EP Legacy Gameplay 8.4

Selina wished to propose to Blaine. I had her take the day off work to spend some time with him at the autumn festival first.

Poor Dante. He probably shouldn’t have stuck his head in that trough of water.

We shouldn’t feel too bad for him, because he’s the emperor of evil now, but I still have Selina fix him.

After spending a wonderful morning together, Selina asked Blaine to marry her.

The next day, everyone went to check out the festival together. Spencer and Shanon got their faces painted.

I think Shanon’s went wrong. She asked for a unicorn picture, but this is like a zombie cat pirate splodge monster.

Seraphina and Spencer entered a pie eating contest.


I noticed Sarah and a werewolf I didn’t recognize having a fight.

I don’t know the history between these two, but it looked as though he’d tried to bite her. Because that’s kind of mean and because Sarah is Shanon’s sister, obviously I took her side. In retribution, I had Seraphina use the Clound-inator 9000 to create a personal rain cloud above his head.

That night, a werewolf baby girl was born to Seraphina and Sammy. I named her Esha, and she rolled loves the outdoors and light sleeper. You can just about see she’s got her granddad Stan’s hair colour.

I had wanted to throw Seraphina a big birthday party, but, thanks to her pregnancy, she was already a couple of days overdue to age up.

She and Sammy both wished to get married.

The weather had remained surprisingly fair so far this autumn, but couple of days before Spooky Day the skies finally opened. I love the way the rain looks on the swimming pool.

While Selina, Shanon, and Spencer went to work, Seraphina, Sammy, and Blaine stayed inside carving pumpkins.

Seraphina made a ghost, Sammy made a traditional face, and Blaine made an evil one. After they got home from work, Selina, Shanon, and Spencer added a silly one, a cat, and a further evil face to the collection. They look really great lit up at night!

Selina made pumpkin pie, and sweetened it up with some of her granddad’s honey.

The family invited Melyssa and Artur round for pie and charades. I had the wedding planned for the following day, so I guess this was a kind of rehearsal dinner. I wanted Gabriella there too, but she was busy (probably sitting on the driveway reading a book, knowing my game).

Sorry about Melyssa’s Into the Future hairstyle by the way. She’s stuck in her werewolf form (which is totally hairless for some reason), and I can’t take her into CAS or the stylist until she’s human again. I need to get her into her bridesmaid’s dress, so I really hope she’s turned back by the morning.

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.4

  1. You’ll have to delete the werewolf moodlet with MC cause townie wolves will almost stay in that form. I had a few wolves stay in their man-wolf form for a full sim week before I figure to delete their moodlet. It’s reasons why I don’t bother with wolves. I hate the man-wolf thing and they rarely change back on their own.

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  2. Lol I have never used the Cloud-inator 9000 I will have to play with it the next time I am in game. 😀 Another fun chapter, fall is full of so many fun activities. I love carving the pumpkins and going to the fall festival. I wish trick or treating worked a bit better in game but seems like the sims are rarely home but it is a cute idea for the game and fun when it works. I agree the pool looks amazing in the rain, they did such an amazing job with the weather affects. Really looking forward to seeing you winter play through as I love snow in game, snowing in my current game play actually. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the wedding. 🙂

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    • I hope you enjoy playing with it! All it really does is temporarily put a rain or snow cloud above a sim’s head, but it’s nice enough if you’ve got a lot of LTR points with which you don’t know what to do.

      I agree, the trick-or-treat is a bit of a headache. I’ll still give it a try next Autumn when we have some kids in the house.

      Aw, that sounds really pretty 🙂 Which world are you in? I’m afraid there might not be that much snow, as I didn’t set the weighting particularly high in Tempest, but the winter after this we’ll take a family trip to somewhere really cold so I can show off all the winter activities properly.


  3. I love taking my sims to the festival lot on dates – it’s probably my favourite date activity! There’s so much fun stuff to get up to, and I can see what they’re getting up to, unlike in the standard movie theatre or bistro rabbit holes.

    The rain looks so lovely on the pool – they really did so well with the weather effects, they’re pretty realistic.


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