EP Legacy Gameplay 8.11

Back in Moonlight Falls, it was time for some birthday parties. I gave Nathan the irresistible trait (I’m getting ready for the next generation now) and Rosanna the computer whiz trait.

A couple of days later, Q’oro rolled cat person and Cassidy rolled easily impressed.

Q’oro and Cassidy are very close. They both feel a lot less shy hanging out together than they do surrounded by other sims.

Nipunus and Enza had another baby, Xala. She rolled perceptive and loves the outdoors. I went for the pastel skin tone this time, just because I prefer it.

Nathan asked Lacie to prom.

Rosanna made friends with Lacie’s little brother Lamar, who is her second cousin once removed.

His dad Ted likes to play video games with them.

Hi, Hazel!

On a cold, foggy autumn morning, Selina and Spencer got invited to one of those creepy swimwear parties at a house with no pool.

Moonlight Falls looks so dramatic in the rain.

Selina and Blaine celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. The weather was still nasty, so I had them stay in and watch a romantic movie.

Autumn is a fun time for kids.

Welcome to my pumpkin workshop.

Pumpkin pie for everyone!

The season went by pretty quickly, as I was really just waiting for winter to send my sims to Hidden Springs, and it was soon time for another round of birthdays – Rosanna’s, Xala’s, and Enza’s. I gave Rosanna the handy trait.

Nipunus, Enza, Q’oro, and Xala are very happy little family.

Since there are four of them now, I decided it was time for them to move out into a place of their own.

When spooky day arrived, Nathan took his sister trick-or-treating.

Normally NPCs just give candy, but this time – I guess because there are so many supernaturals around town – Nathan and Cassiday also got two genie lamps each and a whole lot of plasma juice. Unfortunately, before I could snap pictures of them eating the candy or using the lamps, my game crashed. (My fault: I’d been fiddling around in CAS too much without saving.)

I’d only lost about half a sim day, but weirdly when I loaded my game back up again, it was no longer spooky day, and there didn’t seem to be one scheduled either. There was no red circle on the calendar, my sims didn’t have the moodlet, and I couldn’t send the kids out trick-or-treating. The adults did get invited to a costume party though.

We threw our own costume party the following day, to celebrate Cassiday’s bithday. She rolled perceptive.

So cute!

Rosanna met a fellow genius (and fellow cowboy enthusiast!), Gregor’s son Fabian.

They played a game of dominoes together.

I didn’t get to see who would have won, because their game was interrupted when a tragedy struck!

R.I.P. Shanon.

Time passed, and the family’s pain grew more bearable. Spencer continued to care for the garden.

Marty graduated from high school.

Rosanna met Fabian’s sister Alyson, who is also a genius.

The first winter morning brought a light snowfall, but the temperature wasn’t quite low enough for it to settle properly.

I had planned for Selina and Blaine to lead a trip to Hidden Springs, but, as things turned out, they had other responsibilities.

Since Selina will be unable to travel for a few days, I’m going to have Marty chaperon his sister and cousins on their winter vacation in the next and final part.

8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.11

  1. Rosanna looks so cute with her glasses! I think University Life is one of the EPs I’ve actually played least, since my game has a habit of crashing, or not letting my sims return for a second semester, or taking me to the University campus without my sims…! I have the same sort of issues with World Adventures, so tend to avoid the main content from both in any legacy families I’m playing. So definitely looking forward to seeing what I’m missing when you get there!

    Poor Shanon – not only did she have to pass away at a party, but also dressed as a hot dog! She was definitely one of favourite sims of your whole EP Legacy so far, but I did have a giggle seeing her floating away in the hot dog costume!

    Looking forward to seeing the Winter vacation in Hidden Springs. I’ve only played a little in Hidden Springs, and from other posts I remember it looked lovely in your game.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no, that’s a shame. Travelling can certainly be a bit hazardous. I don’t think I’d attempt it either if I didn’t have Nraas.

      I know, it wasn’t a very dignified way to go! She lived 6 days past the lifespan I have set, but since she was a vegetarian, had completed the marathon challenge, and had accrued a lot of LTH, I was expecting it to be even longer. So it was quite sad and unanticipated, but I also laughed a bit because of her silly outfit.


  2. I really like Hidden Springs have played it a lot but quite a while ago. Am I remembering correctly that there aren’t a lot of extra places to build? The pumpkin carving episode was great and then to see all the pumpkins outside in a row with a bunch of different faces! Spooky Day was fun, too bad that your game crashed but the kids seemed to have a good time while it lasted. This was a good chapter! Enjoyed the colours of Autumn. And yes poor Shanon passing away at the party. We have had snow falling for days now but it’s so cold no fun to be outside. Especially when I need to take the dogs out with two coats and a set of boots for each one! Hopefully it will stop snowing soon and even warm up a bit!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I believe there are 27 empty lots (if you don’t place the extra stuff from EPs), but they don’t come in a great variety of sizes, so it might still be difficult to find somewhere to build there if you have something specific in mind.

      Really glad you enjoyed the chapter 🙂

      Your dogs sound absolutely precious. I hope you all stay safe and warm in the freaky weather xxx


  3. Lots of birthdays, and of course, there seems to be a death at almost every party (well, most of the ones my sims throw, anyway!!). I love ghost pets, glad to see the cat again! You have a lot of family to control, but do a great job of it!!! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Good to see these characters again, sad to see Shanon pass away. 😦 I don’t know why but I just love Rosanna’s hair style with her blue hair color. Makes me wait a sim with a blue side braid. lol Q’oro is adorable in his spooky day costume. Gota love those creepy swimwear with no pool parties. It was funny the first time but it gets old. When my sim’s prof in uni invited my sim to one of those parties I was thinking umm can I report her lol?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I know, so cute. He doesn’t look very happy about it, though. Maybe his dad picked it out for him. ‘But this is what all the earth children wear, Q’oro…’

      Your sim’s prof sounds very creepy. I hope your sim wasn’t the only guest at least!


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