Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 5

I carried my kingdom over once again to a new ambition. This time it was ‘no quest for the weary’, the aim of which is to complete sixteen quests at platinum level. Since it’s a pretty flexible one that basically just requires you to take each quest at a fairly slow pace, I was looking forward to spending plenty of time playing through my heroes’ professions, firming up their relationships, and redecorating their homes.

The first quest I chose involved getting one of my heroes married. There were multiple possible ways to handle the things, but I chose the elopement route, and my merchant Susannah as the bride.

I was disappointed that I had to choose her betrothed without seeing any of their traits, but it was still quite nice to be able to browse through a list of all the eligible sims in the kingdom, including everyone added during the course of past quests.

In the end I settled on a fellow trader, Andrew. They’d have at least their profession in common, and he’d be hanging around the market anyway (which is actually quite important, because it can be difficult to get inactive sims to alter their routines, even after marriage).

Susannah sang Andrew a love song. He turned out to be fun-loving and licentious. So long as it’s only her he can’t keep his hands off, that will be just fine.

Between wooing Andrew and making arrangements for their wedding, Susannah continued to trade with the territories I mentioned in the last part. In addition to what she can buy from the village shop, I have her pick lots of wildflowers to take to Crafthole to exchange for feathers.

She’s managed to accumulate quite a few rare items – enough darkstone and mysterious machine parts to exchange for more unicorn horns, and almost enough unicorn meat to purchase a mystical metal fragment. Unicorn meat can also be used to make Unicornucopia, a dish that gives a 24 hour +75 moodlet, but I can’t spare it right now.

She had also got hold of some gastrosauges, but the recipes that use them for some reason aren’t available. Apparently it’s a known bug.  At least the Tredonian unlock, an extravagant ‘banker’s ale’, is working as intended.

She and Andrew were married on the beach. Sorry about the bad picture; the camera would just not move any further over.

They had a little boy together.

Here he is playing with the Princess.

I unlocked some more stuff.

Keeping good relations with all the annexed territories has become a bit of a pain. I’m trying to get all the achievements for maxing out each of their loyalty meters, but once that’s done I think I’ll let the ones that bring less attractive benefits just lapse into rebellion. For now, I did a quest with Kienna and Eika so that I could have them patrol the roads to increase loyalty.

I moved Kienna’s private chambers up to the second floor of the barracks.

The reception hall is a real hub of activity these days. I love checking in on what all the ambassadors are up to here.

Ooh, I want his sword!

I noticed Halfred and Dorothy out together again.

Out hunting in the forest, Kienna slew a unicorn for its horn, which Laena will be able to use to create this legendary armor. I’d been working on trading with Susannah for ages to get one of these horns (along with the mystical metal fragments that all the best equipment requires), but I guess we have one now.

I’d need to play Laena in order to make use of it, but in the mean time I kitted Kienna out in new gear – just standard stuff, but with better stats than what she had before.

It proved very useful when she had to fight this scary-looking guy.

Next up was some time with Leowyn, and a quest I still remember from the first playing The Sims Medieval, ‘the mirthful love doctor’.

Pregnant or dying of typhoid? Hahaha! Okay, game.

The quest featured a couple of bizarre subplots, one about a lost chastity belt key and one about a man who needed Leowyn to kiss him ‘scientifically’ to determine why no one would ever lock lips with him more than once. (He turned out to have ‘putrid breath, which Leowyn treated with a flask of mouthwash.)

When the latter eventually married, he and his new wife struggled to conceive (‘no matter how much we kiss’), and Leowyn had to explain to him how babies are made.

The main plot, however, saw Leowyn try to convince a broken-hearted man, Gerald, not to give up on love. She did this so well, that he ended up falling for her.

His traits didn’t match up with any of hers, but since she’d been experiencing ‘a strange malaise’ since meeting him (lovesickness, presumably) I decided to her return his affections.

Next, I teamed Kienna up with Eika again for more patrolling and a quest. I redecorated Eika’s quarters.

I didn’t include a second bed or proper play area for Maedhros; there just wasn’t space. Eika tends to sleep in the main castle with Michaela anyway, and her son spends his days practicing sword fighting with other children.

During the course of the quest, Kienna obtained a magical sword, Animuslaver.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get to keep it. The sword turned out to be cursed, and Eika had to brew Kienna a special potion to free her from its spell and give her the strength to destroy it.

Finding myself still in the mood to decorate, I took Laena out for a quest and made over her home too.

I didn’t have space for an oven, so I just stuck a roasting spit outside.

She’s been reading smithing books to learn how to make the rare weapons and armors I’ve been going on about. I’d forgotten to drag all the ingredients she needs over from other sims, but I’ll definitely be able to show them off in the next part.

Laena also met a sim, Jack, who shares her greedy trait, and her fixation with lost parents (she has ‘hopeful orphan’; he has ‘whale at my parents’).


I got them married straight away.

When ‘the fountain of legend’ quest came up again, I took the opportunity to rid Leowyn of her coward fatal flaw, with Clement as her aid. The populace’s fear of the church has grown, and he can now almost get the marker up into the target area during sermons.

Leowyn has unlocked a new draining option for the operating table, ‘use a pile of leeches’, which is both disgusting and hilarious.

To help her overcome her cowardliness, the quest required her to feed the pit monster several times.

By managing that, as well as completing all the usual stages, Leowyn earned her legendary trait. I chose wise because it seemed the most appropriate for her profession.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 5

  1. I continue to be intrigued with all the redecorating that you have been doing with the various homes. The wall papers are beautiful and your designs are terrific! The story lines are very interesting and I’m wondering how much time you have to spend on this game to continue moving forward! When the territories go back to rebellion, do you ever have to return to rule over them again or are you just as happy ignoring them? You do a great job with all the characters. Does the game make it fairly easy to work with so many at the same time? Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’ve really been enjoying the decorating. I should do the throne room soon; I’ve just been putting it off because it’s a big job.

      The quests do take a little while to complete, but I’ve mostly been playing through them when I’m too tired to do anything else, as it can be pretty mindless stuff – just go here, pick up this, talk to this person.

      While a territories is in rebellion, you lose whatever benefit they bring to your kingdom (e.g. heroes earn more gold, quests costs fewer QP), but you can still trade with them and the ambassador will stay on in your castle. Currently, any time loyalty meter drops into the red, I have my monarch, spy, or knight spend a solid couple of days patrolling the road to max out loyalty, earn the achievement for doing so for that territory, and not have to worry about that one again for a little while.

      But, once I’ve got all the loyalty achievements I’m not going to bother maintaining the relationship with some of territories whose benefits aren’t that attractive – e.g. Burdley because cut building costs are useless when I’ve already added all possible buildings, Crafthole because its recipes are rubbish, Gastrobury because its benefits are broken anyway, and Yacothia because I already have too much money. Ticktop and Snordwich are probably the most important to maintain, because they increase the time you can spend between doing quest objectives and decrease the penalty for shirking daily responsibilities.

      Yes, it’s very easy to have so many sims in a kingdom because you only take out one or two at a time. Only sims who are currently on a quest are controllable; spouses and children remain NPCs.


  2. Wow, have you ever been a busy player!!! Your story lines are great, and you do quite well at playing “cupid” with your sims!! lol I don’t think I could eat unicorn meat =( but it seems to be plentiful in this game. And that black knight guy looks like an executioner!! Medieval certainly has some fun with problems, such as “kissing”, where babies come from, missing chastity belt keys, etc. After we get moved, and I can find my game, I may just try playing it. You make it seem really fun, and I love the decor and clothing. Enjoy!! And thank you for sharing! =D

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, it seems wrong to kill such a beautiful creature. The doomplate armour description actually says doing so will ‘cast a permanent blight on the murderer’s soul’, so….whoops.

      Thanks so much for your comments! I’m really glad you’re enjoying my posts, and that they’ve inspired you to dig the game out. I remember being really disappointed when I first played it, but I like it a lot now; you just have to know what to expect I think. I wish there had been more expansion packs.

      Happy simming! xx


  3. Wow GC you really show all the potential this pack has for designing rooms. It felt so limited before I started reading your play through of it and now I see that there is waaay more to it than it seems. lol I remember doing that mirthful love doctor quest, its one I will tell friends about when they ask me about the game because its so funny. I just remember going O_O when the patient asked my physician to teach her how to make a baby lol. Its such a shame that this game didn’t have more time to develop, I would have loved to have seen more animals like horses and some of the sims 3 store items like the chicken coop and the baby dragons. .

    I am sorry I got so behind on reading these as I really enjoy them. Going to be doing some reading tonight. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I felt the same way about it when I first played it. There are so many things you expect to be able to do and find out you can’t, that it’s really easy to get distracted by that and not notice a lot of the fun things you *can* do. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the posts, and that they’re making you see things you missed!

      The mirthful love doctor quest is great. I love the ‘kiss (scientifically)’ interaction, and, yeah, it’s pretty funny when he asks to practice making a baby. Just make sure not to take this quest with a second generation physician, for reasons that will become apparent in later post.

      More animals would have been wonderful. It takes so long to walk anywhere, that I feel they must have intended to add horses at some point.


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