EP Legacy Gameplay 8.3

The pool party was a great success. It lasted for ten hours, and it wasn’t until the sun had almost set that my sims were left alone.

Shanon wished to have a baby. I have no say in this – it’s really all down to Nraas.

Seraphina got a reply to the love letter she’d written to Sammy.

The weekend arrived, and I decided to arrange a trip to the beach. Seraphina had a match, but everyone else was free, and they invited Sarah and Blaine along too. Unfortunately everything went a bit wrong! First, Sarah called to cancel, saying something had come up. When I focused in on her to see what could possibly be more important than spending the day with her sister, I found her doing this, on the other side of the same lot as my sims! (Beach towels are an Island Paradise feature, but this made me laugh too much not to share it.)

Next, I tried to have Selina play catch with Blaine. I guess there wasn’t enough flat space, because, presumably in search of somewhere to play, they got in separate vehicles and drove to completely different parts of town, before the action cancelled itself out.

Spencer and Shanon were completely oblivious to the problems I was having.

I gave up on the beach idea for Selina and Blaine, and had her invite him back to hers for a home cooked meal instead. She made his favourite, chili con carne.

That night, Selina removed her profile from the dating website.

The first day of Autumn arrived, and Moonlight Falls looked especially beautiful as the leaves started to turn golden.

I love to watch their colours change over the first couple of days – first to a yellowly ochre, then to a richer hue. Sims can rake the leaves into piles…

…or just take advantage of others’ hard work!

Seraphina continues to push herself at her job. Sometimes she gets stressed out and undergoes a feral change, but Sammy is a lot more at ease with her werewolf side than he was when they were younger.

Selina and Blaine are very cute together. Whenever I leave them alone together, he’s always complimenting, hugging, and kissing her.

While she was hanging out at Blaine’s house, Selina rolled a wish to travel. I added him to the household to let them have a little romantic getaway. I had originally planned to send them to Champs Les Sims or Monte Vista, but almost as soon as he moved in Blaine rolled a wish to visit Al Simhara. It was kind of an odd choice for two sims who love the cold, but at least since it’s Autumn they could get a chance to see Egypt out of the blistering midsummer heat. I ended up sending them for just a couple of days, but they managed to pack a lot in!

Selina and Blaine returned to find Seraphina and Sammy expecting a baby – a little brother or sister for Selina, Spencer, and Melyssa.

They had bought some gifts for everyone – cherries and pomegranates for Spencer and Shanon’s garden, and a snake charming kit for daredevil Seraphina (though perhaps she should wait until after she’s given birth to try it out!)

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.3

  1. You packed a lot into that chapter! It will be interesting to see the new baby; I always love to see what the game puts together for the baby’s appearance. Of course, it has to age up to see anything, but that goes quickly, too!! I think you may need a new villain!?!? =)

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  2. I love how the seasons change in gradual way, particularly in Autumn with the tree colour changing slowly from green to brown through the various pretty colours in between. I think it’s really well-executed. Your photos really give a sense of the beauty of it too – Moonlight Falls does look pretty with the leaves turning yellow.
    Seasons is such a lovely EP – it just adds so many possibilities to ‘everyday’ scenarios and makes the whole thing feel so much more realistic. The only time I get impatient with it at all is if I have a farming household with a lot of outdoor harvestables that have to lie dormant with the frosts of Autumn, Winter and Spring, but I usually just switch up the number of days in the seasons and have a nice long summer in cases like that. Usually though, I’m more than happy to roll with the changes that the seasons bring to my game 🙂

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    • I agree, those transitions are really beautifully handled.

      Yeah, I think that’s it – the weather just brings something extra to everyday things. I think this generation might end up being quite long after all, as I’ve been taking lots of pictures of my sims just going about their daily lives.


  3. Seasons is by far one of my favorite expansions, it just changes the whole look and feel of the game. I agree about how beautiful and nice the gradual changes are. 🙂 Selina and Blaine’s vacation looked like a lot of fun, not sure why but I loled at the picture of them both running from the mummy. What Sarah did is one of my major annoyances in the game though it is funny. Had a sim show up at the bowling alley I had invited him to after saying he was busy the other day. I was just like really dude? 😛

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    • Mine too, I think. I was worried I wouldn’t have much to do this generation, but I’ve been finding myself just taking loads of pictures of my sims doing everyday things. All that stuff seems so much more interesting when there’s weather involved.

      Yeah, that mummy picture was meant to be a silly one 🙂 They had a really nice time in Egypt though.

      It is really annoying when inactive sims ruin good plans! But I did laugh about it because it kind of reminds me of someone I know in real life. ‘Great, see you there…Oh, I’m almost there, I’ll just open my book for a moment….Wow, this book is really good….Er, sorry I can’t make it’.


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