EP Legacy Gameplay 8.7

Nipunus not needing to sleep makes looking after Marty so much easier. I’ve even tried having him use his ‘bio boost’ interaction (to raise Marty’s motives at the expense of his own), although that doesn’t really seem to do much.

Marty’s had a birthday party.

I had invited some of the extended family, which gave Spencer and Selina the chance to meet their teenage cousins, Caitlin’s daughters Wendy and Aimee.

Spencer wrapped Marty up in warm clothes and took him for a stroll around town.

Sadly, Seraphina didn’t get to watch her grandson grow up. That evening, I got the notification that both she and Sammy had passed away. I laid Seraphina to rest in the family area of the cemetery, next to Oakley. I wanted to put Sammy there too, but according to Master Controller someone is carrying his tomb around in their inventory.

Story progression moved Esha in with Selina’s friend Sophie.

There is kind of a blood connection there because Sophie’s engaged to Willard’s nephew Cody, but that involves taking the family tree back to before we moved to Moonlight Falls, so I assume my game’s just treating her as a close friend in a position to adopt. She and Esha seem happy enough together.

Nipunus wished to take Enza out on a date and also to use his spaceship to create a storm.

I probably shouldn’t have tried to fulfill them so close together, because Enza was a little too keen to have a water balloon fight in the hail he’s summoned.

When snow day arrived, I threw a gift giving party. I kept the guest list restricted to close family because otherwise the unwrapping just goes on forever. Spencer got the lump of coal gag gift, and everyone else just got little bits and pieces of decor for the house.

I can never get this kind of party to last very long, but there was just time to sit everyone down for a stuffed tursoykey.

I made sure Marty got some too.

I felt bad about excluding so many sims from the snow day celebration, so the following day I threw another party with a longer guest list. Selina and Blaine had some news to share anyway.

I made this one a feast party. I do wish sims with high cooking skills would bring better quality food. Here is Seraphina’s sister Caitlin carrying some (normal quality) cookies.

I had Shanon conjure up some dishes to supplement the rubbish stuff the guests brought, so we ended up with an awful lot of food.

It looks like Esha has made a friend, Dante’s grandson Cameron Maldano-Wolff.

Spencer and Gregor taught them how to play dominoes.

Selina continued this generation’s trend of going into labour at parties.

A few hours later, she and Blaine brought their baby son, Nathan Holcomb-Hai, home from the hospital. He’s artistic, a witch/fairy/werewolf hybrid, and his favourites are french music, fruit parfait, and lime green. I put him in one of these cute little hats because it was pretty cold out.

The party was finishing by the time they got home, but in the early hours of the following morning Sarah’s daughter-in-law Yasmin, who for some reason was hanging out on our front porch with a couple of other sims, went into labour.

Her husband was not among them, and Shanon (who would be the baby’s great aunt) was busy getting ready for work, so I had Nipunus take Yasmin to the hospital. There, she gave birth to a little girl, who has the dark rainbow skintone like her grandma Sarah and great-grandma Mimi.

Back at her house, Nipunus and Yasmin made good friends.

Nipunus is very keen to get married and have some children of his own, but I have some kind of bug that is preventing him proposing to Enza. If I use Master Controller to force the ‘fiance’ relationship, they still can’t get married. But I was at least able to move her in, and I hope that alien babies aren’t too far away!


8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.7

  1. A fun chapter as always, Marty’s hair color and wing color go together so nicely. 🙂 The feast party looked like a lot of fun. Wow the bugs with Nipunus must be really frustrating. I wonder what is causing them. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Marty’s wings!! I see you took advantage of the Genie being able to conjure up some food, one of my favorite Genie traits. You should put him on ‘clean-up’ duty, it’s so easy!! lol It appears babies are coming out of the woodwork for this crew….lots of teen angst coming up! lol =)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. At least your generation have a tradition of going into labour at parties – in my game, everyone seems to take the opportunity to die at parties! I’ll invite all the friends and family over, and then the Reaper will show up too! Bring the mood down a little..!

    Nathan’s hat is so cute! I also really love the Outerwear outfits you’ve put together for Selina and Blaine – chic but also practical and cosy.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no! Well at least you got to see the sim before they passed away I guess? That has happened to me just a couple of times….worryingly, it doesn’t seem to stop the guests having a nice evening.

      Thank you. I do like the outwear that came with Seasons. I’ll be able to show off more of it when we go on vacation (probably to Hidden Springs) next winter.


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