share the athletic and loves the cold traits.

Later that night, when she was checking for new profiles on the online dating service, she saw that Blaine had created one.

Since they already know one another, there would be no point in Selina sending Blaine a message, but she did add him to the guest list for the pool party she planned to throw the following day to celebrate leisure day.

Artur, Gregor, Melyssa and her boyfriend, and Sarah and her son all showed up for the party. Shanon conjured up a fantastic lunch spread, and everyone had a great time dancing, playing games, swimming, and chilling out by the pool.

Seraphina, Artur, and Gabriella sneaked away to the hot tub to catch up in peace.

Blaine and Selina continued to get to know one another.

They would both have preferred some cooler weather, but there were plenty of fun games for them to play around the house.

4 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.2

  1. I really like the abduction animation – the Sims’ faces always look properly terrified, as they should!
    I wonder if all Shanon’s skating burned some calories?
    Quite excited to experiment with the Weather Stone when I get to play my game this weekend – I’m still working my way through the Supernatural EP and haven’t tried anything out with the Weather Stone yet. The reviving sprinkle looks gorgeous, I can’t wait to try it out 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • They really do! I’ll be sure to get a close up next time!

      Yes, maybe the skating. She’s been running a bit too, but only a couple of times a week. You can see how much she’s lost in that shot of her having a water balloon fight, standing next to Selina – who is pretty slim herself, but Shanon is even more so now.

      I hope you enjoy the weather stone! I’m waiting for winter arrive to show off the werewolf snow drift one, and I’ll try to find ways to try out the vampire and witch effects too.


  2. I love the screenshot of all of them using the weather stone together. 🙂 The pool party looked like lots of fun and Its nice to see Seraphina getting into a relationship. I have such bad luck with alien abductions it always happens to sims I don’t want to get abducted but not ones I do want to get abducted. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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