EP Legacy Gameplay 8.8

The last day of winter arrived, and, since we hadn’t had any snow all winter, I decided to have Selina and Spencer use the weather stone to summon a hunter’s storm.

Spencer fainted shortly after seeing his sister transform, just like he used to when they were kids. I don’t know why he does this; he doesn’t have the coward trait.

Luckily, Selina was able to complete the interaction on her own.

Blaine, Shanon, and Selina made snowmen.

The snow had all melted by the following day, which was the first day of spring and also both Nathan and Marty’s birthdays.

Marty quickly made friends with lots of the children his parents had invited to the birthday party.

I bought him a soccer net.

When the spring festival arrived in town, I sent everyone over to check it out.

After an activity-packed morning, Nipunus, Enza, Selina, Blaine, Spencer, and Marty all entered a dancing competition. Shanon wasn’t feeling very well so sat out with Nathan.

The cause of the nausea Shanon had experienced at the festival soon became apparent.

A few days later, she gave birth to Rosanna Holcomb-Durelli, a fairy/genie hybrid with the genius and eccentric traits. (Like her brother Marty, she also got the witch occult state, but I removed it because that made no sense. )


6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.8

  1. Glad you could use the Weather Stone to enjoy some snow – it’s always so pretty! I love how it sits on the trees.

    Nathan and Marty are growing up cute, I really love fairy wings and you’ve quite a collection of different shapes and colours in your household now! I really like some of the outdoor activities that came with Seasons, they’re not particularly complex but it makes a nice change to having the kids just running around playing tag – instead they can play soccer, or have a water balloon fight.

    So happy Spencer and Shannon have had another baby, and I love that little Rosannah has got her dad’s hair colour too.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes the snow is so lovely! It totally transforms whatever world you’re playing in.

      Glad you like my little heirs 🙂 I don’t like to mess around with genetics too much but I do make an exception for fairy wings, to change them to whatever the sim’s favourite colour is.


  2. Its so awesome that you were able to use the weather stone to enjoy some snow. It really is one of my favorite parts of the expansion. The spring festival looked like lots of fun for the family with beautiful pictures to show it off. I especially love the flower smelling picture and the egg hunting. 🙂 I really like Marty’s red hair and purple wings, that is a nice color combo. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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