EP Legacy Gameplay 8.6

Nipunus settled into the family home. His traits are over-emotional, lucky, coward, family-orientated, and avant garde. I wanted to change that last one since we’re not at the University Life generation yet, but ever since he joined our household I haven’t been able to edit him in CAS, and neither the traits section of Master Controller nor the ‘modify traits’ cheat is working for him.

Instead of an energy motive, aliens have ‘brain power’, which decays much more slowly and recharges more quickly. Still, it’s worth having them sleep in a bed for just five sim minutes or so a day for a +30 ‘well rested’ moodlet that lasts for ten hours.

Here is Nipunus recharging his brain power.

He can also refill the motive by eating space rocks, which he can steal from the science lab or use his alien powers to summon in the form of a meteor shower. I found an empty lot on which to do this so no one gets hurt.


Any space rocks he doesn’t consume, he gives to Spencer for his collection.

The ‘probe’ interaction really makes me laugh.

His coward trait has been causing me a bit of bother, because our old ghost cats sometimes like to come and sleep in the dining room at night, even though they live with Gabriella now, and they always make Nipunus faint.

I tried out the ‘install laser canon’ and ‘invade community lot’ interactions with the spaceship to see what would happen.


The first morning of winter brought no snow, only more rain.

I installed the ‘glow’ upgrade on Nipunus’ umbrella. I’ll probably replace it eventually with the unbreakable one all the others have, just for convenience.

The onset of winter meant by sims had made it all the way through autumn without catching a cold or ‘flu, even though I held off on getting the simmunity LTR to have a chance of showing those features off. Still, my restrain meant I got some advance warning when Shanon became pregnant with her and Spencer’s first child.

I had her use her time off to build up the skills she needs for her work in the law enforcement career.

Selina and Blaine took her to the winter festival.

Look at Gabriella go!

I guess these two must be on speaking terms again.

When Esha’s birthday arrived, I threw her a party. After it had finished, I moved her and her parents out, as the house was feeling a bit too crowded.

Nipunus had rolled a wish to get married on the first day he moved in, and at Esha’s birthday party he met someone he really liked – Enza Michaels, one of the sims Gabriella resurrected in the last generation. All I did was change tweak her features and skin tone a bit and give her a new wardrobe, so I don’t know why she’s so much slimmer in my game than her picture in the wiki shows.

Shanon was invited to a party by her sister Sarah, who now lives at the old Goth mansion with her boyfriend, Nicholas MaldanoMorganthe. The festive lights they’d strung up looked really pretty.

But before my sims had even all arrived, Shanon went into labour.

The rest of the family stayed on at the party, while Spencer took Shanon to the hospital. (Or, rather, she took him. Why is it the pregnant sim is always the one behind the wheel, even when their partner is in the car?)

Sarah served tofu togs, which didn’t seem very appropriate for a formal dinner party…but then neither did Melyssa’s table manners.

Nipunus used his alien abilities to learn some sims’ traits, before getting terrified by a vampire and running away to hide.

Shanon gave birth to a baby boy, Marty Holcomb-Durelli, a fairy/genie hybrid. My game tried to make him a witch as well, but that doesn’t make any sense because the only person in the family who has that occult type is Blaine, and there’s obviously no blood connection there. I gave Marty the athletic and good traits, and he rolled the favourites disco, veggie rolls, and lilac.

Selina and Blaine stayed over at Sarah’s that night to give Spencer, Shanon, and Marty some time alone together, but they did light some fireworks to celebrate the birth of their little nephew.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.6

  1. Nipunus looks like lots of fun. I find coward sims to be adorable due to all of the things that scare them. Its kind of funny that he is scared of vampires and ghosts when he is the occult type that can do the most scary things to others lol. Aliens are such a fun sim type in sims 3, I really love all of their fun interactions and abilities and is fun seeing them in your game play as well. 🙂 The picture of Sarah smoldering after the alien attack made me lol. As a side note I really love what you did with the dinning chairs, the pattern looks really nice on them. Looking forward to seeing Marty grow up, a fairy Genie should be lots of fun with all of those great abilities both get. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are cute! I think the fainting might be annoying if you had only one sim and were just starting out, with lots of things to get done, but he has loads of free time and I have other sims to control so it’s fine.

      I’m looking forward to it too! You can already see he has his mum’s bright hair colour. And those skilling auras and cleaning spells should certainly be useful at university 🙂


  2. The glowing umbrella looks really cool, even if it’s not the most practical upgrade!

    Nipunus and Enza make a great pairing – they would make very colourful children! I’m going to have to use the rainbow skin tone more in my game – you make such pretty sims with it.

    Yay for baby Marty – seems like a long time ago Shanon rolled the wish to have a baby, so nice to see it come true! I love her hair colour, and it looks particularly cute on little baby Marty 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 I do love the genetics you get from those sliders.

      I know, they’d been trying for ages! She’s quite a bit older than Spencer so I was a bit worried time was running out. It’s lovely to have a baby in the family again xx


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