Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 4

Figuring out which edicts to propose and vote for has become quite a bit more complex for Halfred ever since the ambassadors for our newly annexed territories arrived at court.

Dorothy continues to be indispensable to him.

He and Eika joined forces to defeat two dangerous gangs, and bring Aarbyville under Arcadian control. The quest culminated in sword fights with the gang leaders, the Rat King and the Queen of Hearts.

Maybe you shouldn’t kill him right in front of that kid, Halfred.

I made a blacksmith called Laena, with the greedy and hopeful orphan traits, and the weak constitution fatal flaw.

I took her out straight away for the ‘seven mechanical arts’ quest, which offers blacksmiths a chance to gain a legendary trait. Laena can mine for ores and craft weapons and armour.

She has to alternative between heating the metal at her forge and hammering it at her anvil. The latter fills up the progress bar but also sees things cool down quite rapidly. I need to try to keep the heat in the orange (not too hot and not too cold) as much as possible. Mistakes cause the crafted item to deteriorate in quality.

As soon as she had collected the available materials, I had her craft a better hammer for herself, to help the progress bar fill up more quickly.

Like Leowyn, Ilathon, Eika, and Susannah, Laena has specific items she has to craft and deliver to customers.

She can also sell further items from her stall, although it’s in a kind of awkward place that causes some problems with both sim routing and the awful bouncy camera.

On the bright side, Laena’s weak constitution turned out not to be a problem at all. I usually have to see her throw up after eating, but there don’t seem to be any negative moodlets associated with that.

In fact, it was so innocuous that, at the end of the quest, when I was presented with the choice either to replace the flaw with a legendary trait or to unlock an especially powerful ‘hammer of the mechanical arts’, I opted for the hammer. I think it’s nice to have something special like this that she can pass down to her children when they succeed her.

The smithy sales system is fine, but in general I prefer crafting special items to give to my other hero sims. On a later quest, I had Laena make Ilathon a new magical staff. It’s seven times as powerful as his old one, so should substantially decrease both his odds of failing to cast trickier spells and the energy drain associated with them.

At this point, I only had Effenmont and Gastrobury left to annex. I kept forgetting to buy the map to Gastrobury, but with Effenmont was ready to go. The annexation quest for this territory is a bit special, because it involves actually marrying your monarch off to the Effenmont heir.

I redecorated Halfred’s bed chamber in preparation for his new bride, Princess Elianne.

I gave Eika and Michaela a room too.

Halfred and Elianne got on really well. Despite her morose fatal flaw, she found all his jokes hilarious.

Still, she told him she wasn’t interested in getting married, and was very unimpressed by the flower he tried to give her.

Baking her some custard (which apparently looks just like a solid loaf of bread…ewwww) didn’t work either.

So, together Halfred and Eika hatched a plan that didn’t really seem to me like a great way to start a relationship. Basically, Eika was to attack Elianne, allowing Halfred to step in and play the hero, and win his princess’ heart.

Eika spent some time with her little boy, while Halfred asked a now besotted Elianne to be his wife.

I redecorated the reception hall, hoping to hold the wedding there. I had the idea to add the bard’s stage for a bit of entertainment.

This is the Effenmont ambassador, Lady Judy. I wonder if she and Elianne are related.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to get Elianne over to the reception hall. Then, when I tried to hold just a private ceremony in her camp, it kept failing because of some weird routing situation.

Eventually, I had Halfred convert to the Jacoban faith so that he could hold his wedding in the cathedral.

Nine down; one to go.

I finally remembered to have one of my heroes buy the map to Gastrobury from the village shop. At last I could ally with it and unlock the annexation quest.

Ilathon and Laena went on a quest to find the philospher’s stone together, earning him a legendary trait along the way. I went with ‘satiated’, which makes hunger decrease at a slower rate.

Halfred and Elianne’s marriage seems to be going okay. They play a lot of Kingball in their spare time.

They also had a baby girl together, a little princess.

I called her Leowyn, forgetting that I’d already given that name to my physician; I think I’m going to have to install a mod to change it.

Oh, hey there, Marcos. I have this room set to allow only Halfred’s family, but no one seems to care.

The Gastrobury annexation quest is a fun one, so I’m quite glad I left it till last. To complete it, you have to impress the Gastrobury elite by putting on a banquet, and slipping a potion into the wine to convince them it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

It was a nice opportunity to try out my newly decorated reception hall.

Calyn started using the stage! I’m really happy this object isn’t just tied to one location.

I noticed Eika eavesdropping on a couple of sims. This is what I’ve been saying about the inactive sims in this game; the way they all behave makes the world feel very dynamic.

Ambition complete!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 4

  1. How cool, a marriage of convenience to annex a country, but it turned out well in the end. The religious aspect is interesting, didn’t know that was in there! And I love the food at the banquet, particularly the boar’s head!! =) Your reception hall came out very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loving the way you are decorating the various rooms, the wallpapers are gorgeous! Wondering how long the children remain children since the babies age up in one day? The various traits are so interesting and I think it’s a good thing that the Sims you aren’t playing actually do things that are related to their positions and traits! I agree with what babay_j wrote above, I was really impressed with the boar’s head as well!! A lot of things are so colourful and different from what I’ve grown to expect in the Sims3 and it’s a nice change. Thanks for continuing the story!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 I love the wallpapers too. I wish we had some more murals in TS3.

      Children, unfortunately, do not ever age. There is an exception if a hero sim dies; then her or his child can age up and take over the profession. I am considering eventually installing a mod that will allow me to ‘retire’ some of my heroes, rather than killing them off, and to age up their kids.


  3. Wow you really make me want to boot this game up again, I never really redecorated my rooms much in these games and you are showing off all of the amazing possibilities. 🙂 I love that there are elves in this game and I never did the marriage of convenience quest before, that is very interesting. The meh really? reaction to an unwanted flower never fails to make me lol. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, I’d love to see you renovations if you do get into it again. Space frustrations aside, I actually really enjoy decorating in this game. All the objects and textures are just so gorgeous. It’s nice to have CASt, and the things you can’t edit like the decorative food still have pretty colours, not garish like some of the misc decor in TS3.

      The flower reaction is hilarious. She was so unimpressed!


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