EP Legacy Gameplay 8.5

For Selina and Blaine’s wedding, I decided to use this community lot I’ve been building.

I bought a few bottles of nectar, and had Shanon conjure up some food.

It was very rainy that day, but the skies cleared for just long enough for me to hold the ceremony outside.

To make things even better, Melyssa actually showed up with her normal haircut and wearing the dress I’d given her.

I’d assigned Esha a little flower girl outfit, and let her stay at the party until bedtime.

The newlyweds cut the wedding cake, then took to the floor for their first dance.

Her mum and brother joined them with their partners for the next song.

Everyone had a great time, eating, drinking, and dancing all night long.

The chicken dance was particularly popular. (I’m using the dance floor from the store.)

The party was still going at 5am! I served up some pancakes for the guests who’d managed to stay awake that long.

Sammy eventually went home to relieve the babysitter.

Very late the following morning, my sims woke up to discover someone had smashed one of their pumpkins!

It was spooky day, so I had Spencer throw a costume party – scheduled to begin late afternoon to give everyone a bit more time to recover from the wedding. A couple of hours on, he got a message from Artur.

You heard I didn’t have anything going on tonight? I just invited you to come to my party!

I sent Spencer and Shanon over to check it out anyway, but it wasn’t that great. Everyone watched TV for a bit, and then Spencer got into a big argument with Gregor’s new girlfriend. I did think it was cute that Spencer and Shanon chose matching outfits.

They made it back in time for the start of their own party. It was fun to look at everyone’s costumes.

I see you, Artur!

That night while he was looking through his telescope, Spencer was visited by an alien, Nipunus Ne’Xafughos. I edited Nipunus in CAS a bit to get rid of that dirty-looking green skin tone and make his features a little bit less extreme.

Nipunus didn’t stay for long, but the next day Spencer was able to call him up and ask him over. Spencer showed Nipunus his fairy magic and took him on a tour round Moonlight Falls. They visited the vault of antiquity, saw a movie, and had dinner at the bistro.

At the end of the day, Spencer invited his new friend to stay with the family for a while.

8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.5

  1. Oh my goodness I HAVE to talk about the Chicken Dance!!!! That looked so hilarious and reminded me of the times I took part in one of those silly things! So great to see, didn’t know that you could choose dances! Have really been enjoying these stories. Unfortunately my computer seems bent on meeting the Grim Reaper and I don’t seem to have a computer rescuing death flower so alas I have no idea how much longer all these wonderful stories will make it to me. Will be trying to work with the computer guy where I go when it needs a “perk up”…I feel so out of touch when I can only access my e-mail once or twice a day! I don’t want Windows 10 as I’v had so many people tell me they’ve tried it and have a very hard time getting their games to work. So not taking a chance with that foolishness! But I digress (as usual). Thanks for sharing your Legacy Gameplay, I’m so liking it! All the best,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, it’s pretty funny! You can choose dances using the dance floor from the store – it’s got the chicken dance, mascot dance, and ballet, on top of the usual ones.

      It’s so terrible about your computer. What a headache! xx


  2. Great wedding, and I loved your pictures!! It will be interesting having an alien visitor. I had a sim with an alien roommate once, and learned a lot more about how they “work”! Looking forward to more!!! =)

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  3. The wedding was very pretty and looked like lots of fun. The picture of them slow dancing is very romantic. 🙂 Lol at the chicken dance, I really need to use that dance floor more. I have a love hate relationship with the costume parties, I think they are fun and the costumes are cute but the npcs seem to take a long time to change out of their costumes. One of my sim’s band mates wore her magician costume for at least half the winter before I threw a party with a casual dress code lol. I really like the makeover you gave Nipunus, The purple and pink really suits him. I personally don’t mind the default skin color of aliens but I think aliens are more fun with the rainbow skin. Makes for some fun genetics. 🙂 Artur is being a naughty sim smashing the pumpkins lol. It always makes me lol how much they get into smashing them. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • I often forget about that dance floor. It sends sims’ hygiene plummeting, so it’s quite useful to have a genie around.

      I’ll have to watch out for the costume thing! One of my mods (Nraas SP careers I think?) always changes my sims out of their career outfits, so I wonder if it will take care of hot dogs and cow plants too.

      Really glad you like him! Ever since I added him to my household I haven’t been able to edit him in CAS, so it’s a good thing I’d already changed his looks.


  4. That wedding party looks amazing – I love everyone’s outfits, and that venue is just perfect.

    Lol I love the chicken dance! I really like the dance floor and the ballet barre, I use them quite a lot in my game. I think it’s nice to have another way to exercise. Also, the faces the sims make when doing the chicken dance!! Amazing! 🙂

    That is really cute that Spencer and Shannon chose matching outfits. I think it’s quite nice how there always seems to be a mix of different costumes at a costume party, don’t think I’ve ever had all guests showing up in the same costume. The hot dog one always make me laugh – everyone looks stupid in it, even if they’re the most gorgeous sim!

    Nipunus looks great, lucky you got the make-over in before he moved in!


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