EP Legacy Gameplay 8.10

When summer arrived, I sent a handful of my sims on holiday to Sunlit Tides.

I built them this vacation home.

Since Selina and Blaine prefer colder weather, I had Spencer and Shanon take the boys. They were both allowed to bring along a friend. Marty chose Jeannie and Nathan chose Lacie.

Everyone got straight to relaxing.

Jeannie unfortunately got sunburned on the very first day!

She and Marty made friends with local papergirl Marika Mehta.

Marika and Marty quickly became very close, thanks to their shared good trait.

Another of Marika’s traits is easily impressed, although she still wasn’t willing to provide all of the compliments Jeannie requested. (Jeannie is a diva.)

The girls made up the next day, when Jeannie taught Marika a song.

An early morning hike to The Relaxation Station proved to be well worth the effort for Spencer and Shanon.

Nathan and Lacie were keen to visit the local art gallery.

Jeannie and Lacie sung karaoke together.

On our third day on the island, a tropical storm hit, and everyone had to run for cover.

But for the rest of the trip, the sky remained clear. Spencer, Shanon, Marty, and Jeannie went jogging along the beach every morning.

Couch potato Lacie preferred to nap in the shade.

Sunlit Tides features many beautiful lots for sims to visit in the sunshine.

By the time the vacation was over, everyone was tanned, well-rested, and completely at peace with the world.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.10

    • It is a really beautiful world. Also, the lots are nicely made and there are plenty of them. I always enjoy sending my sims on vacation or to study there. The only thing, is I find the layout really confusing – even more so than in Moonlight Falls! Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. I adore Sunlit Tides. I haven’t played there much very recently, but the last big legacy family I played through lots of generations with lived there. It’s such a beautiful world that I never really got bored of it. I agree the layout is pretty confusing and it takes forever to get anywhere, but the sunrises and sunsets totally make up for it – with all the water around they really are gorgeous.

    Looks like everyone enjoyed their vacation – it’s such a lovely world for active, outdoorsy sims. I love sending them jogging, and just following them, admiring the scenery!


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  2. I keep meaning to actually live in sunlit tides for a save file It really is a stunning world which you are really showing of nicely. 🙂 I really love the pictures for this chapter, for some reason the one of them all running with their umbrellas just makes me smile. 🙂 The vacation home you built is amazing, I really love the waterfall parts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is a really pretty world, and all the lots are beautifully made. I imagine it would be fun to add EP content to them to make it a viable home world.

      Thank you! I liked how the home was turning out, but I had to abandon it because water somehow got into the ground floor and made it unroutable. Apparently that happens in certain worlds if you build below sea level.


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